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Cleaning Up Pet Hair

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Cleaning Up Pet Hair

Living with furry friends can find your home filled with lots of hair, especially when they're shedding. This guide is about cleaning up pet hair.


Solutions: Cleaning Up Pet Hair

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Tip: Cleaning Up Pet Hair

Summer is almost here and so is cat shedding time. This is a tip to keep the animal hair cleaned up. Take a piece of terry cloth (I use old towels cut up) wet a good size piece, and wring it out. Wrap it around four fingers and rub it in a circular motion. Lift up after about four motions, and you will be amazed at the cat hair you have picked up. Take the hair off the rag, and do it again and again. This works on couches, cloth chair seats, bedspreads, and in the car, anywhere!

By letageraldine from Tucson, AZ

Tip: Rubber Gloves To Remove Pet Hair from Furniture

Closeup of a Golden Retriever.Put on a pair of latex gloves. Then "pet" your furniture. You will notice the pet hair rolling up under the gloves, almost into a rope. Really embedded pet hair will loosen, but it will take a little elbow grease! A bonus is that by wearing the gloves, you can remove/loosen hair wherever your hand can go. The gloves work great in on fabric car upholstery, too.

By Annelle from Pleasant Mount, PA

Tip: Removing Pet Hairs Prior to Vacuuming

Small girl holding a very large black cat.Are you a pet owner? Before you vacuum, take a damp broom and sweep over the whole area with it. You'll be happily surprised at the results. There will be less hair to clog up your cleaner!

By Monique from Somerset, UK., Weston-super-Mare

Tip: Square Pencil Erasers for Picking Up Pet Fur

I was going through my daughter's room and under her bed, when I picked up an eraser to kind of sweep a few bits of debris off the floor. It picked up fur like a dream! I used it on her carpet, as I was sitting on the floor going under her bed and sorting clothes, etc.

I would never have thought this little thing, which I have dozens of laying around, would do such a good job with dog hair on the carpet. When I was through I just rinsed it off and I will put it up for future use.

    By Robyn [369]

    Tip: Rake Your Carpet

    Kodi (German Shepherd Mix)This photo is of "Patriotic Kodi" Kodi is short for Kodiak (like the bear); Kodi was fluffy and cuddly like a big ole bear and still is. Kodi is seven years old, born August 6th; he became a family member on Valentines Day 1998. A family friend had purchased Kodi and his sister, they turned out to be too much for her to handle, so Kodi became our Sweetheart! Kodi is a hybrid breed from the Shiloh Shepherd kennels; a long haired German shepherd weighing in at 120 pounds of which is light for his breed

    P.S. Kodi has great fun tracking wild coyotes and catching tennis balls.

    My tip for the day is, with a hairy companion like Kodi hair can be a real problem for the carpet and vacuum, so before I vacuum I rake the carpet. It's wild how much hair is in the teeth of the rake, the rake is about seven inches wide. I bought it from the local hardware store for around eight dollars and I wouldn't be without it. This real outdoors rake works a lot better than a carpet rake.


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    Here are questions related to Cleaning Up Pet Hair.

    Question: What is the Best Way to Clean Pet Hair from Wood Floors?

    Is there a broom or type of broom that can adhere to pet hair? I am looking for one that can be used to pick up hair from hardwood floors?

    By Robert from Cincinnati, OH


    Most Recent Answer

    By alan julier [3]06/05/2011

    We use an attachment that easily fits on the floor head of a vacuum cleaner by way of using "Velcro" which picks up pet hairs that are stubborn, the lose ones are sucked up by the cleaner. There is also an attachment they supply for automobiles, that does a grand job on the seats and carpets. We have used a turbo vac in the past, which now resides in the local garbage tip, as we got fed up with busted turbo belts after sucking up other tangleing objects. on the net supplied the attachment at reasonable cost. Hope this helps, and good luck.

    Question: Cleaning Pet Hair From Furniture and Floors

    How do I remove pet hair from a leather sofa?

    By Debi from Pensacola, FL


    Most Recent Answer

    By alan julier [3]06/12/2011

    Rather than trying to stop your pets from shedding, which is a natural and usually unavoidable process, we should answer the question of how to clean pet hairs from furniture easily and without unnecessary work or extra expense. I have found a useful attachment called a Seat Hog, bought online from Stirt Systems, for my vacuum cleaner which, when used during my normal vacuum cleaning regime, picks up pet hairs without the need to pre-prepare my furniture with a damp cloth/sponge/rubber brush/sticky lint roller/sticky tape/pet hair brush/wire brush etc. Thus you don't have to clean your furniture twice or get your furniture wet or risk snagging the material on a wire brush to remove pet hairs.

    Good luck and good cleaning.

    Question: Controlling Pet Hair on Stairs

    Is there something I can put on the edges of my wooden open stairs to keep pet hair from falling over the sides?

    By chiefjeni


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    Archive: Cleaning Up Pet Hair

    I have a client that lets her pets roam and climb on everything. Is there an inexpensive way to clean pet hair off counters, smooth top stoves, sinks, furniture, etc.? Or any way to repel the pet hair from sticking to everything? I would really appreciate any and all advise on this. Thank you in advance.

    Janice from Illinois

    RE: Cleaning Up Pet Hair

    If you have an old Christmas stocking that's furry, it works great. My mom has a leather couch with dog fur on it. Visiting over Christmas, I just wiped up the fur with a stocking.

    A piece of craft fur or felt may do too. (02/23/2009)

    By Becca25

    RE: Cleaning Up Pet Hair

    I found a sponge at my local hardware store that is used to lift the fur and I love it, it is easy, pliable to fit into corners, and to clean it you just roll the hair off. I am sorry I do not remember the name but it is orange in color, was in the cleaning goods section, feels slightly tacky like it is a rubber type product. Hope that helps. (02/23/2009)

    By Katie

    RE: Cleaning Up Pet Hair

    I use lint rollers that let you peel the used paper off. I even use it on my cat and he loves it! (02/23/2009)

    By cliff

    RE: Cleaning Up Pet Hair

    The sponge is called Gonzo and does work really well. Another thing is to put on a pair of rubber gloves, then put some water on the gloves and run your hands over the hairy surface and it rolls off. (02/23/2009)

    By starxmn

    RE: Cleaning Up Pet Hair

    Thank You for the great suggestions. I will be trying these today when I get to my clients' homes. (02/24/2009)

    By jmz2005

    Cleaning Up Pet Hair - Fur-Zoff

    For removing pet hair from all fabrics I recommend a Fur-Zoff. It's a "green" product that only costs $9.99. A very inexpensive way to remove pet hair from all over the house. (02/25/2009)

    By Kelly