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13th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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Cake with a 13 candles on it.

A fun party can be planned for these energetic boys. This guide contains 13th birthday party ideas for boys.


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Question: Boy's 13th Birthday Party Ideas

My son is turning thirteen in July, I'm going to throw him a surprise birthday party, themed " Bulls basketball party" his favorite player is Derrick Rose. I'm going to rent a Moon Bounce, but I don't know what else I can do to entertain the kids, it's going to be a lot of kids so I didn't want to do a pinata. Any ideas?

By Kelly

Most Recent Answer

By Linda L. [33]04/25/2011

Most 13 I know are a bit to old or big for a bounce house, but maybe your son and his peers still enjoy it. I have done pinatas with multiple classrooms full of kids with no problems but to control the chaos and increase safety I give instructions that no one may move after the pinata breaks until I blow a whistle (and the stick has been removed from the hitter!. If a wide range of ages is participating I give each kid a bag to gather treats in and that is all they may grab. This keeps the big kids from grabbing everything and the little ones from getting nothing. It's a good idea to keep some candy on the side to supplement the kids who get very little.

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