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Crafts Using Pine Needles

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Pine needle bunches tied with fabric.

Pine needles can be a thrifty supply in a variety of projects. This guide contains crafts using pine needles.


Solutions: Crafts Using Pine Needles

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Tip: Repurpose Pine Needles

Use fallen pine needles to create something for your home decor. Pine needle bundles in wooden bowl with other nature decorations, such as pine cones, etc.

Approximate Time: 1 hour


  • pine needles (bunches)
  • rubber bands
  • fabric strips


Gather pine needles and rubber band bunches in the middles. Make sure to do half of the needles facing opposite directions. (See photo!) !-- Repurpose_Pine_Needles large --> Add a strip of fabric color for your decor. I like to decorate my Christmas tree with these too.

By Louella from Billings, MT

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Question: Goose Pine Needle Craft

I have seen a goose form covered in pine needles. The lady who used to make them has passed away. Does anyone know how to make them?

By Nana B.