Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

A couple with a Christmas gift.

Deciding on a gift for a couple may require some thought to have it be something both people will enjoy. This is a guide about Christmas gift ideas for couples.


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Tip: Gift for Couples First Christmas

I get compliments everytime I give this bridle shower gift. I fill a box of christmas ornaments for the bride and grooms first Christmas. I pick out special ones that go with their personalities. I have picked out beach themed ornaments for my friends whose life revolves around the beach. It's fun to do and special for them.

By Beachers from West Covina, CA

For a great wedding or shower gift, buy Christmas ornaments on sale after the holiday. When invited to a wedding or shower, fill a basket (you can purchase one at a thrift store) and fill it with ornaments for the couple's first Christmas.

By Rose

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Question: Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

We're having a difficult time deciding on what to get two married couples for Christmas (one is older and one is young). Like most people we have limited income so I am looking for some ideas on some nice, but inexpensive gifts. I would like to give them something to share. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

By Gayla

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By Lelia Jo Cordell [51] 12/24/2009

I can't tell you what to get your friends, but I can tell you what I got the couple I know: it's called the Purrfect OpeneRx. I found it on MaxiAids.com. It's cute - it's cat-shaped, has several doo-dads for opening medicine bottles, and the end of the cat's tail is sharp for piercing blister packs. It also includes a magnet, so your friends can keep it handy by sticking it on their refrigerator. It was simple, useful, and since I included it in a web order totaling over $75, there was no charge for shipping. Without the larger order, I believe shipping might've been $1 or $1.50. Since oftentimes, even younger folks have trouble opening medicine and similar bottles, this might work.

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