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Cleaning Melted Plastic From a Smooth Cooktop Range

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Accidents happen and sometimes plastic containers or packaging are placed on hot smooth top ranges. This is a guide about cleaning melted plastic from a smooth cooktop range.


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October 13, 2010

A plastic bag was melted onto my glass stove top. I had been told to scrape it off with a razor, heat it back up, and even to try ice. I remembered that I had bought a bottle of Goo Gone, so I tried this let it sit on the plastic for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then I used my scraper (just a plastic one for Pampered Chef) to scrape off the plastic. It worked like a charm. I then cleaned the whole stove top with Soft Ccrub and a sponge, finished off with some glass cleaner and it look as good as new.


By shaynelinda from Pensacola, FL

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November 18, 20160 found this helpful
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A cheap rectangular clear plastic container filled with chicken noodle vegetable soup was accidentally placed on a hot ceramic burner....catastrophe!!! Soup was all over after melting bottom of container , which was cleaned up with paper towels as best we could. Huge residue all over burner and surround.

After it cooled, used goo gone twice and let sit each time.....didn't work.

Looked it up on Google for another solution.....tried WD40, 2 times and let it sit each luck

Next turned burner on high for 12 minutes and let cool. Washed residue of. This worked on center up to edge, but edges still no luck.

Next came Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaner and THE CROWN CHOICE..Non-Scratch Scourer Cloth, distributed by Open Arms Holdings, Mercer Island WA. 98040. I purchased at home Fair, used the heftier of the 2 in package, and worked.!!!

I now have a clean stove top and am no longer in despair!

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May 5, 2014

When left with just the residue of plastic on the cooktop: turn burner to maximum for 10 minutes (exhaust on for fumes), until residue turns from black to charcoal grey. After cooktop cools, wipe with a dry cloth. The residue will be nothing, but ash.

Source: Tried this after melting a plastic bag on the cooktop. Easiest cleaning ever.

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September 27, 20160 found this helpful

i had my stove 48 hrs. and melted a plastic bottle on the burner. followed the instructions above thru my tears and brand new again. Woo hoo!

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December 19, 20141 found this helpful

So my daughter tried to clean off drippings from a hot burner with a scrubbie sponge and the sponge melted right onto the burner. Will any of the solutions offered here be best to try?

By Ingrid C.

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February 28, 20160 found this helpful

Spray wd40 and wait a couple minute and wipe with clean. Soft rag

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May 15, 20161 found this helpful


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January 30, 20171 found this helpful

Oh my gosh!!! It worked. I melted a plastic bag to my flat top and nothing worked until I tried this.... Turn up the heat to high and burn the plastic until it turns gray. Then cool the stove and wipe the ashes away. No scrubbing or melting a spatula trying to scrapped it off!! This works!

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October 13, 2016

A BBQ Teflon mat was used on the glass cooktop and it melted. It was left a grey stain on it that I can't seem to be able to remove. What can I do to restore my cook top to its former glory? Julie

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January 31, 20170 found this helpful

it is said that a razor blade and WD 40 will do the trick. JUst put the WD 40 on there, let it soak a bit, then bring it up with the razor.

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February 4, 20170 found this helpful

Heat it with a blow dryer to soften it up and remove with a plastic scraper. Do it gently

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August 6, 2016

How do I remove melted plastic from a ceramic cooktop?

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August 8, 20160 found this helpful

How do I remove melted bread wrapper from my Ceramic Smooth Cooktop?

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July 18, 2008

My daughter dropped a plastic hot dog bag on my smooth top stove. I have tried the Cerama Bryte, scraping with my fingernail and nail polish remover but it did not remove it. Any suggestions on how to clean the burnt plastic from my smooth top stove?

Barbara from Cookeville, TN

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December 11, 20150 found this helpful

OH MYYYY! I am so happy I followed this advice first! I had my Breville Toaster Oven on top of my glass top and somehow the burner got turned on, unbeknownst to me, the smell brought me into the kitchen the smoke was awful and the right side of the toaster oven base and feet were melted!

I opened the doors and turned on all fans, ugh the smell. BUT it was even worse when I saw the mess on my back burner, about an inch high of melted plastic stuck on like glue. I had tried to scape it off when still warm but thought it might pop off when it got coldWRONG!!

SO I have been lamenting for a week and then decided to google the problem.

OH what rejoicing after spraying the glob with WD 40 and letting it sit a minute ALTHOUGH I could see it was breaking it up or dissolving it or something was happening. I wiped it off and reapplied for the residue, then I used goo gone as another poster had said. Now my stove is like new, no scratches and no residue. THANK YOU for posting.

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February 5, 20160 found this helpful

We did the same thing: put an electric kettle on our stovetop. It completely melted. Cleaned the mess in minutes using your technique. Worked like a charm. Our stovetop never looked better. Thanks a million! We thought we had to replace our stovetop.

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February 15, 20160 found this helpful

Heated up full till plastic turned gray. Turned off, let cool and wiped off with dry cloth. Used flat razor blade to scrape off around the edge. Plastic bread baby melted on burner, all cam off clean

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April 22, 20130 found this helpful

When a pot overbooked on my electric smooth top stove, I wiped it quickly with what I thought was a cotton dishcloth. It had some polyester in it, which I did not realize until it melted as I swiped. Now I can not get it off. I tried commercial products made for stovetop as well as baking soda, and also Barkeeper's cleanser. Any ideas?

By Eve G.

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April 29, 20130 found this helpful

Try a straight edge razor blade. Be gentle.

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July 12, 20110 found this helpful

A spatula melted on my smooth top range. How do I get the melted plastic off?


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July 14, 20110 found this helpful

I would try the razor blade window scraper.It should work.

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November 14, 20060 found this helpful

The plastic lid from a candle that I keep next to my stove was set on a hot flat top burner on my stove. I have gotten most of it off but still have a film of plastic and I am wondering how to get the rest off.

Sherry Rohmann from WI


Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

We just did this last night (melted a plastic hot dog bun bag on our flat-top ceramic stove-top). I waited until the stove cooled then with my fingers peeled the heavy layers off the stove (I was surprised at first that I was able to do this). Then I used a WD40 like lubricant & applied it to the stove-top, then with the papertowel I cleaned the area with a circular motion. It took a few minutes but I was amazed at how well it came clean. Good luck! (10/22/2006)

By Sheltons in Springboro

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April 20, 20160 found this helpful

I melted a section of a plastic cutting board on a burner, and it was a mess. I soaked cloth pads with WD-40 and left them on the burner for about 15 minutes, removed them and turned on low heat for about 30 seconds to soften the plastic. I then scraped as much of the plastic off with a razor blade at a 45 degree angle as I could. I repeated this process then scrubbled the burner with a generous amount of bar keepers friend with a plastic scrubber sponge. Amazingly, virtually all of the plastic came off. What small spots didn't were removed easily with the razor blade.

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October 7, 20100 found this helpful

I melted a plastic container on my daughter's glass cook top. How do I safely remove what is left?

By Crazy Grandma from OH


Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Turn oven on so the top gets warm, not hot. You can also use a hair dryer to help with the heating. Use a plastic plate scraper to help gently remove it.

By TandT Grandma

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September 14, 20100 found this helpful

I was cooking and a bag of cheese fell on to my stove-top. Now I have a lovely, rather large, spot of melted plastic on the flat top. What can I do to get it off? The manufacturer won't give me any suggestions because of liability. So, I would be so grateful for any from you guys! Thanks!



Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Next time you melt plastic on your appliances ie. stove, toaster, counter top, oven etc., use nail polish remover with acetone. Acetone melts plastic. (11/15/2006)

By SweetCali40

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

I tried some of the things I read here - razor blade, oil, pre-wash spray - we didn't have any of the cleaning cream - it was a brand new stove and the first thing we did was melt plastic on it! What I did was let it cool, and I picked at it a bit with my fingernails and the razor blade but that was sort of scary like I'd hurt it somehow.

What worked: I heated it up and took large wads of paper towels so I didn't burn myself. I rubbed inward as not to spread it out, and after about 5 wads I got it mostly off. There was still a thin film so I put glass cleaner (Windex like) on a clean dish towel and rubbed it with that and it came off.

Since the stove is new I found cleaning cream in the drawer - today - after the fact. I will give it a good once over. But today all is well.

Personally, I think warming it up a little (I turned it on and off to just warm it) and wiping with the paper towels and then cleaning with window cleaner and cream is the easiest way and least likely to damage the cook top.

Thanks for being here as I needed this information last night. (11/22/2006)

By Amber Allanson

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Plastic bag from tortillas (corner inch got stuck) was erroneously placed on the hot burner. Next day, I VERY gently lifted excess off with X-acto (R) knife and a plastic scraper. Then tried 4 seconds of heat, and again the same tools. Cooled it down immediately. Tried Cerama-Bryte (R) for stove-tops, but that did a minimal amount. And the stove-top was smudgy after the heat and cleaner, so I used distilled white vinegar. Between it and a fingernail, I got off the rest. Inside five-six minutes total. (02/02/2007)

By Andrea K

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

I combined several points of advice and had success within minutes with Bar Keeper's Friend Powder. A tortilla bag melted completely to my cook-top (turned on the wrong burner). I immediately logged on and searched the internet. By the time I compiled information, my cook-top was still warm.

Here's what I did:

While cook-top was still warm, I used a new razor blade and carefully scraped plastic residue. It still left the majority of the melted plastic, so I reheated the burner for another 15 seconds and started to scrape again. I couldn't get all of the plastic off. Then I added a little water to prevent scratching. No different results. So again, while still warm, I used Bar-Keeper's Friend (powder form) and a wet rag and it came off very easily and quickly. (03/17/2007)

By Joy

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Thanks for the nail polish suggestion. Worked awesome! (07/01/2007)

By A Mitchell

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Ok, I can't thank you ALL enough. For me it was a hot dog bun wrapper (also). While warm, I used the razor blade and spray bottle of water to get off the large top layer but was left with a colored film. Then, when cool, I used the acetone with NO success. Then, the WD40- and voila! That took off 99% of it and then I used my cream cleaner two full times. Thanks ALL! It seems that every plastic reacts a little different. (11/08/2007)

By Janelle

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

I put a plastic container on a hot burner today and luckily I had a razor blade. I let the burner cool then scraped off the plastic (keeping the blade as flat to the burner as I could). The cook-top looks as good as new! (11/09/2007)

By Erica

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Thank you, I was afraid to try some of the methods. I had a plastic bowl melt on my cook-top. It had cooled by the time I got home. I used WD-40 and a pampered chef scraper, took it right off. Then used my creme cleaner, looks like new. (02/01/2008)

By Cmcarol

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Thank you so much for all your tips! They have saved my bum AGAIN! My boyfriend melted a plastic lid to the top of our roommate's toaster oven. I thought we were going to have to fork out money to buy them another one. Nail polish remover and WD-40 worked like a charm. Thanks again y'all! (03/03/2008)

By Elsee

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Let it cool and then use a razor blade. Hold it as flat as possible and take your time. Thanks for the help--took the plastic right off! (03/29/2008)

By Lynda

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

I just cleaned mine with the edge of a sharp knife and laundry spot remover spray. Thanks for the idea. I couldn't find the WD40. I clean the cook top as directed with the cleaner and scratch-less pad every evening when I clean up the kitchen. It takes only a minute but that way I never start with a spill on there. It stays really nice. (Of course that was before I melted the bag on it.) I love the cook top. Just don't let any spill stay and don't cook until you wipe it off if you do have a spill. (04/22/2008)

By Kathie

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Mine was a plastic grocery bag that blew onto the hot burner. I didn't have any razor blades, but I got it off once it was cool by keeping it moist with nail polish remover (it will evaporate quickly, so put some on a paper towel and wipe it when it dries) and a sharp knife at a flat angle. (05/09/2008)

By Erin

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Great advice! My boyfriend dropped the bag of tortillas out of the microwave onto the hot burner and it instantly transferred the color from the bag onto the top. A little Windex (because I don't have anything else that was mentioned since we just moved in) worked wonders! (06/12/2008)

By erikay

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

My wife sat a hot pot on Saran Wrap and the cook top surface was melted and smelled! Thanks for the tips. I used WD-40 and a new razor blade scraper. Instant removal. Remember that WD-40 is GREAT for removing labels from any hard surface. NASA should probably be getting royalties for WD-40. THEY invented it. WD stands for Water Displacement and 40 was the 40th formula tried. (09/23/2008)

By Raleigh Resident

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

After my wife put a melted plastic coffee container on our flat stove I read this thread trying to find an answer how to clean the mess. Came back to the kitchen, determined to give WD40 a go, and first started to remove coffee with a wet sponge cloth. Suddenly, while rubbing the melted plastic mass, it's just detached itself from the surface leaving no visible traces below! Cream polish after that, put the surface in the mint condition.

Note - the surface had completely cooled when I did the cleaning. (11/18/2008)

By Cedomil

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

You guys are geniuses. Like an idiot, I tried to cook soup on my mom's stove with a PLASTIC POT. (I swear it looked like metal -- really, who has a plastic soup pot?) We let it cool down, googled "plastic burned glass stove-top," and found this site. The WD40 worked like a gosh darned charm. Thanks very much. (12/20/2008)


Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Okay, I googled this and couldn't believe there were more idiots like me; sort of refreshing I suppose. I put my lunch cooler on the stove top to move it out of the way and accidentally turned on the stove. 45 minutes later, I smelled something horrid in our kitchen and realized what had happened. When I lifted it off the stove, a big plume of black smoke went throughout the kitchen and the bottom of the thing lay stuck to the hot stove top. I will try the suggestions noted here (WD40) and see what happens. Thanks! (01/07/2009)

By Sonya in NH

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

I also melted plastic bags on my still hot cook-top. Per the suggestions, I waited until the cook-top was completely cool, peeled off any excess plastic, and used WD40 and a butter knife and was able to scrape it all off. It's as good as new now! (01/13/2009)

By Laura

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

I purchased a kit from Lowe's that had a small razor and a scrubber (for about $10) and used that. My stove looks like new! (01/13/2009)

By Lori

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Thanks for the tip! My GF accidentally set the tea kettle on top of a plastic and wire fastener from the top of a bag of coffee beans. She didn't see it, as it was dark. I smelled something, but didn't realize what had happened until this morning. The WD40 took it off both the stove-top as well as the bottom of the tea kettle in a jiffy! Thanks again! (01/20/2009)

By Flash858

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Thanks so much! My mother put a plastic lid on the still-hot burner last night. My 1st floor smelled like a Mold-A-Rama machine for at least an hour! We managed to get most of it off with a spatula and the recommended cleaner-and-scrubby. But there's still a bit left - I will try the WD-40 and see what happens! (01/28/2009)

By Winona

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

Thanks to everybody for your suggestions! I tried WD-40 and a razor blade. My melted plastic had been on the cook-top for a couple of years. We just didn't use that burner anymore.

My melted plastic must have been the worst case. It took me about 3 hours of hard scraping to remove all of the melted plastic! Unlike others who suggested using the razor at a flat angle, I found it was best to use it at around 80-85 degrees. Then, the blade would sometimes catch onto the smooth, melted plastic. My cook-top now looks almost new. Also, I found it helpful to scrape with the razor when it was almost dry of the WD-40. It made the "catching" of an edge easier.

I just went back to Sears to get a refund on a new cook-top that I just bought yesterday. My hard work saved me $673! (03/15/2009)

By Shannon57

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

An even more aggressive approach, should any of the suggested measures fail, would be a solvent-type speedy paint remover or methyl ethyl ketone. Do not get any of it on paint or plastic (duh) and ventilate the area well because the vapors are poisonous and flammable. Do not turn the stove on until all the fumes are gone. (That would also go for things like nail polish remover.) If you can take the stove or cook-top outside it would be safest. (03/19/2009)

By Red Neck

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

I guess there are a thousand renditions of this story! Mine was a Reynold's oven bag which became one with a hot burner. I scraped and scraped with a sharp razor, but could only get the biggest spots smaller. My manual described it as a "permanent damage" situation, so I came to this site. WD-40 for 10 minutes, sharp razor blade at 45 degree angle got most of it. Then acetone and razor to get the stuff I couldn't find an "edge" to. Miraculous! Thanks. I thought I saw a new glass top in my future! (04/13/2009)

By debsmiley1

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

I used a putty knife and "Goof Off." All cleaned off in a minute or two. (07/30/2009)

By twarren42

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

I just took a plastic container out of the microwave and set it on the still hot stove top, melted the bottom right off it. Here's what I did to get a lot of it up. I used a bunch of paper towels (to keep from burning my hand, I suppose you could wrap an oven mitt in paper towels) and soaked up the melted plastic into the paper towel. I got quite a bit of it. I tried reheating the element to melt what plastic was left and got a little more with the paper towels. I'll try the WD-40 and razor blades on the very very thin film of plastic that the paper towel didn't absorb. (10/22/2009)

By RevRudy

Plastic Melted on a Smooth Cooktop Range

I just did the WD40/razor blade thing. Dang! You guys are good! Worked like a charm. I would have never thought of WD40. (11/16/2009)

By cellibo

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December 16, 20050 found this helpful
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