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Finding Replacement Bulbs for Christmas Lights

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Man With Broken Christmas Lights

Sometimes finding replacement bulbs for your Christmas lights can be a frustrating process. This is a guide about finding replacement bulbs for Christmas lights.



Here are questions related to Finding Replacement Bulbs for Christmas Lights.

Question: Replacement Bulbs for Exterior Christmas Lights

Where can I source replacement bulbs for exterior Christmas lights?

By Derek B from Waterford, Ireland


Most Recent Answer

By Pixiedust7 [7]01/06/2013

Not knowing what type of bulbs you are looking for, I'm not certain my suggestion will help you, because I don't know if the bulbs we use in the US are the same as you use in the UK. I have had good luck with bulbs and light strings from a company called 1000Bulbs. The website is They are located in Texas and I don't know if they ship internationally, but they have every kind of bulb imagineable.

It might be hard to get Christmas bulbs now, but in late summer and early fall they stock up again. Right now they are running post-Christmas sales. Have you tried the Internet to see if there is an online source in the UK that could serve you?

Question: LED Replacement Bulbs for Window Candles

Is it possible to get LED replacement lights for Christmas window candles?

By Annette from ME


Most Recent Answer

By kathleen williams [23]12/20/2009

Call places like Lowe's, good luck.

Question: Finding Replacement Christmas Tree Bulb

Where can I get the GE electric EZ white ring replacement bulb for my Christmas tree?

By Ann M.

Solutions: Finding Replacement Bulbs for Christmas Lights

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