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Garage Door Remote Opener Not Working

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Garage Door Remote Opener

You press the button and your garage remote doesn't work. This is a frustrating situation and one that is not always easy to diagnose. This is a guide about garage door remote opener not working.


Here are questions related to Garage Door Remote Opener Not Working.

Question: Garage Door Opener Remote Trouble

My Craftsman door remote will not open the garage door from any distance other than 4 feet. The door operates fine with the manual wall switch. It just doesn't work with the remote, if you are farther than 4 feet from it.

By Ken D.

Question: Garage Door Remote Timing Out

My Craftsman model 139.53673SRT3 garage door opener was working 100%, but recently developed an unusual problem. The remote works correctly, except it will not work while the unit lamp is on. Once the 4.5 minutes have timed out the remote works perfectly. So when I open the garage door with the remote, I have to wait the 4.5 minutes to close the door with the remote. Any suggestions?

By Jim Z

Question: Remote Garage Door Opener Won't Close Door

My remote will open the door, but it will not close it. Also, the wall switch must be held down to close the door.

By Leon from Oneonta, NY

Question: Hand Remote Won't Close Garage Door

I can open the garage door with the hand remote, but when I come to close it with the hand remote, it does not work. I can only close it from the inside of the garage with the controls on the wall. How can I figure out what is wrong? My model is 182665 1/2 HP Whisper Drive.

By Diane

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/09/2014

Check to see if your remote has a battery. If it does, it may need replacing.

Question: Garage Opener Remote Not Working

I bought a new garage opener remote and I set it up, but it doesn't work.

By Roger from St. Charles, MO

Most Recent Answer

By Carol L Craig [17]11/03/2014

You have to open the new remote up and see what numbers they have it coded. Write them down. Then you have to get on a ladder and go to the part of the garage door opener that is on the ceiling on the inside of your garage.

Take the cover off and make sure that it is coded the same exact numbers as your remote is coded. When both parts (the remote and the interior of your garage) are coded the same numbers it should work.

Question: Remote Won't Close Garage Door

I have followed the instructions in programming the remote. It works to open the door, but not to close the door. Help!

By Ben

Question: Hand Held Garage Door Opener Not Working

I recently bought and installed a keypad garage door opener. It works fine, however my hand held now does not work. When I reprogram it, it renders the keypad useless. How can I program both to work?

By Dave B from Columbus, OH

Question: Garage Door Remotes Stopped Working

I have a Craftsman remote control garage door opener. The are 4 remotes (one for each car + the keypad remote fastened to the outside of garage frame). All four stopped working on the same day.

I replaced the batteries and when I try to program my remote controls the circuit board does not accept any of the remotes. I installed two new boards, both with the same results. The direct wired push button inside the garage always works, but none of the remotes do. Can someone "zap" the remotes like a neighbor with a grudge to cancel them out? I have not replaced the remotes, but I think that should be my next step. It's kind of weird that all four remotes stop working on the same day and the new control boards offer no help.

By Troy

Most Recent Answer

By john l09/30/2014

Turn off your router on your computer you might be getting noise thats interfearing with the programing.

Question: Sears Garage Door Remote Won't Open Door

I have a double garage, each with a 2003 Sears opener. Prior to going away for 9 months, both remotes worked on the doors. Now, I cannot get one of the remotes to work on the second door. I tried both remotes on the one door and I am able to get both to function on one door. However, I cannot get either to function on the second door. The door functions manually, but not with the remote. Any suggestions? Thanks.

By John from Memramcook, New Brunswick, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Matthew M.08/16/2013

I found that the issue was resolved by reprogramming both remotes based on the manufacturers instructions. On my Sears model, the instructions are listed on the transmitter (the door motor). It is a little confusing because the instructions seemed to imply that you should hold both remote buttons at the same time, but this is not the case. Instead, you hold the "learner" (the one on the motor) button until it flashes and then release, then hold the transmitter button (the one on the remote) until the garage light flashes. After doing this for both of my remotes, both ended up working.

Question: Trouble Reprogramming Craftsman Garage Door Remotes

I have a Craftsman remote control garage door opener. I replaced the battery and when I try to program my remote controls I can only program one remote. Prior to changing the battery both remote controls worked.

I have followed the instructions to reprogram the remote, but I am only able to reprogram one remote. Both remotes where working okay before I changed the battery, but I can't get both remotes to work now. There does not seem to be a problem with the remotes, because I have programed each one of them separately and it works. I just can't get both to work as they did before the battery change. Does anyone have any advise on this issue?

By Chuck

Most Recent Answer

By john l09/30/2014

I had same problem with my remotes I could get one to program but I couldn't get them all to program. So I thought maybe I'm getting some noise or something from another electronic device that's causing interference so the first thing I thought of was my wifi on my computer. So I decided to turn it off and try to program the remotes. They all programed fine.

Question: Remote Garage Door Opener Not Working

I have a Sears garage door and after setting the car remote opener the hand held does not work. The second garage opens with both (the car and the hand held). How can I reprogram without canceling the car controlled opener? Thanks for your help.

By Gotta Fixit from NY

Most Recent Answer

By Ce [4]10/25/2009

You must reprogram your hand held remote. First get the car out of the garage. Then get a ladder and position it under the motor of the garage door opener. There should be a little black button on the motor which is the learn button. It may be near the light bulb or on the side or back of the motor. After you locate the learn button push it in and while the light above the learn button is blinking point and press the button on your hand held remote. Once the light stops blinking (on the learn button) your hand held opener should work.

Solutions: Garage Door Remote Opener Not Working

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