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Fixing Cracks in Ceramic Floor Tile

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Ceramic Floor Tile

Over time ceramic tiles can become damaged and you may not have matching replacement tiles. This guide is about fixing cracks in ceramic floor tiles.



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Question: Repairing a Chipped Ceramic Tile

How do you repair ceramic tile without having to remove the whole tile? I would like to have the repaired spot look the same color.

By M. Morris


Most Recent Answer

By Brenda Norrish [1]06/09/2011

I have often done this, but I do a lot of crafts and have all the supplies on hand. It could be more difficult if you had to buy all the supplies (and buy a matching colour without having a sample to take with you). I fill the crack or chip with air-hardening clay (slightly over-filling as it does shrink a bit as it dries. When it is dry, I sand the filling level with the surface of the tile, then mix a colour to match with my acrylic artists paints. After painting (usually 2 coats, depending on the coverage), I apply a matching varnish (gloss or low sheen according to the finish on the tile).

In place of air-drying clay, you could also use another filler, whatever you have on hand.

Question: Filling Cracks in Floor Tiles

I have several ceramic floor tiles that have fine cracks and some pieces of the surface chipped off. Is there a material that I could use to fill these cracks and dents. I would like to be able to add a color to attempt to match the tile. Thanks for any advice.


Most Recent Answer

By tahlula [4]10/17/2008

You can use tile grout to fill in the cracks. Go to any good tile store and you can get grout in almost any color these days. They have these little sticks that you can check out and take home to match against your tile to find a matching color. Good luck.

Question: Repairing Cracks in Ceramic Floor Tile

How do I repair hair line cracks in ceramic floor tile?

By LaDonna B

Question: Fixing Cracks in Ceramic Floor Tile

I have hair line cracks in ceramic floor tile that I need to fix, as I do not have any tile for replacement. Any suggestions?


Question: Repairing Cracked Bathroom Floor Tiles

I have cracks in my 12 inch bathroom floor tiles. It started as barely noticeable hairlines cracks, but they appear to be getting wider. Without replacing the tiles, is there a filler available that will match the white tiles?

By Tim S. from Lawrenceville, GA

Solutions: Fixing Cracks in Ceramic Floor Tile

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