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13th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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Cake with a 13 candles on it.

A fun party can be planned for these energetic boys. This guide contains 13th birthday party ideas for boys.


Solutions: 13th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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Tip: Nerf Gun Party

I know that all boys like to ruff and tumble, so how about a Nerf gun party. You could set up some targets at your home or a local park, or just shoot each other. Wear safety glasses so you don't get shot in the eye. We had the rule of not shooting at their faces.

    By sizzle [1]

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    Here are questions related to 13th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys.

    Question: Carnival Party for a 13 Year Old Boy

    My son is turning 13. I am thinking of turning my whole yard into a huge carnival. Would he be to old for that?


    Most Recent Answer

    By (Guest Post)03/31/2008

    hey i am going to have one too in my backyard for my 13 birthday and too me it sounds like alot of fun just make sure the games are not too babyish and most definetly have alot of prizes and food

    Question: Boy's 13th Birthday Party Ideas

    My son is turning thirteen in July, I'm going to throw him a surprise birthday party, themed " Bulls basketball party" his favorite player is Derrick Rose. I'm going to rent a Moon Bounce, but I don't know what else I can do to entertain the kids, it's going to be a lot of kids so I didn't want to do a pinata. Any ideas?

    By Kelly


    Most Recent Answer

    By Linda L. [82]04/25/2011

    Most 13 I know are a bit to old or big for a bounce house, but maybe your son and his peers still enjoy it. I have done pinatas with multiple classrooms full of kids with no problems but to control the chaos and increase safety I give instructions that no one may move after the pinata breaks until I blow a whistle (and the stick has been removed from the hitter!. If a wide range of ages is participating I give each kid a bag to gather treats in and that is all they may grab. This keeps the big kids from grabbing everything and the little ones from getting nothing. It's a good idea to keep some candy on the side to supplement the kids who get very little.