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Cleaning Costume Jewelry

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Cleaning Costume Jewelry

Cleaning costume jewelry sometimes requires a different approach than that used for fine jewelry. This is a guide about cleaning costume jewelry.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Costume Jewelry.

Question: Jewelry Cleaner for Costume Jewelry

Does anyone have any hints for cleaning costume jewelry? Anything special that needs to be used on sterling silver or gold?

Laverne from NE


Most Recent Answer

By Marlena (Guest Post)11/14/2007

How about a cleaner for marcasite jewelry?

Question: Cleaning Jewelry Setting

Cubic zirconia earrings.I have a pair of gorgeous cubic zirconia earrings, costume jewelry they are, though. There is one band of "diamonds" across the centers of the earrings, and a few of the settings behind the stones are tarnished. If I pry out the stones, I won't be able to set them back in, and it would be too costly to have them done professionally for only costume jewelry. Does anyone know how to get the tarnish out without removing the stones from the earrings? They are goldtone.

By Jazzmin Flower from Alta Loma, CA


Most Recent Answer

By Joan [13]06/29/2012

You can buy jewelry cleaner at WalMart and other stores. Try that and an old toothbrush. I have also heard of people using liquid dish washing soap (the kind for hand washing dishes). and an old toothbrush.

Solutions: Cleaning Costume Jewelry

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