Craft Ideas Using Scrap Fabric

Scrap Fabric Pencil Holder

Fabric crafters often have a large stash of scraps in need of a project. This is a guide about craft ideas using scrap fabric.


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Making Little Fabric Bags

Small fabric bags made from fabric scraps.Are you a sewer or quilter? Do you have lots of small pieces of material left over? Don't throw them out, but recycle them. You can make fabric bags in various sizes to use for gift bags, jewelery, cosmetics and even to put your keys inside your handbag so you can spot them quickly when needed. I have made many of these little bags over the years.

Approximate Time: 30 minutes


  • piece of cotton fabric
  • string, cord, or twine
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • iron


  1. Just cut a rectangle shape any size you want, fold in the sides and iron, then fold down the top edge and iron.

  2. Slip a cord or twine under the top folded down edge.
  3. Sew along the top to encase the cord or string.
  4. Then fold bag in half with wrong side out and sew down the sides and across the bottom.
  5. Turn right side out, tie two cord ends together and you are done. See picture.

By Linn from Nova Scotia, Canada

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Fabric Grocery Bag

fabric grocery bag with contrasting strapsLay out material and cut out body of bag. With contrasting material cut out lining and straps. Fold bag, right sides together, sew sides, at bottom of bag, sew corners, 1 inch, cut off access.


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Tip: Flannelette Handkerchief

I didn't have a handkerchief or tissue handy when I needed them the other day, so I used an offcut of flannelette from sewing. It was really soft and easy on my nose, which was sore and chapped from much blowing. I shall store my bits of flannelette in the medicine cupboard for future reference now, always assuming that no-one uses them to clean or dress injuries!

    By Verity Pink [38]

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    Tip: Fabric Letters

    Fabric LettersThese DREAM alphas were made from an old shirt I liked the print too well to toss it into the "rag bag". Letters were cut from inexpensive stencils after laying a dryer sheet onto the cloth and then tracing the letter onto it (instead of onto the fabric) and stapling both parts together before stitching.

    Next, trim the stitched pieces around your marked line as close as you wish without clipping into your stitchwork. The staples are easy to remove, also they are better (in my opinion) than pins. I suggest using a double layer of the dryer sheets (.01 cent a sheet here) but they are slippery when trying to align the parts and hard to work with.

    Come up with any combination that works for you: seasonally or thematically, use names or places, let your imagination work for you!

    Source: An online craft blog but not sure what one - I look at a lot of them when I can

    By Melody_yesterday from Otterville, MO

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    Fringed Fabric Bird

    Fabric bird.Here is a fabric bird lined with a dryer sheet and fringed with beads. The photo shows the craft clockwise from start to finish. The top left shows the pattern made from a recycled greeting card, shows the dryer sheet before the bird was cut out with the fringe sewn into the the middle of the sheet (it is folded over to be double thick). The bottom left displays the finished craft.

    This takes at least 1 dryer sheet and a scrap of fabric. I folded my dryer sheet but use two sheets if you think your fabric is a little flimsy. Optional: beads, fringe, tassel.

    Trace the pattern onto the dryer sheet as pictured. You may use my pattern to make this if you like. Be super thrifty using a small piece of tape to hold the paper to the top of your screen and trace the shape directly with a pencil. You can go over the pattern lines with a darker ink or marker if you want to. The light from the computer screen makes a good lightbox for tracing patterns!

    Cut a section of fringe or other trim to fit the underbelly of the bird. Stitch it onto the dryer sheet as shown.

    Lay your fabric onto both sides of the dryer sheet and stitch all the layers together. (I handstitched mine.)

    Carefully clip the excess fabric from around the bird on the outside of the stitching.

    Optional: glitter glue the edges or over the top of the stitches and other details of the bird. For example: yellow/brownish colored beak, or maybe you want your bird to have beads for eyes, or maybe a small tuft of feather (swipe one from your duster) sewn into the birds head.

    You could use these in many ways:

    • gift topper
    • tree decoration
    • window decoration
    • whimsy for anywhere

    I think it might also look cute in the back of a pinned up hairdo, maybe fastened onto a barrette.

    By melody_yesterday from Otterville, MO

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    Tip: Coasters Made From Old Shirt

    I loved this print and really could not feel right in not making a nice little craft from it so I decided on coasters! The pattern was cut from paper left from a sheet of stickers which was high gloss and somewhat waxy so it will last a good long while.

    I made the shape of a leaf I hand drew and traced around it for a set of 6 coasters (12 total leaf shapes) They are double lined between front and back outsides with lavender scented dryer sheets (100/$1) and hand stitched. I might decide to improve on these and machine stitch them for durability later. We shall see!

    Source: frugal lessons learned

    By Melody_yesterday from Otterville, MO

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    Craft Project: Scrap Fabric Pencil Holder

    Scrap Fabric Pencil Holder Don't throw out those small pieces of fabric that are leftover from other projects. Save them for new projects, such as this cute pencil holder made from a tin can.

    Approximate Time 30 minutes


    • empty, clean tin can
    • paintbrush
    • fabric scraps
    • scissors or pinking shears
    • craft glue
    • water


    1. Mix equal parts craft glue and water. Make sure mixture is paintable, but not too thin.
    2. Cut pieces of fabric into squares with scissors or pinking shears.
    3. Decoupage the can by painting a small amount of glue mixture onto the can.
    4. Apply a fabric scrap and paint more of the mixture over the top of the fabric and smooth it out.
    5. Repeat this process, overlapping the fabric scraps so that none of the can's surface shows through.
    6. Let dry completely before using.

    By Mom of 1 from Wilkesboro, NC

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    Using Fabric Selvage Edges for Crafts

    sewing machineThis is a guide about using fabric selvage edges for crafts. When saving fabric scraps for future craft projects don't neglect the selvage edges. They can be used to make projects with a really unique appearance.


    Tip: Fabric Wrapped Flat Wood

    Fabric wrapped handle on small wooden box with rabbit motif.When I submitted my wrapped bed frame, a kind lady said she wanted to do it to her bed, but it was flat. I promised her I would submit a sample of wrapped flat wood.

    This is, of course, only a small craft project, but I think with a little work, it can still come out great. I would try it without gluing it first, and make sure you don't get frustrated and want to quit but are committed. And, for those who would like to try this, these little boxes are at Michael's and I have seen them at the dollar stores, too. Good luck!

    By Sandra from Salem, OR

    Editor's Note: Here is Sandra's original post about a fabric wrapped headboard:

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    Question: Uses for Leftover Fabric Scraps

    I have a ton of fabric pieces in fairly large sizes. I purchased a ton of them for using as clothing on my sculpture art dolls, I'll never be able to use it all up on those! I am just learning to sew on my machine. I would love to use them up in sewing projects. I have two daughters so it would be great to get some easy sewing ideas to create some fun things for them.

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    Most Recent Answer

    By roxi [4] 01/26/2010

    I like the idea of trading fabric scraps!

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    Question: Making Fabric Appliques for Craft Projects

    How do I make my own appliques, from fabric, for my sewing projects? I am trying to make them for purses, bags, etc.

    By Marilyn from SW Ontario, Canada

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Jennifer [33] 07/28/2010

    I use fusible webbing which is a paper-backed stuff you iron on the reverse side of the fabric. Once it is cool, you peel away the paper and it leaves you with an iron-on fabric which is also stablized for sewing.

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    Question: Crafts Using Fabric Scraps and Yardage

    I am looking for ideas (with instructions) for crafts and other uses for fabric (large yardage to scrap-sized pieces). Thank you and God bless.

    By Erin813 from Seffner, FL

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Erin813 [25] 01/25/2010

    Thanks so much, ladies! Your ideas are great, and it helps restart my brainstorming for a bunch of vintage fabric that was my late Mum Mum's and some of my own fabric.

    My church has a sewing group but they don't accept fabric, so thanks for the Christian site, user "Salpif"!

    To "Kffrmw8," I have a 2-year-old daughter, Taylor, a 1-year-old son, Luke, and a 2-year-old niece, Juliette who are wonderful, by the way. (You nailed that one when you said daughter and niece- how did you know? lol). I made Taylor's doll a dress before and have ideas to make dress-up clothes for the girls, but yours help a lot! ALSO, thanks for the rag rug idea, too! I didn't know it can be that simple! Thanks again! Yay!

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    Question: Scrap Fabric Craft Ideas

    Easter basket craft.Other than blankets and bags, what else can I make using old scrap fabric? Keeping in mind I am not a fancy seamstress. lol! For example, I made these Easter baskets from scrap fabric and old dishpans. I have 4 kids and they love homemade things.

    By Judith Q.

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    By melody_yesterday [228] 07/03/2012

    I have been weaving a lot of scrap & fabric cut from old clothes. I cut it the same as I would to braid it or crochet it.

    You could get rocks or buy the polished stones at the dollar type store & cover them- either hand-stitch it on or glue it. Place in pots or in garden.

    Cover some regular common ink pens with it - either sew it on or sew a tube to fit it in or glue it on.

    Try pinterest dot com for scrap fabric usage ideas.

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