Freezing Fudge

Freezing Fudge

Freezing your homemade fudge can be very helpful, especially around the holidays when you are doing a lot of cooking in advance. This is a guide about freezing fudge.



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Question: Freezing Fudge

Is it OK to put fudge in the freezer?

By Sheryl from Springville, UT

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By Dena Roberts [35] 12/23/2009

My son's girlfriend freezes hers all the time. It tastes and looks fine when thawed. She wraps it in cling wrap, then in foil, then in a freezer bag with all the air sucked out.

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By cettina [78] 12/24/2009

I've been freezing my fudge for years. I have so much to do at Christmas time, that I make my fudge and mince (sweet) pies in October and open freeze them on a tray till hard, then store securely in plastic bags or plastic containers which have tightly sealing lids, depending on what I have available. I've never ever had a problem, and they taste as if I have just made them.

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How soon can I make fudge to freeze for Christmas?

Sabrina from Council, NC

RE: Freezing Fudge

I made mine last week and put it in Rubber Maid containers. I'll get a little out for Thanksgiving and the rest for Christmas. I do it this way every year. (11/21/2008)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Freezing Fudge

My sister-in-law starts her Christmas fudge right after Thanksgiving. (11/23/2008)