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Coordinating Different Styles of Wood Furniture

Wood Furniture

Many of us don't buy a suite of furniture for a room where all of the pieces match in style and finish. This is guide about coordinating different styles of wood furniture.



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Question: Furniture Finish to Coordinate With Black Bedroom Pieces

I have a black bed and two black nightstands. I didn't buy the dresser at the time. Now I'm shopping for a dresser. What different kinds of wood and styles can I mix with the furniture I have? Black nightstand. Black headboard.

By tx.Betty from Ft. Worth, TX

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By Holly 367 1,264 03/19/2013 Flag

If you want a black piece of furniture, and can't locate anything that will match, suggest you go to a store that sells unpainted furniture and have them paint one for you. Let them do the painting (not you) - you'll get a very professional result. Bring in a drawer (for color matching) and a photo of the style of the existing furniture on your phone. They can custom build you a piece that will look as though it came with the set.

We went this route trying to match a dresser to the bedroom furniture. I've been very happy for years with the result.

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