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Cat Scratching His Neck

My cat Kirby is about 3 yrs old. About 4 months ago he started scratching his neck until it is raw. He has been to the vet, but I didn't get any answers other than he does not have fleas or ear mites.

He is scratching so bad that he cries. I'm just to my wit ends on what to do. I have read all the blogs, but no one is giving me an answer. Is there anyone out there that can help Kirby and I? Thank you.

Barnsz from Saint Joseph, MO


Cat Scratching His Neck

I am going to say it is the same thing that my 3 cats have dry skin. Always this time of year, always the neck area only. I have a small amount of cod liver oil in a bowl, in their feeding area, and I am finding they eat their food, take a lick or two of the oil, and things improved.


For the cats with open sores; equal parts honey and cod liver oil (a teaspoon of each), mix into a smooth consistency and apply to the afflicted area. This salve has very good healing properties. A friend of mine who was a vet's assistant gave me some years ago, and it works for open sores, irritated skin problems, and it is good for their insides.

Good luck, I hope this helps. (01/05/2009)

By hedera

Cat Scratching His Neck

Change your cat's food! I cannot express this enough. If there is an allergy it is very likely the food and not only are they likely to be allergic if you are using commercial type foods it's a definite for all our pets even if they aren't showing symptoms.

The other is the dry air, but also synthetic fabrics, the carpet, bedding, everything. The soaps you use all likely have many chemicals and with all these different possibilities it's very likely a combination. This is not to mention even many products found in Health Food stores have many, many bad chemicals in them that cause all kinds of dermatitis, dust mites irritate my dog. There are tests and solutions for that as well., can give you far more detailed info on the foods and solutions best for your pet! (01/05/2009)

By Mista

Cat Scratching His Neck


If you can, try another vet. I have never seen the behaviour you've experienced in any cats I've owned. However, I am wondering if it has something to do with the cat's ears? My cat gets a buildup of wax in her ears. When massaged, the liquid wax comes out when she shakes her head. It also drained down the back of her throat from her eustachian tubes. Good luck. (01/05/2009)

By Carol in PA

Cat Scratching His Neck

My Siamese has allergies. She scratches until she bleeds, licks until she is raw. I took her to a feline dermatologist who did blood work first; then prescribed a buspirone (5 mg 1/2 tab 2x day) for her. It has no side effects, but also works well if there are peeing or behavioral issues.

She has stopped scratching and loves that I mix her pill with a teeny bit of tuna for her to take it. It's her special treat. What is good is that after a follow-up visit, my regular vet can refill her scripts. If there is no feline dermatologist near you, mention this to your vet. (01/05/2009)


Cat Scratching His Neck

FYI: Buspirone is the generic name.

Buspar is the nongeneric.
5mg - 1/2 tablet, 2x day.

It is OK to crush in a teeny bit of tuna. It may take a few weeks to see results, but it works. It is also OK to take daily regularly, as there are no other side effects. It is also great for other behavioral issues as peeing, nervousness, as well.

You can give up to 7mg daily per my vet/dermie.

My cat has suffered for many years and was misdiagnosed for many years by other vets. When we found a feline dermatologist it was amazing. Kitty is doing great! She is 13 and finally itch free. (01/05/2009)


Cat Scratching His Neck

Ask your vet if he will give you "Ovaban" for your cat. It is normally used for dogs, however several years ago I had a cat with a scratching problem which was cleared up by using that med. My neighbor now has a cat with the problem and got her vet to give her ovaban and it cleared it up for her too. She can't get small (cat size) pills anymore, but cuts the larger ones down for Muffin. (01/05/2009)

By Pat

Cat Scratching His Neck

My cat scratched until the side of his face was raw. I took him to a vet, and they took a culture. It was infected. I forgot what kind of shot they gave him, but along with the shot I also got a spray (Betagen topical spray) to use twice a day. He had to wear a cone until it was pretty much healed. Now as soon as I notice him scratching I reach for the spray to clean the area. If you would like, I could call my vet and see just what his problem was. (01/05/2009)

By Judy

Cat Scratching His Neck

Hi. Aaahh, poor little Kirby. My cat had the same problem, and it ended up that she had allergies. She would scratch herself raw and be miserable. She needed to get allergy shots, and it helped. Good luck. (01/05/2009)

By dellajo

Cat Scratching His Neck

I have worked for a veterinarian for over 27 years, I am a registered R.V.T. Please ask your veterinarian for a referral to your local veterinary dermatologist. There are veterinarians that specialize in all aspects of animal health care. Please do not consider euthanasia, as this is a condition that can be treated. Good luck. (01/05/2009)

By Sherri

Cat Scratching His Neck

One of our cats did the same thing. We had the same results with a couple of vets, too. Then I went "old time" on her. I got a dollop of Bag Balm from my grandmother and rubbed it into all the itchy spots. I think what happened with her is she itched, scratched it raw, then itched more when it started to heal. Believe it or not another thing to try is preparation H cooling Gel. I used it on our dog when he got hot spots from a flea allergy and he no longer itches.

Good luck to you and Kirby. (01/05/2009)

By Shosha

Cat Scratching His Neck

My 16 year old cat is scratching herself raw, but the location changes. I have taken her to 4 vets and so far the only recommendation has been cortizone shots. It does make her comfortable, but when it wears off she scratches again. I believe it is allergies, but can't determine what. Cortizone is not recommended for long term use, but depending on the problem, it might stop the cycle to relieve the itch temporarily. (01/09/2009)


By Callie

Cat Scratching His Neck

We had a cat for 11 years before he passed away of kidney failure, but, he too had the same problem of scratching until raw. His was always the same time of year (October through December) and always top side near the tail area. He too, never had fleas or mites and was a totally indoor cat. The vet said it was allergies and dry skin which was causing 'hot spots'.
She would give him a shot with instructions to return if it did not help. I do not know what type of shot it was, but, it always worked for him on a yearly basis. (01/28/2009)

By 1burrell

Cat Scratching His Neck

I want to thank everyone who response to my message. We finally found a vet that knew what was wrong and it was not good news Kirby has FIV, which is feline form of HIV. I had never heard of it before today. How I wish I would have known before today. I had him at vets many times and not one ever said anything about FIV or checked for it. So everybody, please have your cats checked. Thank you.

Kirby and Dave (02/02/2009)

By barnsz

Cat Scratching His Neck

My two indoor cats had scabs and missing fur. I just used antifungal cream (the generic one from Walmart, over by the pharmacy section) twice a day then once a day. They are all healed up now. (05/24/2009)

By terri t

Cat Scratching His Neck

I have the same problem and my vet said it is because of plastic food and water dishes. The plastic has a bacteria on it that doesn't really go away with washing. It only happens to cats for the most part. She has sores and is scratching like crazy. I tried the cone, but it is too big so she can't eat. I also tried this bitter spray that is meant to keep them from licking or scratching wounds. That hasn't worked yet. (05/28/2010)

By jenniferb

Cat Scratching His Neck

I have a white cat about 2 years old. Last year he started scratching his neck raw! We tried everything, checked for food allergies, steroid shots, wrapped his neck, soft claws on his nails, and Revolution. Finally, after changing vets, the only thing that worked was getting an antihistamine (we use chlorophenaramine) we bought 4mg pills (human pills) cut them in half and give him half a pill twice a day. In about a week he completely stopped scratching! The other very important thing is to get a E-collar (at PetSmart) this will help raw spots heal faster. Also, if cat has gotten an infection because of dirt getting on wounds, they need an antibiotic for 2 weeks to a month. (07/25/2010)

By kokies

RE: Cat Scratching His Neck


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