16th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

A 16 year old girl holding a cake at her birthday with friends.

Planning a birthday party, especially a girl's 16th, is a fun, exciting activity, that is sometimes also daunting. This is a guide about 16th birthday party ideas for girls.


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Question: Sweet 16 Ideas

I'm turning 16 in March and have no idea what to do. I have considered a bon fire or maybe going to a indoor pool, but I'm so lost. I will have about 10 other friends there at the most. I would like it to be somewhat cheap for my parent's budget.

I want it to be super fun and something I will never forget. Any ideas or suggestions? I would like to do something outside, but with the weather, I'm not sure.

By Sabrina from Mt.Vernon, MO


Best Answer

By Louise B. [6]02/09/2014

I personally think that it is the friends you spend the event with rather than the "stuff" you do that makes the time special. The simplest things can be the best fun. Both of your ideas sound like fun. Perhaps you could do both. I always think that spending time around a campfire, talking, roasting hotdogs, making s'mores, etc. is a wonderful time. Perhaps one of your friends knows how to play a guitar and you can have a sing-a-long. That is always fun.

Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

I'm turning 16 soon and my parents don't exactly have a lot of money to spend for my birthday because my little brother's birthday is a week after mine. What should I do that is inexpensive and yet something fun I can actually get to enjoy and remember?

By Katelyn P.


Most Recent Answer

By Redtea07/18/2013

A birthstone ring?

Question: Food Ideas for 16th Birthday Party

I am looking for food ideas (other then pizza) for a girls 16th birthday party. It's going to be held at an indoor pool. There will be about 6 to 8 teenagers and some adults. Any ideas on activities would be appreciated too.

Hilda from Hagerstown, MD

Most Recent Answer

By Hilda Cooper [4]12/31/2008

Thanks everyone for your ideas. We went with a semi-Hawaiian theme. Fruit kabobs were a big hit because all the girls are so weight conscience even some of the young men. Teriyaki chicken kabobs. Cup cakes arranged in the number 16, instead of a traditional birthday cake. That way no extra plates or forks needed and they could grab them, go and wander around the pool. Good time had by all. Thanks again!

Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

I'm having a 16th birthday party, and I have about 35-40 people I want to invite. It can't be too expensive, less that $500/$400, but I want it to be really fun while classy at the same time, you know? I know a lot of people have themes, but I'm not really too into that. I was thinking of maybe renting out a banquet hall and to just have food and dancing, but that might be too much and I can't seem to think of anything else. Any ideas? Please help! :)

    By katie517 [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Abbie D.09/20/2015

    I am also having a sweet sixteen, and my theme is game night/80s. We are going to have it at my house (saves you money from renting a place so you can spend it on decorations, food, and games). There will be games and contests set up all over the house and at the end of the night prizes and "teen choice awards." We are also going to have a bonfire outside. I suggest making sure to have good food, because thats one thing that every teenager is absolutely in love with! Hope your birthday is great

    Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

    Thanks for reading this! I appreciate any advice you can offer. I am not girly and not outgoing (so there won't be very many people at my party (10 at the most) and they will be all girls).

    I am looking for any party ideas that are free or really cheap :) I'm not paying for it, but my parents don't have much money and so I don't want them to have to spend lots of money on a birthday party.

    I don't want to have a slumber party, and I can't do anything on the weekends because of work. I know that it is really easy for people to get bored at parties if there isn't something going on at all times, and I'd hate for that to be my party.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Basically: cheap, fun, and simple? Thanks!

    By ATJo

    Most Recent Answer

    By bmas01/05/2015

    You could always get some balloons (either fill with helium or just use air) but before you blow them up, roll up a truth or dare card in it. It's really fun and people have to pop the balloon to get to the card.

    Question: Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party

    I am turning 16 in March and I want to have a big party, but as of right now I can't think of a good theme for my party. I'm afraid anything I choose might be a disaster and I just can't decide. So if you have any good ideas I would love to hear them. Thank you.

    By Caci from SC

    Most Recent Answer


    I'm turning 16 in July my prom is also in July on the 15th, so I am having a prom theme party on the 22nd everyone thinks its a really good idea as they will get more wear out of their prom outfits :) if your not how about a theme maybe a fancy dress, or a themed fancy dress? Favorite celebs, singers, actors or Disney characters?

    Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

    My 16th is in October and I'm really confused on what to do, I've considered a bonfire, but I don't want all my friends to get really bored and our garden isn't that big either. I'm thinking of inviting around 25 girls and guys and I don't want to spend a lot of money.
    If anyone has any ideas please let me know :)

      By Gia S. [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By chloecaitlyn09/06/2015

      hi, my birthday is in October aswell and I was just coming to get ideas off here but last year I had the same amount and we went shopping out of town and then we caught the bus home and when we got home got dressed up in heels and dresses and went out for dinner then we watched movies until we fell asleep. The day after that we went to a local show and the weekend was a blast!

      Question: 16th Birthday Ideas for 10-20 People

      I'm turning 16 on April 22. I'm having a party with boys and girls, and it's very low budget. I want to do something at a park. I don't want it to be a scavenger hunt, as some of my friends have scoliosis (curved spine, very painful), and they can't move around for an extended period of time. I'm not very girly either. My parents don't want a bunch of people over. It doesn't have to be at a park. Any ideas? Please, nothing expensive. Thank you!

      By Dolores

      Most Recent Answer

      By harlee02/07/2015

      Try doing maybe a cookout with hotdogs and s'mores kind of thing.

      Question: 16th Birthday Activities

      I am having a sort of dance party at my house and there will probably be about 100 people there, guys and girls mixed. I have a DJ planned for the dancing, and all my food is planned as well, but I can't think of any other activities as dancing for hours upon hours can be boring. Please help?

      By cheney bird

      Most Recent Answer

      By Dinah Ackerson [4]01/03/2015

      I agree with redhatterb-a large number of attendees for most homes! A DJ is a good idea but, of course, people will dance only for so long.

      Your main problem is that you have so many people in one place that trying some other form of entertainment is rather difficult. You can consider a scavenger hunt but need several people to handle the arrangements, hunt items, places, etc. Other possibilities are hiring entertainers such as comedians, actors, etc., for performances.

      Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      What are some ideas for a 16th birthday party?

      By Chantelle

      Most Recent Answer

      By Katelynn O. [1]04/19/2014

      Get dressed up with a bunch of your friends and go out to an expensive dinner, have a hang out session at your house. Just decorate everything super cute, rent out a small little house and have your party there with decorations, music, food, and a photo booth.

      There's so many things you can do. 16th birthday parties don't have to be a massive thing. Get your friends together and celebrate your birthday doing what you want to do. The party isn't what makes you have a great birthday, it's the people you choose to be around that makes all the difference.

      Question: Frugal 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      I need some frugal birthday ideas for my twins that are turning 16. A young man and a young woman. Please help!

      By Deb from Cypress, CA

      Most Recent Answer

      By Deb [1]04/17/2010

      What a great Idea! Our Church would let us use the kitchen and we could have a "cook off" Girls vs Boys...good healthy "inexpensive" fun. Maybe we can make our own cake too!

      Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      I turn 16 at the end of January and I have no idea what I want to do. I don't have enough close girlfriends to have it be just us, so I want to do a mixed group. I just can't seem to find anything good to do. Other Sweet 16s that I have been to have had pool tables, ping pong, poker, arcade games, etc. I'm just worried that it will be completely boring. One girl in my class had a party during the summer, but it was wildly inappropriate and I'm worried that if I have a dance party, everyone will think it's a complete bore compared to hers. What should I do?

      By Charlotte W.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Dinah Ackerson [4]01/03/2015

      Consider a scavenger hunt. Ideas here:

      Also, this website is interesting-scroll down to Best Teen Party Ideas:

      Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

      My bday is this month (January). I want a party, but I don't if you know the feeling. It's going to be all girls. I want something that is cheap and easy to do. Any possible ideas?

      By Emily

      Most Recent Answer

      By cheney bird [1]01/02/2015

      Do a scavenger hunt! Those are always really fun. Another idea is if your party is in the winter, maybe going ice skating then to dinner and/or a movie would be fun as well. Lastly, just a fun sleepover with your bffs is a blast, even though it is simple.

      Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

      I'm turning 16 on the 9th of February and I have absolutely no idea what to do. I want something fun and enjoyable but not something huge like a party as I don't have many friends and am not really into parties.

      I wouldn't mind spending a day out with my boyfriend, but my birthday is on a school day which doesn't help. I really need some ideas as I've searched everywhere and I can't find anything that I like or am interested in.


      By Fatemeh Z.

      Most Recent Answer

      By WrenchWench3112/17/2014

      Some ideas may be the thrifty date: you and your friends/boyfriend go to the 2nd hand store with a small budget ($5-20) each buy the tackiest outfit you can for that amount. do fashion show while you are there and just have fun putting the most hideous outfit tougher.

      You then follow this up with going out to your birthday dinner (in the outfits of tacky) i recommend something like McDonalds. bring a table cloth and candle for the meal and just have a grand time. Its cheep its fun and can be done with as many or few people as you wish. Just have a good time.

      Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      I want to have a dress up theme for my party, and I don't know what would be good and semi easy for a group of 15-16 year olds.

      By Jada

      Most Recent Answer

      By cheney bird [1]01/02/2015

      A few good ideas if you want to have a dress up theme would be a masquerade which sounds a lot more expensive and hard than it is. All you need to do is decorate your venue fancy and then have someone play music and get a dress and mask or a tux for guys, then there is your party.

      You could also do a red carpet themed party, where you just hang with friends and talk and dance in fancy outfits, but obviously the red carpet itself is essential. There are many more things you could do so suggest researching this more, and good luck to you!

      Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

      My birthday is in less than 2 months and I still have no idea what to do! I don't want to have a big party... just three girls and myself. I was thinking of a spa day but it's just so expensive, and my parents don't want to spend that much money on the party. Plus the venue can't be too far away because we don't have a car at the moment. Please help!

      By Emily

      Most Recent Answer

      By koko3253410/23/2014

      Just do a cute at home sleep over if you have nail polish buy some cucumbers and some face wipes and your ready to go also go with four really small cakes and put there first letter of there name on the cake its really easy to pipe I would also suggest bethany mota on youtube look up her diy and she has this one with her friends it was so cute!!!!!

      Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

      My 16th birthday is this month. I wanted to get a massage done with one of my friends, but since you have to be 18 and older to do it without a parent in the room, I decided not to. Are there any other ideas that are fun and not a party at a house with alcoholic with one friend.

      By Maddie

      Most Recent Answer

      By the best10112/06/2014

      I think y'all should go to a club or teen, then ride the rest of the night out.

      Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      I'm turning 16 on September 18th and I live in Florida. I'm not sure what to do and how many friends to invite. It will be all girls because I don't think any guys would come. Any suggestions?

      By Nicole L.

      Most Recent Answer

      By koko3253410/23/2014

      if you like the beach and if you have a some cash in your pocket well all you have to go is go to the beach have a tiki party with drinks and little hand foods or rent jet ski's I know how you fell girl I too live in a really hot place its called Florida lol so I would do and thing not so hot lol

      Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      My 16th birthday is in a few weeks (July 2) and I still haven't planned anything. I would like to have many friends over (boys and girls), but I also want to do something that is inexpensive. Please help!

      By Kristen A.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Claire Gallaher06/29/2014

      Scavenger hunt for fun things around town or at a mall or just within your property!

      Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      My 16th birthday party is coming up and I need a few ideas on what to do. There's only going to be a few people and it's mainly girls, but a couple of guys are coming as well. I was thinking an expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant, renting out a house that you can decorate it however you want, bring food, play games, dance, play, music etc. However, my dad is building up my backyard to have a fire pit and I don't want to hurt his feelings and not use it when he made it his goal to finish it before my birthday so that we could hang out back there. Anyone have any ideas of what I should do?

      By Katelynn O.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Jayda D.05/16/2014

      You could have a house party with all your friends and family. Plan a lot of games that any age can play.

      Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      I turn 16 August 1st and I am unsure of what to do for my birthday, any ideas?

      By Emily H

      Most Recent Answer

      By Katelynn O. [1]04/19/2014

      It depends on what you would like to do and how many people you are planning to invite! Is it all girls or a mixture? Do you want to spend a lot of money or have a decent but inexpensive party? Details would be nice!

      Question: Cheap 16th Birthday Ideas for Girls

      My 16th birthday is coming up. My party has to be cheap and at my house in winter. I don't know what I should do for my party. I don't even know how many people I am inviting. I'm a tomgirl so it can't be very girly. Please help me with some ideas.

      By Elizabethfrom NE

      Most Recent Answer

      By lexi loo02/20/2014

      You could do a bonfire in your backyard! For my sweet sixteen my parents rented out 3 fire pits (which are inexpensive) and my guests could be either in my basement or outside in the winter without getting cold. Everyone loved it! There was no theme we all just hung out and had fun! A plus we got to wear whatever so that made it easy for everyone (and made the guys especially happy that they didn't have to dress up). And since I was on a budget we ordered pizza and got a variety of deserts and chips from Walmart.

      As for a cake we made it ourself because it's more fun and really inexpensive! We put on the radio for music and the most expensive thing we got was a photobooth which was around $150 but definitely worth it! Not that many people have a party like this, they're usually upscale so a lot of people enjoyed it and thought it was "very unique".

      Question: 16th B-day Party Ideas

      I was born in America, but grew up in Ireland. Everyone thinks that seeing as I'm kind of a yank and turning 16 is huge over there I should do something biggish for my 16th in March. It is 6 months away, I'm just not sure what to do. Having sleepovers, going to town for the day, going to the cinema, or going to discos are always done for everyone's birthday every year. I'd love to do something different, something new. There would be 10 people including me (all girls). I would really appreciate any ideas, because I really can't think of anything! And if possible, the less it costs the better.

      By Bláthnaid F.

      Most Recent Answer

      By elle [4]10/22/2013

      How about a spa pampering party? You can assemble the materials ahead of time. Google for DIY facial recipes, etc. Then do each others makeup and hair and pose for your own Glamour Shots!

      Question: Girls 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      My oldest daughter is turning 16 in a week and she wants to have a party. We don't have a very big house and also don't have a lot of money. She has a list of about 17 people, boys and girls. Any ideas?

      By Carlene V from Coeur d'Alene, ID

      Most Recent Answer

      By ShirleyE [16]10/11/2013

      Get the guests to come early with their make-up bags and they can all do each other's hair and make-up as a warm up to the party. Then just provide loud music and plenty of pizza and burgers. Maybe have a fashion show where they can strut their stuff up and down the room.

      Question: 16th Birthday Party Game Ideas

      I'm turning 16 in about 2 weeks. I have no money to spend, but I'm trying to make it fun. I'm having about 25 girls over and I want it to be just a fun hang out kind of thing, but don't want it be boring. I was thinking some games we could play would be fun, but I don't know any games to play. Any ideas?

      By Koki F.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Paul Wilson [3]10/08/2013

      How about a costume contest? Or have your friends bring clothes that can be cut up and make zombie outfits and practice for halloween. Add popcorn and scary movies and outdoor christmas lights! The 18 year old next door did this and it was the best party ever!

      Question: 16th Joint Birthday Party

      My friend and I are both turning 16 and want to have a joint party. We are on a very limited budget and can only invite 20-30 people. I was thinking about like, a scavenger hunt in two teams each with a different birthday girl and we end up meeting in the same place, but I'm not sure she would go for it. I think she wants a more elegant dinner type thing, but I'm not sure that we can afford it. Help!

      By Tia xx

      Most Recent Answer

      By Louise B. [6]09/18/2013

      This sounds like a very nice idea. There is no reason you could not end with something elegant. I'd suggest, however, something less formal, as 16 year old boys are not into "elegant". I am sure they would much prefer burgers. You could do sliders (tiny makes it elegant), and how about birthday cupcakes arranged on tiered plates, with iced tea in lovely glasses.

      Question: Sweet 16 Mystery Theme Birthday Party

      I'm having my sweet 16 in two months and I still need to come up with ideas. The main theme is Murder Mystery. I want to have a nice dinner that ends up in us having to solve a mystery. It doesn't have to be a murder mystery, but a mystery of some sort. I'd like to keep it cheap.

      By Cassieu

      Most Recent Answer

      By glimmer62 [4]09/02/2013

      You could use a boxed game set, ($20 on Amazon, as low $3 on ebay). You could try your local book store or Goodwill for these as well. Make your invitations, ask people to dress as their character, instant party. Do you have a favorite mystery you've read? That could work also.

      Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      I am turning 16 in February and it is going to be cold. I am planning a girl and boys party and I am not a girl girl. I want my party to be great fun and memorable, something that my friends will never forget. I don't know if I want my party to be in February or just wait until the summer to have my party. So I need help on themes and games. Please help!

      By Kathleen M from Finksburg, MD

      Most Recent Answer

      By Klasee Jade G.12/01/2013

      I am having a 16th birthday in February also. If everything goes as planned I'm going to rent out a space and have a giant party with everyone i know. but I am doing it with my sister for her 15th birthday but we will each have our entrance and what not. I am still worried about how its gonna turn out but oh well.

      Question: Small Sixteen Birthday Party

      I am turning sixteen in a few months. I really want to do something small, like go out with four of my close friends, but I have no idea what to do. I don't want to have a sleepover, because we have sleepovers literally every week! Any ideas?

      By Izzi V.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Louise B. [6]08/14/2013

      Why don't you investigate going to live theatre or something like that, which you couldn't do with a group. Perhaps you could even take a trip to a nearby city, if you live in a small center or in the country, to attend this event. Combined with a dinner or lunch out at a nice bistro or upscale cafe, this would be very nice for girls your age. As well, most restaurants will have the staff bring out cake and sing happy birthday if you let them know it is that kind of party, and that is pretty special!

      Question: 16th Birthday Party ideas

      I am having my 16th birthday at a park with different sport activities, if anyone wants to play. But I need more ideas on what to do at my party. Any ideas?

      By Alexis B

      Most Recent Answer

      By samanthadeseno10/15/2013

      Have you thought about a movie night at home? Get some snacks and a bunch of movies you guys can just wear pjs and have blankets. And make it a sleep over.
      Or you could do make overs with your friends, like you can get those little packs of face masks for really cheap and do each others nails and make up. Then take s bunch of pictures of each other and do a fashion show or something like that. You can blast music or make it like a spa up to you.

      Crafting or baking party there are so many things you can do for very low cost well good luck and happy birthday.

      Question: Food Ideas for a 16th Birthday

      I'm just starting to plan my 16th. It's about two months away in early September. I'ts going to be a superhero and super villain party and I need some really good food ideas. Any advice would be great.

      By Kara K

      Most Recent Answer

      By Nikki Q [1]06/23/2013

      - virgin cocktails with names like hulk smash, thor's hammer, and black widow.
      - get creative with cheese, grapes, pretzels, and more to make superhero symbol crackers
      -order pizzas and ask them to arrange the toppings in superhero/villain symbols
      - make rice crispy bites and put flags in them that say "pop" "smash" "crack" and the like.

      RE: Food Ideas for a 16th Birthday

      Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      I want something good for my birthday party, but I don't know what to have. I want to invite 10 friends.

      By Annie

      Most Recent Answer

      By bjkidd11/13/2013

      Frisky fun

      Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

      I'm 15 turning 16 next week. I need some ideas that are quick to plan and for a moderate amount of money. I'm having my best friends over. I don't drink alcohol and my parents would never allow a house party. All my best friends are different and I want them all to have fun. I'm not sure what to do. I like to dance and sing, but some of my friends, I don't think would be up for karaoke or anything like that. I'm so lost. Any ideas based on the information I gave?

      By Tia

      Most Recent Answer

      By gestine03/08/2014

      If it's not too late, my bday is quite the same. Although my bday is on April not next week, I was thinking of smores where I could sit around with friends and roast some marshmallows and have a fondue. Plus we just love to chat really! I was also thinking of where everyone has to have wear some kind of a medal (something around they're neck) and they have to try and not too say your name and if someone says your name, a person has to take it off them and the one with the most medals wins, you can decide on the prize.

      I'm also having a game of beer pong and you can have yours without alcohol if you wish if any reason your not allowed or just want to keep it clean tbf. And you can have a competition of stack of cups after, i guess. So far that's all I can think of, but my family is thinking if doing sports for entertaiment but some of my friends and I are not keen on it!

      Question: Party for 16 Year Old Triplets

      I'm throwing a party for my triplets and they all have different party ideas. What are some ideas that they will all agree on?

      By April C

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lorraine [40]05/19/2013

      I have no idea how you get any 16 year olds to agree. Maybe get 3 ideas from each person, write each 1 on piece of paper and put them (9 pieces) into a hat/bowl and
      get them to pull out 1 each then put the 3 they pulled out into a hat and the one pulled out is the way to go.

      Question: Inexpensive Ideas for 16th Birthday

      I will be 16 soon and I want to do something for my birthday, but I don't want it to cost too much. Anyone got any ideas?

      By Yasmin

      Most Recent Answer

      By Ethel Gerberick [6]04/30/2013

      How about having a scavenger hunt. Have a selection of items they must find. You could take pictures in advance of items for them to locate. Ex.- a house with a missing shutter, a red door. Maybe this will give you an idea. Then when they return to the house have cake and ice cream.

      Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

      I turn 16 next year and don't really have a set birthday party idea. I considered doing something at a local pavilion or club, but didn't know if that was too fancy for a boy's sixteenth birthday. My mom's willing to pay for anything I want. Any suggestions?

      By Antwan R.

      Most Recent Answer

      By mc4lifes [26]05/31/2012

      How about having it at a community club, going out or a massive party? It's your birthday and your choice. How about getting your friends to help you plan?

      Question: Games and Activities for 16th Birthday Party

      My 16th birthday is coming up and I need ideas for my birthday party. I'm going to have it at my church's gym and invite around 30 friends. Any ideas for group games, activities, or any other fun things we could do?

      By Emma F.

      Most Recent Answer

      By javamom77 [13]01/26/2012

      If you can get a hold of a karaoke then you can have song competitions for the best imitation, funniest, & group effort.
      - dance competition
      - You could have a photo caption booth with a person taking pics or have a video camera ready for the guests to leave fun messages. This is also a great keepsake for the birthday girl.

      Question: Indoor Activities for a 16th Birthday Party

      I am having my 16th birthday party this Friday and I already have the main thing planned. I'm filling balloons with neon washable paints and putting black lights everywhere in my backyard to have a paint balloon fight with all my friends like in the movie "10 Things I Hate About You". It's going to be at night but my only problem is that its going to be about 39 degrees outside. Does anyone have any ideas to do in case its too cold or if we finish the fight early because the party is from 7-11p.

      By Taylor from Houston, TX

      Most Recent Answer

      By Gabriela [1]02/10/2010

      I'm fifteen, and a good idea is to do a campfire, unless it's raining of course (: I did one at my last birthday party, and everyone really enjoyed it. It kept everyone calm while at the same time they had fun.
      another idea is the simple games of truth or dare, apples to apples, twister, or you could make your own pizzas or something fun like that. good luck!

      Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

      My birthday was September 23rd so I wanted to celebrate with some friends. I live in New York and wanted to go do something fun in the city. I would only invite around 5 girls. I want to do something fun because my friends get bored easily, but I really don't have a lot of money to go to these expensive places! Please help.

        By jacqueline.manno [1]

        Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

        I'm turning 16 at the end of this month and idk what to do. It's my first party where I can invite guys, but that can only happen if the party isn't at my house. My mom doesn't trust guys so she wants to do something that's cheap, but fun, where she doesn't have to clean up afterwards.

        I was thinking a pizza place with games singing, etc., or going to Santa Monica, bowling, or ice skating. I need help please and thank you.

          By Kassandra H. [1]

          Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

          I am turning 16 May 24th and I was going to have a bonfire, but my mom said no, so now I am only having my 2 best friends over Kyle and Ashley and I have no idea what to do. We were planning to go to Seattle, but now we might go to Portland. Except I do not know what there even is to do over there. I need help and fast!

            By arianna.williams1524 [1]

            Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

            It's my 16th soon and it's a school day so I only have the weekend to do something, before the event or after. I have 2 friendship groups, and they have never really mixed before. So I need ideas for my birthday with them separately. One of the groups would be a day doing something and the other could be doing something then like a sleepover/slumber party after. They're both mixed boys and girls.

            By Amber

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            I don't know what I want to do for my birthday. It's May 10th, which also happens to be Mother's Day this year. I want to do something that's different, not something everyone does like bowling.
            Any ideas would be really helpful.

            By Anna

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            I have no idea what I can do. I don't have many friends to invite and my house isn't so big.

            By Nora W.

            Question: Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

            I'm going to sixteen in March and I want a party, but it can't be a dance or anything dance related and it has to be inexpensive because I'm going to a youth conference a week before. Could someone help me out please?

            By Alex

            Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

            I don't know would what my theme for my 16th birthday could be. I have no idea. We are gonna be about 12-15 girls and I want something cool and unforgettable. Can you help me?

            By Fadime from Denmark

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            My birthday is on the 18th of March. It's difficult because I just found out I'm a year older which means I will be turning 17 and not 16. But I want to celebrate my 16th. Any ideas?

            By T tois

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            I'm turning 16 in a month and I don't have any clue what I want to do for a party. We don't have a large budget and I don't have very many friends (2 girls 3-5 guys), so a big party is out of the question. I'm trying to be open about any ideas. I just want to have fun and make it a night I will remember with all of my friends. Any ideas?

            By Taylor P.

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Theme Ideas

            My birthday is at the end of March. My mum is making me plan for it, but I have just recently moved towns. I don't know many people in my new town, but I would like a mixed party. I know I have school to meet new people, but I start at the end of January which leaves 2 months to meet and greet people along with study and party planning and all. Most of my friends live in another town. I really wanted to do something with them, but things changed. Please help with a 16th birthday party theme.

            By Gabrielle O from Brisbane, Queensland

            Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

            I am turning 16 soon. I don't know what exactly to do. I just had my cotillion a couple of months ago, so I can't have a sweet sixteen. I want to be with my friends, but I don't know exactly where to go. I could care less about the money I just want something that I can enjoy as well as my friends. Any suggestions?

            By Lizeth G.

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            I turn 16 in July. I have most people coming in a hall, but I don't know what to do and I don't want it to be all dressy like MTV. I need ideas so my guests don't get bored.

            By Courtney.t from glen alpine, NSW

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            Any good 16th bday party ideas? I'd like it to be unique and not involve massive amounts of people drinking at my house. I have lots of friends who are polar opposites and get a bit antsy. They also don't really know each other and I have a mesh of guys and girls. Any ideas would be awesome!

            By Sadie E.

            Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

            I'm turning 16 soon, and I would love to do something fun with my friends. My birthday is in late February and I'm in Southern California. I want to bring about 3-5 friends and since times are hard, it's $200 all together.

            It's mixed boy and girl. I need to think about weather. My dad will pay for them depending on how much, and they'd pitch in to help as well. So yeah, please help. Thanks (:

            By Jennifer G.

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            I am looking for ideas for my birthday party, including the dress code, color, and the theme of the party.

            By Mary

            Question: Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

            I'm having a sweet sixteen in April and it will be around income tax time so money is not an issue. I want to invite 30-40 friends, boys and girls. But I don't know what would be fun activities for us to play because they each like something different. I don't know where to have it at either. I live in a decent sized town. I'm a girl in need of help.

            By Timysha F.

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            My party is on the first of February, and I want to have a big celebration. The problem with that is I can't have an expensive party. People of both genders will be invited. I'm open to just about anything unique and fun. Does anyone have any ideas?

            By Kelsey Y.

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            I wanna have a really good 16th birthday party that everyone will remember and were they will have fun! I just need help figuring out what we could all do. My birthday is January 21st, but I'm having my party the 17th of January. Help!

            By Nina H

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Plan

            I'm turning 16 at the end of the week. My parents want a detailed party plan from the moment guests arrive to the moment they leave. I'm going with a "Summer Evening" theme, and there's gonna be about 20 people. Any ideas?

            By Klaudia Z.

            Question: Fun Places for 16th Birthday

            What are some good, fun, exciting, unusual places to have your 16th bday that would be remembered forever?

            By Brittany M

            Question: 16th Birthday Planning Ideas

            My 16th birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to do. I have had a party the last 2 years. I want to do something with my friends, but it has to be affordable. If you have any ideas please tell.

            By Adrianna from CO

            Question: Sweet 16 Ideas

            I am having my 16th birthday party in 2 and a half weeks and I have no clue what activities to do! It is just going to be a simple thing at my house with like five friends, but they keep telling me I need to do something somewhat big. So far we are going to do smores outside over a fire and play bunco so any ideas are welcome.
            Thank you in advance.

            By EM

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            My birthday is in 3 weeks, and I can't think of anything to do for my party.

            By Kaylee from Groves, TX

            Question: Ideas for My 16th Birthday

            I really need some ideas for my birthday, it's next week on November 15. I want to really have an exciting unforgettable birthday!

            By Briana M

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            My twin and I are turning 16 next week and next weekend we're having a party. So far, we know who we are going to invite and where the main part of it will be. There will be about 13 people in all, if everyone shows up. And we're planning a bonfire (my twin's idea). My twin wants me to think of something to do also. (We are both girls.)

            What else would 15/16 year olds like to do?

            By Jaina

            Question: 16th Birthday Celebration Ideas

            My birthday is in less than a month and I need some ideas on what to do to celebrate. I was thinking maybe a hotel party, but I'm not too sure about it. Any ideas on what I should do? I'm not really into having a party though.

            By Jessica

            Question: Sixteenth Party Ideas

            I'll be 16 in a couple weeks and I'm really excited. I love having the attention! I'm not really sure what to do. I live in New Mexico now in a really small town and have a lot of friends here and in Arizona. I have an option to stay here for my birthday and do something really small and affordable (low cost) or I can go to Arizona for a few days for my birthday weekend and see old friends, but idk what I'd do either way? any ideas?

            By Asha S.

            Question: 16th Winter Birthday Party Ideas

            I'm turning 16 in November. Where I live it's gonna be quite cold. I have no idea what to do. Ideas?

            By Caitlinn A.

            Question: Birthday Ideas Not Involving a Party

            I don't have many friends and I don't really want to do anything for my birthday. What's something fun and creative I can do for my 16th birthday? Please help, it's a week from today!

            By Victoria V.

            Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Party and Food Ideas

            I'm having a sweet 16 in 3 weeks and I have no idea what food I should serve or what I should do.

            By Amanie from NSW

            Question: What Should I Do for My 16th Halloween Party?

            I am turning 16 on Halloween and I really don't know what to do because there's school. But I wanna have a party or go out with friends and family can you please help me?

            By Tiyiana

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            My 16th birthday is in a month and two days and we plan to have a party on November 1st, which is two days after my birthday. My mom wants me to get ideas for a party and I want both friends and family there, but it has to be cool. I have no ideas on what to do. Help please.

            By Katelyn R

            Question: Activities for a Superhero Sixteenth Birthday Party

            So, I know it sounds a little bit childish, but why not. I'm having a superhero themed sixteenth birthday party for my birthday this year.
            I've got almost everything, like Batman invites, Superman plates, and the Hulk cake. I just need some activities that my friends (15-17) will enjoy and that will make this a party to remember.

            Can you please help me?

            By Zoe Bree

            Question: Ideas for 16th Birthday Party

            I am having a 16th birthday party and I can't pick a theme. Do you have any ideas? I think I might have my party at my local community center, but I am not sure. I also need ideas on games, food, and well everything; it's in two months and I have no idea what I want. Please help!


            By Tia

            Question: Small 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            So I don't really want to have a big party. I would rather have fewer friends over and do something special that I will remember. My birthday is a week after Halloween so its usually cold where I live.

            By Elizabeth

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            My birthday is in October and I am going to be 16. I need help, I am having a limo and a party, but I need something to do before that. Could you please help me? I am stuck.

            By Georgia L from Llandudno, Wales

            Question: Theme for Sweet Sixteen Birthday Partry

            I just wanna ask for ideas. I don't have any idea of what theme I should go with. Can you suggest a theme that is related to my sweet sixteen birthday? and what is cool?

            By Kristine

            Question: 16th Birthday Ideas for December Party

            I am planning a sweet 16 in December and need ideas for what you could do in the cold weather! I have a lot of friends and I want them to not be bored. Please help.

            By Jaycee

            Question: 16th Birthday Ideas

            My birthday is September first and it lands on Labor Day weekend. My parents said I could do whatever I want, they even said I could throw a party. But I'm not the party type. My mom then suggested I go out with a few of my friends for dinner and movies. That sounded really nice except I have friends that I'm close to that either don't know each other or they don't like each other. And I really don't want any drama on my birthday. Please help me with some ideas on where to go or on what to do, I can invite I think around 5-7 friends. Thank you, your help is much appreciated.

            By Des

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas

            I am having a 16th in early September and I am not sure what to do. I have some ideas: dance party, scavenger hunt, things like that, but I am still unsure. And I can't spend too much. Any ideas?

            By purplemacprincess

            Question: Planning a Sweet Sixteen Dance Party

            My sixteenth birthday is coming up in a few months and I have no idea what to do, I'm not like most girly girls so I would prefer more of a club type atmosphere or anything that involves dancing. Any ideas on places in Durban where I can make this happen? Thanks.

            By concerned15yearold

            Question: 16th Birthday Party Activities

            I'm having my sweet 16th in a week and a half and its going to be a gangsta paradise theme, but I'm not sure what kind of activities to do. Please help!

            By Krissy

            Question: 16th B-day Games

            I am having my birthday at a gym, we have a photo booth and will be playing volleyball. I need ideas for other activities to do, there will be people of all ages. Any ideas?

            Thank you.

            By Brooke

            Question: Advice For 16th Birthday Dance Party

            I'm having a sweet 16 party on November 9th, and it is going to be a dance party. I'm trying to think of how to decorate it because its going to be at my clubhouse in my neighborhood. I was thinking of black and dark pink colors or something like that. I was wondering what kind of party favors I could do that would not be to expensive. I found these cute invitations that look like tickets but I didn't know if that would be a good idea because it isn't a concert. So any opinions you have or any other help would be great. Thanks.

            Alayna from Georgia


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            Archive: Advice For 16th Birthday Dance Party

            I'm throwing a sweet 16 the 1st weekend in November (Saturday the 3rd, because my birthday is the 1st of November). It's going to be a dance party at my neighborhood club house and I'm not really sure if my party should have a theme or not. I'm trying to think of a cute centerpiece for the tables for when we eat dinner. Also I wasn't sure what I should serve for dinner or if I should just serve snacks. If you have any ideas please help me. Alayna from Dacula, GA

            RE: Advice For 16th Birthday Dance Party

            http://www.birthdaypartyideas.com/html/sweet_16_party.html Here's a place to start. Happy "Sweet 16th"Birthday way EARLY. HUGS Great Granny Vi

            P.S. There is a "ready to use" cheese cake filling on the market in Ca. Check to see if it is available in your town. Would be easier than mixing for this recipe. (07/19/2007)

            By Great Granny Vi

            RE: Advice For 16th Birthday Dance Party

            RE: Advice For 16th Birthday Dance Party

            Just think of a country you would like to go to, and theme from that. How about Costa Rica? (07/20/2007)

            By kimhis

            Archive: Ideas For 16th Birthday Party

            I am turning 16 this year and have no idea what to do for it. I am looking for lower budget ideas, themes are okay, and preferably for both guys and girls.


            Archive: Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party

            I need ideas for a sixteen year old birthday party. Not themes, but actual ideas as to what these young people can do without spending a fortune. Please help.

            By Lucy Lu from WI

            RE: Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party

            My gang loves a game we call "hill billy horseshoes". You simply pound two metal pieces of pipe into the ground (like for regular horseshoes) about 30 feet apart. Take a piece of PVC pipe, maybe 2-2 1/2 inches in diameter, place over the pipe in the ground. The PVC pipe should be about 4 feet long. On the top of each piece of PVC, place a glass bottle (like a glass root beer bottle). You'll need one Frisbee.

            We usually play teams, but you can play 2 people, up to maybe six at a time (3 per team). The teams take turns tossing a Frisbee to try to hit the other team's pole or bottle, to knock the bottle off. If it hits the ground, it's 3 points to the throwing team. If someone on the other (catching) team catches it with two hands, it's one point for them; if they catch it with "one" hand, it's three points. First team to 21 wins. The thrower must stand behind the pole, not in front it it. We've had a lot of fun playing this. Good luck. (06/26/2009)


            By bzladi

            RE: Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party

            How about a game party. I'm not sure, but some of the video stores might rent out game systems as well as the games. You could rent some and ask the guests if they have the same system and see if they can bring some of there games to share. Have popcorn, drinks, hot dogs, frozen pizza, and stuff like that. Our library rents games for free the only drawback is you can only rent 2. This would be good for a boy, for a girl you could do a scrap-booking party. You may have to put a little bit out for some supplies. (06/26/2009)

            By lindybell

            RE: Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party

            How about a makeup and spa kit at home treatment? Go to the Dollar store get some sponges, get a couple of tubs you can put your feet in at Walmart (put hot water in it), get the soap at the Dollar store. Get makeup kits at the Dollar store, have a "make up kit day", get music for relaxation, and have them come over prepared to be pampered. Tell them to bring their favorite song they like to relax to.

            Also, bring their mothers over so they can join you. That way it'll be a mother/daughter party what a wonderful memory this would bring. Good luck. Here's a song to get the party going, Cindy Lauper "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." (06/26/2009)

            By rosefroggie

            Archive: Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party

            I am looking for fun birthday party ideas for a Sweet Sixteen.

            By Lili

            RE: Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party

            If you are into the vampire book series, "Twilight", you could have a Twilight or the coming soon movie "New Moon" themed party. Red, black, and white are good colors for this type of party. Birthday direct has "New Moon" party supplies.


            If you had enough people you could have a Team Jacob/Team Edward game time, whether it would be baseball game or some other game. You could have trivia for the Twilight series. You could watch the Twilight Movie. You could serve non-alcoholic red punch in plastic wine glasses. Red velvet cake. You could have Italian food-like Edward's family tried to feed Bella: pizza, salad, bread sticks or lasagna, salad, bread sticks.

            Fun candy ideas: Candy Blood Bags from the Oriental Trading Company, on-line.

            Since the Twilight book has an apple on the front, you could have a bowl of apples as a centerpiece for your table. New Moon has parrot tulips, so you could check the fake flower isle at Walmart or such. If you have the books or could borrow them, you could set up a mantel with the books. A fog machine would be cool. Of course for music the Twilight sound track (I'm sure one of your friends has it if you don't). If the birthday is after Halloween, hit Halloween clearances for vampire inspiration. Have fun. (10/09/2009)

            By candacedtsn

            Archive: Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party

            Does anyone have any clever ideas for a birthday party/celebration for a girl turning 16? Thanks all.


            Archive: Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party

            I would like some 16th birthday party ideas.

            By Lisa from Granite Falls, NC

            RE: Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party

            My niece is turning 16, also. We are thinking about a black and white party theme. It will be just deserts (chocolate/white chocolate). She would wear a white dress to start with, then at some crucial point in the party, she would go change into a more stunning black dress. We're also thinking of a Fairy Party, a Willy Wonka Party, or a "Green" Party. (01/04/2010)

            By Mom81402