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Freezing Chicken Salad

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Chicken Salad

Your success with freezing chicken salad will depend on the ingredients. This is a guide about freezing chicken salad.



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Question: Freezing Chicken Salad

Can you freeze chicken salad bought at Sam's?

By Joanie from Spring Branch, TX

Best Answers

By Anonymous02/08/2011

You can but you'll need to drain the small amount of watery fluid caused from the mayo after it's thawed and add a little fresh mayo to remoisture and reflavor.

Best Answers

By OliveOyl02/08/2011

I've never tried freezing salads containing mayonnaise. I don't know how it will look when it's thawed as the mayo may separate and the celery may go soggy or mushy.

Solutions: Freezing Chicken Salad

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