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14th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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Kids gathered around cake at birthday.

14 year old boys vary a lot in what they and their friends like to do. Planning a birthday party for this age group can be overwhelming for the parents and the teen. This is a guide about 14th birthday party ideas for boys.



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Question: 14th Birthday Party Ideas

I am looking for party ideas for a boy turning 14.

By Rhonda from San Francisco, CA


Most Recent Answer


We hired a dj, rented the local community center, and a snow cone machine, chocolate fountain, had a big cake, invite girls and boys and danced like crazy! They looovvvved it!

Question: Inexpensive 14th Birthday Ideas

My son is turning 14 and I have no money. How can I make this day fun for him?

By Connie S


Most Recent Answer

By Dena R. [3]09/14/2013

Try the website "" to find a chapter in your area. People on there give away all kinds of stuff from clothing to gift stuff to furniture... it's free!

Collect up a bunch of items and have a scavenger hunt where they have to find the items you got, and hid all over the place, or you can hide cards from a deck from the dollar store and each card can correspond with a wrapped prize (wrapped with flyers and newspapers) you got for free. Hide them in your yard or house, or at the park. The wiener roast is pretty cheap... with a home made cake or cup cakes. They sell food at the dollar store. Have fun.

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