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Decorating Plastic Headbands

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Plastic Headbands

Decorating plastic headbands can be a fun project whether it is for yourself or something you do with your kids. By attaching flowers, rhinestones, and other fun additions you can make a special occasion headband. This is a guide about decorating plastic headbands.


Solutions: Decorating Plastic Headbands

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Flower Head Band

Finished headband.

Fancy up your or your child's head band, so easy and you can make them to match that special outfit or season!

Approximate Time: 20mins

Yield: 2


  • 1 Hawaii lai from party shop ($1.62)
  • 2 plastic head bands ($2.70)
  • 1 scissors ($0)
  • 1 glue gun ($0)
  • 1 glue stick ($0)


  1. Plug in your glue gun and cut apart flower necklace
  2. Hawaiian lei.
  3. Clean off head band with soap and water, dry.
  4. Black plastic headband.
  5. Glue flowers on to head band.
  6. Gluing flowers onto headband.
  7. And there you are! Pretty to go!

By JJMaestas [3]

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