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Christmas Gift Ideas for My Boyfriend

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boyfriend and girlfriend at Christmas

Sometimes choosing just the right gift for a boyfriend can be difficult. This is a guide about Christmas gift ideas for my boyfriend.



Here are questions related to Christmas Gift Ideas for My Boyfriend.

Question: Frugal Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

My boyfriend is 22 and I'm 16. We've been together for 16 months. He has a really good job and a lot of money and he plans on spending a lot of money on me for Christmas. I don't have a job since I'm still in high school, but I wanna buy him something and I don't have a lot of money. I don't wanna be a bad girlfriend and buy him something cheap and then get really good stuff from him. What should I get him?

By s2amandas2


Most Recent Answer

By Louise [7]12/01/2010

Three cheers to everyone here who gave this young lady advice regarding the age difference situation!

Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for 30 Something Boyfriend

I have known my boyfriend for 10 years. This is our first Christmas together as a couple and I have no idea what to get him. He's 31 and loves sports, but has everything he needs. I'm at a complete loss. Any suggestions?

By JerzeyGem54 from NJ


Most Recent Answer

By Suntydt [75]12/07/2010

Get him a "silly" sports gift. Or maybe get him a new item that would replace one he has used so much it is worn out (that would be past broke in).

Question: Funny Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

I am trying to find my boyfriend a funny gift for Christmas, since I already got him a cute and useful one. Any suggestions would be helpful.

By Jordyn from Torrance, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Carol Young [79]12/18/2009

At the Dollar Store they have a giant comb - its bright green and 2 ft long!

Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for the Boyfriend Who Has Everything

I have been dating my boyfriend for 14 months now. He gets everything he wants from his mom and will not tell me what he wants for Christmas. He is 16 and I am 15. He lives in Virginia and I live in North Carolina. So it is difficult to see each other. Please help. Thanks.

By Lindsey

Most Recent Answer

By Sandy Gerber [22]12/09/2010

Give him a bus ticket to come and see you.

Question: Unique Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

Help please my boyfriend is 17, I'm 15. I love him so much, but I have no idea what to get him for Christmas. I could do all the cute stuff, but I don't know. He's already got a job and therefore money and he's already gotten me a Christmas prezzie. Knowing him it's pink and fluffy, but I need help. He's into rock, Iron Maiden and stuff. His ex got him an engraved pic for his guitar and a load of his fav CDs and chocolate.

By Megan

Most Recent Answer

By tikko marie [2]11/11/2010

Tickets to a rock concert, sometimes you can get them to say Merry Christmas____. Write to Iron Maiden and get an autograph.

Question: Christmas Gift for Boyfriend Who Likes to Draw

I have a boyfriend; he is 21. He loves to draw and would like to learn how to make tattoos. I now that Christmas is almost here and I don't know what to give him for a present. Can you help me find some ideas for what to give him?

By Addy from Dublin, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]12/11/2009

Kat Von Dee is an author and I hear her book has a lot of illustrations of her tats. Also any artist can always use drawing pads, sketch books, water color pencils etc. Pull it all together in a cool portfolio style (messager) bag with some paint markers so he can show his style and stuff on the bag.

Question: Christmas Present for Boyfriend

My boyfriend is away for Christmas and New Years. So I said I would get his present to him when he comes back. The thing is, we've only been dating for a week and a half now, but I have known him for about 2 years. I have no idea what to get him, because he is so diverse. He is down to do anything! He doesn't have many hates or loves. I literally have no clue what to get him. Please help me.

By E.

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/03/2015

A week and half requires a very small gift. Chocolates. A funny mug. Bake him cookies or fudge. I wouldn't spend more than $5 - $10, certainly no more.

Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I haven't been together long, but we have been really good friends since we met. We are both 14 years young. I actually have money and I want to try to get him something for Christmas, but I have no clue what. He doesn't play video games, so that is out of the question. So I have no clue what to get him!

By Shannon B.

Most Recent Answer

By recyclerichardson12/16/2011

Gift card!

Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Long Distance Boyfriend

My boyfriend and l have been dating for 6 months now. We met in Alaska and his family recently decided to move to Texas. Since the Christmas season is right around the corner l want to find him the perfect gift. Something to remind him of me till we are together again. Any ideas?

By Danielle

Most Recent Answer

By Brooke12/15/2010

I'm in a long distance thing too. I'm making my boy a tie. Make him something memorable. You could make a little photo album of pic's of the two of you.

Question: Handmade Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

I want to make my boyfriend a creative Christmas gift and I don't know what I should make. We're both 15 and he's in all sports. We're not at the jewelry giving stage yet, so. Whatever I make him can't be fragile because I have to mail it to him. Help?

By Tyler from NE

Most Recent Answer

By Patricia Eldridge10/24/2010

You could make him a no-sew reversible fleece blanket using his favorite team colors. Here is a link to instructions on how to make one, but there are many more instructions on the internet.

Question: Meaningful Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

I have been out of work for 3 months now and I have no income. I would really like to give my boyfriend of 10 years something spiritually special for Christmas. Or I would like to do something very meaningful for him. Please help, he has been so good to me.

By Ann

Most Recent Answer

By Dena Roberts [31]12/21/2009

Do you live together? If not, you could clean his home for him...if you live together, try a really good back rub...very thoughtful, and won't cost you anything but time and love.

Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together about 2 months now. He's 14 and I have no idea what to get him. I like to bake, but I don't just want to bake something for him, that's kinda cheesy. I'm planning on making him something for a gift like a bracelet or something, but I wanted to get him something too. He won't tell me what he wants and when I ask he says he doesn't want anything except to be with me.

I know he likes to play video games and he has a PS4, but I don't know if he wants a game for Christmas. He likes 5 Finger Death Punch and and Papa Roach. He also likes Walking Dead and Futurama, but I'm stumped when it comes to gifts. I really need help, any advice will be great.

By Courtney H.

Most Recent Answer

By yplon_w12/30/2014

I've heard about shop, where you can buy star from the sky. For sure your boyfriend will be amazed with such gift. Try to find here:

Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Okay so I've been dating my boyfriend for seven months now. I have no idea what to get him for Christmas. He never says he wants anything! He doesn't play any sports, but he hunts and fishes all the time. Please help me!

By Tahya H

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/21/2014

If you are anywhere near a Cabella's, go there and look around. You can ask the clerks there for help; it is a treasurehouse for people who hunt and fish. If you are not, maybe buy some fishhooks (as I have never heard of a person who fished a lot who had too many), but see if you can get advice from someone else who fishes in your area, so that you get ones that are favorites. People can be fussy about fishhooks.

Question: Christmas Gift Idea for Boyfriend

I don't know what to get my boyfriend for Christmas and he said he already got mine. He is 14 and we have been together for about 4 months. He is the country redneck type. Help please!

By Jordan

Most Recent Answer

By Terri [6]12/18/2014

Is there a CD that he likes?

Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

He told me that whatever I get will be special to him, except I don't have money. (lol) So I need to make something. He said he already got me something. Now I'm panicking to get him something special. Help!

By Mae H.

Most Recent Answer

By Saber Alexander [9]12/09/2014

How old is he? What does he like? What things are you good at making? Baked items and the like are always a good, general choice, if you enjoy baking.

Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and 6 months. He's 15. He loves music, UFC, and food, haha (that's what he told me when I asked). I'm so stuck on what to get him and he won't cooperate with me. Please help!

By Lexi D

Most Recent Answer

By Saber Alexander [9]12/09/2014

A gift certificate for something like Amazon or iTunes isn't a bad idea. Food is a good idea, too...does he like cake or something? Cookies? Do you like to bake? If not, there are bakery items everywhere this time of year. Maybe pay a friend or neighbor to cook up something special if you're not a cook.

Good luck!

Question: Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

I'm not sure what to get my boyfriend for Christmas. By then we will have been together for just over four months. We're both 14 (although I'll be 15 by Christmas) and we've been great friends for three years. He's been asking me out since we met, but we've only been together three months.

I know he loves video games, country music (especially Joe Nichols) and movies. I'm getting him COD Advanced Warfare, and maybe a dog tag with something special engraved in it. I would love it if someone could give me some great gift ideas that would have a lot of sentimental value, but aren't too expensive. Maybe something original? Not something like cologne or a watch. Thanks in advance! :)

By Skie

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [439]11/21/2014

A nice photo of you is great. You can put it in a homemade frame and wrap it nice. Or, give him one of each of you as a kid in a double frame. Ask his parents for a shot of him that is just right to match yours. You can write something on the bottom like "Friends are the best" or something cute. I hope this helps.

Question: Christmas Gift for 16 Year Old Boyfriend

So I need a Christmas gift idea for my 16 year old boyfriend. He plays baseball in the spring, but doesn't play any sports the rest of the year. For his birthday I got him a gift certificate to Dicks Sporting Goods, so I can't really do that again. I want to get him something simple, but fun, and I'm not really into buying clothes or getting a picture of us and framing it. But I need help ! ;)

By Name

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/24/2013

What about some sort of board game that you could play together? Or tickets to a concert?

Question: Cute Christmas Present for Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I are 18. We are only two months into our relationship. He's away in the army and he's coming back for Christmas. He has gotten my present already (got it before he left), but now he comes back in three days and I'm stuck not knowing what to get him since it's going to be hard to bring it with him. Any ideas? It'll be hard to get any sporting/concert tickets on such short notice so that's out?

By Nohely

Most Recent Answer

By Jessica [7]12/20/2013

For one anniversary, I gave my husband some type of "recipe for love" jar. I bought the jar online and I could add little trinkets. But it's easy to just make your own! A mason jar cutely decorated, loving quotes or sentiments added and it's done. I found a few links online that show what it looks like and how to create:


Buy: ... ve-jar-31-days-of-love-custom-quotes

Good luck!

Question: Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

What should I get my boyfriend for Christmas? He is getting me a ring and a new hoodie, but I have no idea what I should get him.

By Haleigh

Question: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I'm having trouble deciding on a Christmas gift for my 15 year old boyfriend. Since we have only been dating for a month, I don't want to get anything too big; small but meaningful.

I was thinking about movie passes and a hoodie of his favourite colour. I know that his favourite colour is black, and he wears a lot of camo. I've seen him wear beanie type things a lot, too. I don't know that much about him, but I've known him for a while now. I would talk to him, but we live 20 minutes away and he has no phone at the moment. Please help. Thanks.

By Sydnee T. from Alberta

Question: Christmas Gift for My Boyfriend

I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 months now and need a cute, creative, but not cheesy Christmas gift.
He's 17, plays hockey, golfs, and plays Xbox. I have already gotten him cologne for his birthday and don't really want to get him anything in that category. I'm younger than him and not into giving him anything related to sexual activities haha. He's into the Blues hockey team and a little bit of football, too.

By Regan L. from St. Louis, MO

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