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Corn Toasties Recipes

Corn Meal

Finding a recipe that you had many years ago can be a challenge. This page contains corn toasties recipes.



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Question: Recipe for Corn Toasties

When I was a small child, some 40 years ago, I lived in West Seneca, New York, near Lake Erie. My mom would purchase these toaster things; they came 6 in a box, like English muffins do. I think they had corn meal in them, they were round and about the size of a piece of bread. I would toast them and slather with butter. Does anyone remember these? Do you remember what they were named? Is there a recipe for these "things"? Thanks in advance for your help!

By Barbara

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By Nina [2] 09/17/2013

Thomas' makes them, they are called Thomas' Toast-R-Cakes. Yummy. You can google it.

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