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Cat Peeing on Bed

My cat pees on my son's bed. Only in the winter but even when it has a litter box to pee in. How do I stop it from doing this? It is a pain!

Suzanne from Lakewood, CO


Comforters and The Vet

I got my cat about 3 weeks ago and she has been peeing on my bed as well, I have been racking my brain wondering why in the world she would be doing this. I have been keeping the door closed but it seems EVERY single time I leave my bedroom door open she goes in and does her business. I thought maybe it was the new atmosphere, and she was a rescue cat but she adores us all so I ruled that out. I also think in the last week that she went into heat but that wouldn't explain the times before. So I have narrowed it down to being a UTI or that I have a DOWN COMFORTER...we'll see, I am taking her to the vet and getting rid of my down comforter.



By Jenny

RE: Cat Peeing on Bed

Enzymes and More

You MUST to break down the cat urine with an enzyme. I use "Nature's Miracle" and it works better than Urinegone and Feliway and every other product I've tried. You see, washing cleans the fabric, but doesn't break down the urine molecules so that they can be washed away. So if you've washed your comforter, your cat still detects its own scent in the same place and associates it with his/her territory. When using the enzyme cleaner (found at Petco), be sure to saturate the stain (this enzyme cleaner also works well on carpets.)

I strongly suggest that you buy the book "Think Like a Cat". Every person who has a cat should have this book. This priceless gem of a book explains how to successfully modify cat behavior.

The suggestion to take the cat to the vet is a good one, cats can get urinary tract infection, for example, that cause him or her to be unable to use the box (old age or arthritis would cause this, too.)

Also, make sure you clean the cat's litter box frequently. Imagine if you had to use the litter box yourself. Would it be clean enough for you to do your business? i have 2 cats and keep the box by the toilet, I scoop and flush away their business along with mine (a minimum of once per day). Also, I avoid the slotted spoons and use scoops commonly used for dry pet food.

Make sure that the litter box is FAR from the food bowl. Cats do not pee where they eat in nature, and if the box is near their food they may naturally look for another place. Also, is the box located in a place where another pet (or child) disturbs it while the cat does its business? Move the litter box to a quiet place away from noisy machines (like the washing machine, the dryer, etc.)

Finally, cats respond well to positive reinforcement, not negative reinforcement. If you reward your cat with a treat when it goes in the litter box, it will tend to continue this behavior, even if it gets the reward once in 20 times. Never rub your cats nose in an area where it has eliminated. It will not bring you the desired results.

By Kitty Therapist


Buy CAT ATTRACT litter! My cat, Patches, always goes to the bathroom on the floor in the bathroom right near his litter box rather than using his litter! When we use CAT ATTRACT litter, he always uses his litter box. Expensive, but works wonders and prevents you from lots of cleaning! (01/21/2007)

By Kathleen

Cat Peeing on Bed

my Cat has just recently started Peeing on my bed. it started Right after his very first visit to the Vet, then again after his second visit both on the same days as the appointments. i thought it might have just been stress from the vet, but again he pee'd on it for no reason this time, each time was "every three weeks" and i Also have a DOWN COMFORTER!

I also have a multi Pet home, and my cat does not like my brother's dog at all! i am hoping that when i move he will stop his oh so delightful Peeing sprees! and I think I might get rid of Everything that is DOWN on my bed LOL!

Good plan? (01/29/2007)

By Pissy_Cat_Owner

Cat Peeing on Bed

This is the very best web site for cat problems & questions I've found:

Has your son (or anyone else) ever peed in that bed? If so, that may be the problem.
Maybe another cat has peed on the bedding & THIS cat is trying to "re-mark" the territory. Either way, you may need to buy a NEW mattress & NEW bedding!

Cat's HATE sticky tape on their feet. One Idea I have is to take a large sheet of paper & cover it with sticky front & back carpet tape. Put this sticky paper on the bed & maybe you'll be lucky & the cat will stay off of it!

Make sure litter box is CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!

Make sure the litter box is easy to get to. You MAY want to temporarily put it close to the bed he's peeing on, then slowly move it to a better spot.


After thoroughly washing the sheets & cleaning up the area, it might be wise to spray a citrus scent on the mattress & sheets in that area, as cats detest citrus.

*** There are 2 different kinds of cat pee "spraying" & "peeing".

Spraying is usually done on a vertical surface. Peeing is done on a horizontal surface.
If it's a male cat & he's peeing on a horizontal surface, get him fixed! This will probably remedy the situation. (but I doubt it's spray or you would have mentioned that ion your post)


<p class="art">OUT! pet odor neutralizer is what I bought at Wallmart, it works by "eating" any organic stain or odor with a good bacteria and enzymes. it cost $4.79
The trick is to keep the "OUT!" wet so the good bacteria stay "alive" by covering with plastic wrap or an unused garbage bag. DO NOT blow dry area as this will kill the good bacteria that "eat" the stain & smell. "Out" smells like yummy vanilla, which is nice. The next day, I would repeat the application of the "OUT" product. On the third day, I would clean the area with vinegar & water. (on cement, I would use straight Cider Vinegar, but on rugs & upholstery, use diluted white vinegar) On the 4th day, I would pour plain old drugstore hydrogen peroxide the area & let it fizz & bubble up anything that's left. Do this & I can bet your cat smell will disappear!

*NEVER USE AMMONIA to clean up cat urine as this confuses cats because ammonia smells like urine & they may urinate in the area where the ammonia has been used.

* Below are other people's hints for getting rid of pet stains & odors

Recipe #1: Pet Accidents - Odors

This works well on dog or cat accidents. Soak up the urine as much as you can, down to the padding if you can, by using towels, and your own weight. Sprinkle baking soda over the site, leaving overnight, or until completely dry. Vacuum up well. Next add 2 cups of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water, and wash the area deeply and well. The smell of vinegar will disappear as it evaporates.

Recipe #2: Pet Accidents - Odors And Stains

This works well on both pet stain odors and stains. On new, wet areas, soak up the urine very well, or remove at much stool as you can, careful to not scrape it "into" the carpet. In a plastic disposable container, mix 15 oz. of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 2 level teaspoons of baking soda, a few drops of dishwashing soap, and mix well. Pour it slowly on the affected area, soaking the carpet and padding under well. It may bubble a bit, this is normal. Let it dry completely. If there is white residue from the baking soda, don't worry, this will vacuum up. If a slight residue is left, just wipe with a clean sponge and water, after the entire procedure is done. Do not store any of this solution, dispose of any that is left.

Recipe #3: Removing cat urine from beds and upholstery is certainly a challenge. It seems that the fabric interacts with the urine so different solutions work with different furniture. I start with a natural cleaner. I found that for anything washable like the removable cushions (in the tub), and sheets and covers, the totally natural Gardens Alive House Cleaner worked wonders. Next, I use baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. If no luck with that, use the enzymes and cover the spot with plastic for at least 12 hours to let the enzymes work (they die if they dry out).

1 Blot stain immediately with paper towels, absorbing as much fluid as possible.
2 Sponge stain with cold water
3 Blot again with paper towels.
4 Mix solution of 1 tbsp. white vinegar and 2 cups warm water.
5 Dab vinegar and water solution on stain.
6 Apply a specialized stain and odor removing bacteria/enzyme cleaner, such as "Outright Pet Stain Eliminator," "Pet 'Oops' Remover," or "Stain Gobbler" if the urine odor persists; follow the manufacturer's directions. (01/29/2007)

By Cyinda


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