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Cleaning Burnt Cookie Sheets

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Burnt Cookie Sheet

Cookie sheets can end up with burnt grease and batter stuck to the sheet after you have finished baking that batch of yummy cookies. This is a guide about cleaning burnt cookie sheets.



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Question: Burnt Cookie Sheet

Burnt Cookie SheetI have looked at a lot of burnt pan topics but I don't see what I need. My pan is not something I can boil in. I have a small toaster oven pan that seems to be double thick, not really thin. I have a black layer of burnt on ready to eat foods (fish sticks etc.) that I cannot get off.

I have tried vinegar with baking soda and peroxide and a few drops of soap and I have tried Dawn scrubber spray but it didn't work. There is a circle that is not burnt in the middle of the pan, and burnt black all around the edges. I have soaked it. I can't boil it because its a cookie sheet sort of pan. Any suggestions? I have tried the Magic Eraser (is that useful for anything) and the green scrubbie pads. I can't tell what it is. It's not coated for sure, but I imagine its aluminum.

By kristihilmoe from VA


Most Recent Answer

By kristi [1]09/15/2009

Well, I tried the oven cleaner over night in a bag, seems the pan was coated. Ate off a lot of the coating and left the gunk where the coating was still there. Grr. tried the sos pad on what was left, some came off. Now its a multi-surfaced coated/non coated/gunky pan!

Question: Burnt Insulated Cookie Sheet

I've read through the solutions for removing burned food from stainless cookware, but I have burned apple pie juice on an insulated cookie sheet, which cannot be soaked. Any suggestions, besides throwing it out?

Dee from St. Paul, MN


Most Recent Answer

By Misty (Guest Post)10/13/2008

This is a trick that my grandmother showed me. Anytime you have food stuck on or baked on a pot or pan, you fill the pot or pan with tap water as hot as you can get it, then place a drier sheet in the pot or pan, and let it sit overnight. The drier sheet will "magically" loosen any baked on food. I have tried it, and it works wonderfully.

Solutions: Cleaning Burnt Cookie Sheets

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