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Cleaning Plexiglass

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Clear plastic can scratch easily when cleaning it. This guide is about cleaning plexiglass.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Plexiglass.

Question: Cleaning Plexiglass Shower Doors

What is the product that cleans plexiglass shower doors?

By Jolene


Most Recent Answer

By Elizabeth11/17/2011

Sounds strange but I use WD-40. I wash the doors and dry with an old rag. Then spray with WD 40 and they shine like new. Hope it works for you as well.

Question: Plexiglass Cleaner

I have a desk lamp that has plexiglass. What is the best cleaning method to get the sparkle back to brighten the light?

Gaab Family from USA


Most Recent Answer

By Darcy (Guest Post)02/25/2006

Find a hobby store. You can buy plastic rubbing compound or scratch remover. It works like sandpaper for plastic. I used it to restore the shine to my car headlights.

Solutions: Cleaning Plexiglass

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