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Getting Dough to Rise

Rising Dough

An important step in baking breads, rolls, and other recipes using yeast dough, it letting the dough rise. This is a guide about getting dough to rise.


Solutions: Getting Dough to Rise

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Tip: Rising Bread Dough Before Baking

Yeast needs warmth to grow. When baking yeast breads, begin with a warm (not hot) loaf pan. Before putting in the dough, either set the pan in the sun, place it on range with oven on "warm" underneath, or run hot water over the pan until it is warm to the touch, then dry the pan.

This will prevent the yeast from stalling the rising process.

By judijo19 from Southern California

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Tip: Getting Dough to Rise Quickly

I needed a quick way to get my dough to rise and I thought why not use a heating pad? I plugged it in, turned it on and checked to make sure it was not too hot. Make sure you cover the dough with either a damp towel or Saran Wrap. It only took about 30 minutes for regular yeast, that is the only way I do it now.

    By Diana L. Berger A. [5]

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    Tip: Let Dough Rise on Top of the TV

    You can put dough on top of the TV to help it rise. If the TV has been on for a while it is an effective heat source.

    By TF

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    Question: Where do you put frozen bread at to rise?

    Where do you put frozen bread at to rise? Last time, I cracked the oven door and sat the rising bread on the stove top with a big towel over it and it did its rising very well. The bad thing is when I moved it from the stove top to inside the oven, all of the bread fell, and cooked hard as a rock. So I was wondering where ya'll put your bread at to rise.

    Suzi from Central TX

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    By Carol Churchill 18 116 08/07/2006 Flag

    I put mine in my car and park in the sun! It always works.

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