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A drawing of the biblical figure noah.

Biblical character costumes can be simple to put together and warm for trick or treaters. This guide contains bible costume ideas.



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Question: Female Bible Character Costumes

I need a costume for a female Bible character. Any ideas? Do you know of any patterns or websites where I can get some good ideas?

Jenny from Springfield, OH

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By londa (Guest Post) 10/04/2008

I've costumed my church Christmas pageant for about 15 years. Many of the costumes are items donated to our annual tag sale. Some are 1970's bathrobes, looking right without any work at all.

An old table cloth for $2.00 can make a great costume. Just fiddle with it, cut neck holes, pin with safety pins where you think would work. It's only $2 of material, so you can take a few risks! Most of my head coverings are fabric cut from men's dress shirt backs, held on by cut off lower T-shirt sections. Messy is authentic, as are un-hemmed neck holes. Remember weaving was done by hand and the only patterns that are authentic are solids or stripes.

Leave off those sneakers! Go barefoot, or wear dark sandals. Leave off nail polish! Cover up any modern looking shirt collars with any scrap of fabric that can be tied around the neck. Bright colors are authentic. Sashes around the waist are authentic, so any long strip of fabric would be just fine. I've used neckties.

Shepherds at the time wore sheepskin wraps for warmth, so any bits of fake fur, or leather can be nicely added around the neck by just cutting a slash in it.

I put my angels in anything white I can get. The better costumes are squares of white satin, with a neck slash, that I've added scraps of sequins, etc. to to make them more fun. I have tiaras for all of them too. Some are donated, some I made with wire and broken costume jewelry. The favorite last year was a rhinestone necklace the oldest girl simply pinned flat on top of her hair.

Every one has more fun if their costume is special, so all of the ones we use are unmatched.

Have some fun.


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By Robin 1 10/15/2009

Female Bible Characters - My daughters have dressed up as Lydia, seller of purple. We had a white robe type outfit on her, with a purple scarf draped over; and she held a small wicker basket filled with several scraps of different shades of purple fabric, and other purple items. And Esther - dressing her like a queen was so fun, and then there was the daughter of Pharoah holding a basket with a baby doll in it (Moses). We had a black wig, and dressed her in an Egyptian style "robe". Hope it helps with the female character ideas. I need something for this year.

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Question: Costume Ideas for Egyptian Themed Vacation Bible School

Our VBS this year is Egyptian themed. Has anyone any ideas for making my costume for that period? Dress, headdress, etc. We can order from VBS supplier, but thought something more original would be fun!


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Question: Biblical Costume Ideas

Does anyone have some costume ideas for Lydia in the bible?

By Cita

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By Meriah V. 1 09/21/2013

I was Lydia last year. She is a merchant of purple cloth. I dressed in all purple.
for a modern day Lydia: you could dress as a business woman in a purple suit with a name tag like retail stores have.

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Question: Biblical Costume for Elizabeth

Does anyone have any new creative even a modern version of a costume for Elizabeth?

By Tammy

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