Adding Padding to Walker Grips

Walker Grips

Putting some padding on the grips of a walker can help to make using it more comfortable. This is a guide about adding padding to walker grips.


Solutions: Adding Padding to Walker Grips

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Tip: Padding for Walker Hand Grips

I am temporarily having to use a walker and wanted to cushion the hand grips. I took a couple strips of foam tubing used to wrap pipes and covered them with socks that have the rubber/vinyl grips on the bottom. I wrapped the hand rest of my walker with them and tightened plastic pull ties on each end for security. They work great as cushions. When the socks get dirty, I cut the plastic strips and put on a clean pair of socks! (I tried using the foam tubing without the socks but it rubbed off on my hands turning them black).

Source: The source is my own idea because my hands were getting sore from the weight I am having to put on the walker.

By Linda from Arlington, Texas

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