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Decorating for a Food Festival

Hamburgers being made at a food festival.

There are many fun ways to use inexpensive natural materials to decorate for a celebration. This guide is about decorating for a food festival.



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Question: International Food Festival Decoration Ideas

We are having a very large International Food Festival at school and I need some table decorating ideas - any help?

Kimmers in Wien


Best Answers

By (Guest Post)11/15/2008

You can purchase international flag cascade centerpieces for approx $4 each - place on a square mirror tile available from the Home Depot or other hardware store ( 6 tiles for approx $10). Then place cascade on top of mirror in center of tables covered with solid colour tablecloth. We also added small glass bowls with tealights in them (4 bowls for a dollar at the dollar store).

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By Linda (Guest Post)01/25/2005

How about solid tablecloths, and plants as centerpieces with small international flags stuck in them. Probably flags can be ordered fairly cheap from places like Oriental Trading, or found on the internet, colored and cut and made into flags by glueing onto skewers.

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By Reba Gayle Shurden [6]01/24/2005

Maybe you could decorate each table with a different country theme. An inexpensive plastic tablecloth to match the country's flag, any type of container filled with sand for a centerpiece-each container then filled with each country's "products". For example: Mexico-a red plastic tablecloth-a basket lined with a green cloth then filled with sand-peppers on skewers put into sand-corn cobs pushed into sand-small Mexican flags pushed into sand-maybe even an onion or two sitting on the table next to the basket! And so on, and so forth. You get the idea! Maybe you could do some less well-known countries like Norway! (I have NO IDEA what they produce! LOL)

Question: Decorating for a Mediterranean Food Festival

I need help on the decor for a Mediterranean Food Festival at a five star hotel. We have this festival happening next month, and need details on what decor is required outdoors and indoors for the festival.

By gpavankumar from Hyderabad, India


Best Answer

By Kim Churchman [3]04/23/2009

I would suggest a black olive motif. Look on or other kitchen supply place for things with pretty olive designs.

Question: Help Planning and Decorating for a College Food Festival

I want to organise a food festival on my college campus in India with the theme "The Commonwealth". I would like your help in marketing, planning, food, and decorations for the festival. Can someone please help me out?

By Ajay from Nasik, Mah

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