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The winter holiday season gives us many opportunities for festive gatherings. This guide contains Christmas party ideas.



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Question: Christmas Party Favors

Each year I am in charge of our department's christmas party. And each year I have done little table favors for each person attending (generally around 100). One year I did candy canes wrapped with a napkin around the silverware, last year I did candy canes decorated to look like reindeer. Our theme this year is Christmas Around the World. Anyone have any cute and frugal ideas?

Sheri from Modesto CA


Most Recent Answer

By Nellie (Guest Post)09/13/2006

If you have to have an ornament type of item and your theme is around the world; contact Orential Trading. They sell bulk items like the "world' ball on a keychain where you could simply hot glue a small Santa hat on it. They are fantastic with all their different selling options. Simply Google Orential Trading and it will take you right there or call

Question: Prize Ideas for a Fancy Christmas Party

I need some ideas for gifts at our Christmas fancy dress party. There will be a prize for best dressed male, best dressed female and best dressed couple. We have a reasonable amount to spend per prize so all ideas will be welcome. I'd prefer them to be unisex types of gift ideas if possible. Thanks in advance.

Jojo from Australia


Most Recent Answer

By Roslyn (Guest Post)11/21/2008

I find a bottle of wine or mineral water with even a grocery store gift card attached is a simple yet effective prize!

Question: Christmas Party Games

I am looking for ideas for Christmas party games.

By ajohng

Most Recent Answer

By Lelia Jo Cordell [51]10/14/2009

This isn't exactly a game, but we did it at a recent Christmas party at church, and it was hilarious!
Do "The 12 Days of Christmas" in teams, each team calling out their chosen day (four calling birds, for example" in the proper point as the group sings the song. It's funny how many people will forget their place, and can cause a lot of good-natured hilarity.

Question: Christmas Party Ideas

Anny ideas for a "Rockin Round the Christmas Tree" party?

By Judy from Winston-Salem, NC

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