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Cigarette Smoke Odors From Neighbors

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A very bothersome and possibly health threatening situation can develop when cigarette smoke invades your home. This guide is about cigarette smoke odors from neighbors.



Here are questions related to Cigarette Smoke Odors From Neighbors.

Question: Smoke Odors in My Apartment from Neighbors

The woman living below me is a chain smoker. She smokes one right after the other and the smell comes up through the walls and light sockets. It gets into my kitchen area and bathroom. I have to keep fans running all the time. The smell is awful. I have asthma. Is it possible to remove this bad smell?

By Rachel from WI


Most Recent Answer

By JULS [5]01/29/2011

There is something called odor eliminator gel you can buy at Home Depot or Walmart in the auto/car departments. It does a great job of getting rid of foul odor. Also, their is something at Home Depot, cigarette smoke eliminator aerosol spray. It works very well. My sympathy. Until I quite smoking 4 years ago, I had no idea how offensive smoking can be to non smokers. It's like bad b.o.!

Question: Cigarette Smoke Coming Up Through My Vents

Is there any "green" way to get rid of cigarette smoke coming out of an air conditioner vent? I live in an upstairs apt. and person below smokes and it comes thru my AC vents and I have serious sensitivity to it. I've sprayed with vinegar, used lemons, but nothing seems to help.

Rhonda from River Ridge, LA


Most Recent Answer

By Joan (Guest Post)08/26/2008

I live in an apartment upstairs too! It's the worst ever! On a hot day when you close all the windows and turn the air conditioner my whole apartment smells like Ive been chain smoking! It's horrible~ I've been complaining everyday. Management just cocked the inside of the vents to close extra cracks. And I use a hepa air filter at the same time my air is on. I'm going to try the renuzit, and keep complaining. Maybe they'll lower my rent. I shouldn't have to put up with this!

Question: Cigarette Odors Coming from the Apartment Next Door

The owners downstairs from me smoke. It seems like it is only on the weekends when I can smell the smoke in my house because that's when all of his friends are over and they all smoke like crazy. The smell is so strong, but only on the weekends. Will this smell stay in my house if its only on the weekends?

By Tracy from Berwyn, IL

Most Recent Answer

By sevanson103/09/2014

I just moved in to my apartment month ago. The guy next to my door smokes cigarette every second and the smoke comes through vent and the plumbing hole under the sink. I talked to my apartment manager. She is a smoker too. She never responds. I am still waiting response. I have sinus. I always have to argue and confront them to get things fixed, but this one I feel like I am about to give up. When I think about that I have a year to stay in my apartment I feel sick already. Please help me on what to do.

Question: Cigarette Smell Coming in Through Fireplace

I just moved in and it turns out my firebox is cracked and the guy that lives next door is a heavy smoker! He uses his fireplace as a ashtray. I have used candles and sprays and I can't seam to get the smell out. I have called the apt office and they have "fixed" the box. But the smell still is coming through. What do I do?

By Mickey g

Solutions: Cigarette Smoke Odors From Neighbors

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