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Cleaning Stained CorningWare

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A white CorningWare casserole dish.

White Corning Ware dishes can easily get stained when foods are baked in them. Get your Corning Ware looking new again with these great cleaning tips. This is a guide about cleaning stained CorningWare.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Stained CorningWare.

Question: Cleaning White CorningWare Dishes

My dishes have marks from the silverware. I tried bleach but it didn't work. What can I do? I have had them for a long time and love to keep them white. Please help.

By Angela from Clovis, CA


Most Recent Answer

By Tommi M.01/08/2014

Bar Keepers Friend.

Question: Removing Baked on Grease on Ceramic Bakeware

How do you get off cooked on grease from the new ceramic bakeware and off of Corningware bakeware? I do not use a cooking or baking spray on these, but the grease always seem to fly and bakes on the rim and the outside of the pans. I won't use the Corningware since my hubby thinks they should be spotless and I cannot get them clean!


By Mary from Hamilton, ON


Most Recent Answer

By Mary [5]02/13/2011

I tried the dishwasher soap and it worked great!

I may try some other ideas after I run out of the soap!


Question: Removing Food Stains From White CorningWare

How can I get the worn in food stains out of my White CorningWare Baking Dish.

Ruth from Harlingen, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Sarah (Guest Post)09/18/2007

I let mine soak in plain non dilluted vinegar over night.

Question: Cleaning a Porcelain Baking Pan

How do you get burned food off a porcelain baking pan?

By itsibits from Bakersfield, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Debby Tangblade [2]06/07/2009

Place a bounce dryer sheet on the burnt part add a some water and let set over night. That should remove baked on foods. I have tried this with downy liquid too and it works.

Question: Cleaning Stained CorningWare

I have some old plates with yellowing on the bottoms. I soaked in denture tabs it helped, but the stains are still there. Any ideas?

By Angela

Solutions: Cleaning Stained CorningWare

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