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Dog That Licks Too Much

Our dog is an Australian Heeler and licks us all the time. How do you stop this?

Pat from Sagle, ID


Dog That Licks Too Much

You didn't say if the dog licked himself or not. We had a golden retriever who constantly licked himself. The vet told us he was allergic and gave him cortisone shots for it. Best of luck (01/23/2006)

By Carol

Dog That Licks Too Much

I have a rescue that licks constantly. She was dumped in my backyard at about 4 mos. I'm pretty sure she was weaned too early so she needs to "suckle". She's always been that way so I let her do it. It seems to make her feel better & it's not a huge deal. She's now about 13 and still does it. Is it really a big issue? (01/23/2006)

By Me

Dog That Licks Too Much


Our dog licks the top of her paws sometimes -- not to the point where she licks the fur off. When I asked the vet about this, I was told it was allergies. She recommended rubbing the dog down with a towel before she comes in the house to remove any pollen. Also, the times when she licks constantly, I give her two allergy relief generic Benadryl capsules twice a day. Our dog weighs about 100 pounds. This was recommended by my vet. This seems to help our dog get through her allergy moments. (01/23/2006)

By mkymlp

Dog That Licks Too Much

Our Jack Russell was rescued. She had been left in a kennel for 2 weeks without food and water. It has been a year now and she has almost ceased the licking. If you petted her she would want to lick your hand and your face, because I think she was starving for love. Now she is settled in and knows she has love and is very spoiled as we have no children.

We just gently but firmly say "NO" when she starts to lick and she knows. Sometimes she can't help herself and licks my toes if I am not fast enough. Just catch the dog when it starts to lick and quickly say "No", it should help. I hope so, good luck. (01/23/2006)

By meoowmom

Dog That Licks Too Much

I trained my dog (who's now 16) when I first got her to lick my feet instead of all over my face, arms, hands, etc. Every time she started licking me I just sort of diverted her to my feet. I didn't ever scold her for licking. Pretty soon she got the hint & started licking my feet to show her affection. (01/23/2006)


Dog That Licks Too Much

I rescued 2 Heelers, one red, one blue. The blue male doesn't lick at all, but my little red female heeler is a licker. It's just her way of showing her love and devotion. I love it! Now if it was a big slobbery kiss from a St. Bernard, I might want to get it stopped, lol! (01/24/2006)

By Deb

Dog That Licks Too Much

I have heard that they are after the salt on your skin. I suggest that maybe you could see if you can find a way to give the sweetheart some way of getting salt. Such as a salt lick like they have for cattle, like a big block of salt. I am sure that part of it is that it is showing your affection, too. (01/24/2006)

By Emma

Dog That Licks Too Much

If you don't want your dog to lick your hands and arms, buy some apple bitters at your local pet store. It is harmless to the dog but it deters the dog from licking, 'mouthing', and biting you. If you spray this on items around the house that he's chewing on, he won't after he gets a taste of the bitters.

A submissive or subordinate dog will lick the mouth of an Alpha dog and if you watch puppies with their mother, you will see them licking her mouth. It's how dogs communicate. But if it bugs you, use the spray. (01/24/2006)

By Anonymous

Dog That Licks Too Much

Our vet told us to go to a pet supply store and buy a bottle of Bitter Apple Spray for that problem. It worked well for our dog. Good luck. (01/25/2006)


Dog That Licks Too Much

My MIL's trainer said it is bad manners, like jumping. I mean licking people. If they have allergies, boost up their immune system with vitamins (Shaklee has the best for absorption and no chemical additives) and go organic with your cleaning, it saved my dog's skin!

Behaviorally, he is like a mother, licks all of us, especially if he missed us. I personally don't care, I love kisses, but he responds very well to "No Lick" (saying it), and if he tries again, put up two fingers and repeat. (05/08/2006)

By camo_angels

Dog That Licks Too Much

My 4 yr. old Collie/Yellow Lab does this all of the time to people also. It doesn't bother me, I know she does it for attention; she's so big and lovable. We got her 3 yrs. ago from a no-kill-shelter and she's done this ever since we had her. I think she was abused and neglected before ending up at the shelter as she is terrified of water (even if you say the word "bath" to her) and has a triangular shaped scar on the length of her long pretty nose as if maybe someone had a muzzle on her very tight! She's a 100 lb. gentle giant! (06/17/2007)

By healthaidefrog1959

Dog That Licks Too Much

It is a salt deficiency. My dachshund is licking me all the time, and also rocks. (08/12/2007)

By mini

Dog That Licks Too Much

I had a dog that licked everything so I just sprinkled salt everywhere that he liked to lick, because Bearnie hated salt so he never licked anything except himself ever again. He never wanted it to happen again, easy peasy! Please check with your local vet because I didn't, and I don't know if it will make your dog ill. (12/29/2008)

By answergirl

Dog That Licks Too Much

We've had our adorable mutt for about a year and a month. She's been a compulsive licker ever since we first got her at 4 weeks. She doesn't lick objects as much as she licks my dad. He all together stopped petting her because of this licking problem! Whenever he reaches out to pet her she whips out her tongue and licks away.

We believe it's either because she was neglected, abused, or taken away from her mother too soon. We got her from our friend's friend who we don't know. Our dog trusts us very much and does not behave weirdly at all. The only problem is the licking. Please, if a dog technician reads this, please help! (01/21/2009)

By Sarah


Dog That Licks Too Much

I have a French bulldog who constantly licks her mouth. Her tongue hangs out of her left side of her mouth. She can't lick the front or the right side of her mouth and only eats food on the left side of the food bowl. That's not the concern though. She constantly licks the left side of her mouth and she has horrible breath.

So, when I come home from work my apartment smells like her breath, which smells like death. I've tried the liquid product to put in her water, extremely temporary solution. I've come to terms with her breath smelling, but what can I do for her to stop licking her mouth like 40 times every minute? She used to not always do this. My cream french bulldog has no problem to even compare to her licking habit. Any suggestions are appreciated. (02/20/2009)

By hmmm

help! Dog licks too much on one side


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