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Christmas Crafts Using Tomato Cages

Tomato Cages Christmas Crafts

The tomato cage is not just for the garden. You can create some fun Christmas crafts using them. This is a guide about Christmas crafts using tomato cages.


Solutions: Christmas Crafts Using Tomato Cages

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Tip: Tomato Cage As Outdoor Christmas Tree

These "trees" are great for apartment balconies as well. Take a tomato cage, turn it upside down, and bend the legs into the center. Wind one or two strands of Christmas lights around, securing with ordinary twist ties and voila! A Christmas Tree. You can embellish with tinsel, natural tree boughs, grape vine, berries, or whatever else your imagination can dream up. When Christmas season is over, just unwind the lights and you are ready for tomato gardening.

Used in this upside down fashion, tomato cages also make great bases for topiaries or something to put in the center of your outdoor container arrangements when you want height, since giving you something to tie the plants too. Put a sheet over it and you have a ghost for Halloween. The possibilities are endless. The nice thing about this is that you really never end up storing it and it is almost always in use.

By bestbiddy from Belleville, Ontario, Canada

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Cute Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree as a tomato cageThought you were through with your tomato cages for the year? Think again! They can be turned into very cute Christmas trees for your yard or your home. These beauties will light up your yard and are very affordable. So snatch up your tomato cages and come with me and let me show you how to put them to good use now until the tomatoes need them again in the spring.

Time to complete: One hour


  • 1 tomato cage
  • 2-3 strings of 100 mini lights
  • twist ties
  • old CDs to hang from them


Turn your tomato cage upside down and tie the legs together with a couple of twist ties or wire. Now you have your frame. Starting a the plug end of your lights at the bottom of your frame, string the lights up and down, tying with twist ties at the intersections of the round rings to hold on the lights. Add light strings as need to cover. If you have extra lights, they can be hung down the middle of your tree. The one in my picture is plain, but you can drill small holes in CDs and string with fishing line and hang them from the rings to reflect the light.

Have a bright Christmas from me to you!

By Debra Frick

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Here are questions related to Christmas Crafts Using Tomato Cages.

Question: Pattern for Tomato Cage Santa and Mrs Claus

I am searching for a pattern to make Santa and Mrs. Claus made with tomato cages. The pattern I had was from a magazine in the 90s . I lent it to someone and they did not return it to me. I hope I can find the pattern so I can make them for my grandchildren for Christmas 2013. Thank you.

By Marion

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Most Recent Answer

By Gary 'n Myra G. 1 01/01/2015

I am also looking for this pattern. It was fabric... on the cover of November 1992 Crafts n Things"

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Question: Christmas Decorations Made From Tomato Cages

How can I make a snowman with lights out of a tomato cage? Or any other Christmas decorations out of tomato cages. Anything but the garland and lights to make trees. I've done this.

Dottie from Dansville, NY

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Most Recent Answer

By cheryl (Guest Post) 12/15/2008

How about this. Purchase a white plastic table cloth. Cut about 12" off the entire length of the plastic (end) and set aside (arms). Now hot glue your ends together making a large circle. This will be the body. Take heavy card board and cut it about 3" larger than your tomato cage top. This will be the bottom of your first ball. Purchase 50 or so clear LED lights and some packing styrofoam. These will make your first 2 layers. Hot glue, "using low heat sticks" your cardboard to your cage. Then glue your plastic onto the bottom of your cardboard, make sure it's nice and smooth as you go. Once that's done you can add your packing chips and lights, I plug mine in so I can see what's going on as I go.

Fill your first layer as full as you wish and then tie it off, and wire it to the cage so it won't move. This part will be covered by the second layer. I use more packing foam along with white grocery bags and stuff and adjust the lights and fullness as I go. Take and tie this off the same as before. Arms the 12" plastic glue into a cylinder, insert a coat hanger if you want them to be movable. Now the top where the pointy wire is, pull it all together and duck tape it. Below that, insert your arms from one side to the other and find where you want them and secure them in place. Take the biggest styrofoam ball you can purchase (approx 12") cover with white plastic as well. Put hot glue on the top and push the head on. Cover 2 6" balls in white plastic for the hands. Glue ends of coat wire and push balls on. Purchase hat, garland, carrot, scarf and other decor at Dollarama. Have fun playing around until it's just right. Oh about the lights, make sure you leave the male end out the back at the bottom. Poke a hole in your seam area. I get lots of compliments on mine.

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Question: Christmas Carolers Made From Tomato Cages

Has anyone the directions for Christmas carolers made from tomato cages and sweaters?

Gamapat from Up North, WI

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Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post) 11/04/2008

Here is a project to make a santa, but you could change it into a caroler.,,DIY_13753_2268310,00.htm

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Question: Tomato Cage Santa

I am looking for a pattern to make a tomato cage Santa Claus. Does anyone know of a web site or have the pattern?

By Linda

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Most Recent Answer

By Elaine 7 31 01/16/2012

I have one Santa tomato cage pattern however, you didn't specify what you wanted to make it out of, mine is paper twist and the tomato cage is 42" so it will be a rather large Santa. Here is the picture
Thank you,

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