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Getting Rid of Centipedes Inside Your Home

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While you may be fine with centipedes outside in your garden, things change when they venture inside. This is a guide about getting rid of centipedes inside your home.



Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Centipedes Inside Your Home.

Question: Getting Rid of Centipedes

What do centipedes hate?

By 1visionn from NJ


Most Recent Answer

By garnet910/08/2013

You need a de-humidifier not a humidifier to get rid of moisture.

Question: Getting Rid of Centipedes in My Apartment

Centipedes love my bathroom and the closet near it. How can I get rid of them? Do they bite? They seem to come out at night and when the lights are out in the bathroom and closet. There is nothing worse when you're brushing your teeth or hair and you see this weird thing reflecting in your mirror. Then you turn around, take your shoe off and softly squish. If you miss they run fast. Shoes were not meant for that so I use Clorox wipes for my shoes underneath. Then clean like crazy. I live in a 1920's building with lots of wood and holes here and there. I am not sure what to use to seal them up. I'll have to let my landlord know soon. I always make sure before I'm in the shower to check for these nasty things. I freak out every time I see them.

By Amy C


Most Recent Answer

By garnet910/08/2013

Dehumidifiers get rid of moisture - humidifiers add moisture. So you actually want to get a dehumidifier.

Question: Getting Rid of Centipedes Inside Naturally

I need a home remedy to get rid of centipedes. I found one in my house and I have a cat and don't want to put anything chemical out that might hurt the cat. Any suggestions as to what I can use to get rid of centipedes?

By Connie

Most Recent Answer

By stephany robinson06/21/2015

Diatomaceous Earth is a great way to get rid of any bug. You have the option of buying the food grade so if you place it somewhere that someone (your child or your pet) might get it in their mouth, it will not hurt them. It is effective on all kinds of bugs which means it will work on ants, bugs, beetles, crickets, centipedes, roaches, spiders and more. It dehydrates bugs. However it does not work fast, it will take some time. I cannot tell you exactly how long. I watched a roach get into it and it slowed him down but did not kill him instantly. Afterwards I found a roach dehydrated and dead. So diatomaceous earth is what I would suggest for someone who wants to kill bugs naturally or for someone who has a pet. It is available at any hardware store or online and is very affordable, 1lb food grade diatomaceous earth for $9.99.

Question: Natural Remedy For Centipedes

How do you get rid of centipedes in one's home?

By Nadine from Canonsburg, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Beth R.06/18/2014

Diatomaceous earth in finely powdered form is a lung irritant. Please keep it outside. Sprinkle around your foundation, door step, and windows if they don't open or if you don't use a fan. Borax is also natural, but a larger particulate in powder form. It can also irritate if inhaled, but it works. Also if you keep it out of high traffic areas & use a good vacuum, it should not bother you.

Question: Ridding Home of Centipedes

I would like to know how to get rid of centipedes in my house.

By Sheila

Most Recent Answer

By Linda Smith07/23/2013

I was hoping someone had answered as I'm seeing them in my house too. I'm told there are harmless and to kill them and sweep them up but there must be something else I can

Question: Centipedes in the Bathtub

Help, I have centipedes in my bathtub and would like to know how to get rid of them. All help will be appreciated.

Nan in Northwest Iowa

Most Recent Answer

By jeff tucker08/02/2004

first, caulk everything: tub, walls, cabinets and floor. next use a pyrethrum based insecticide like home defense, around all openings, both inside and outside house.

Question: Getting Rid of Centipedes

I am from Holland but I have been living on Curacoa for a year now. My apartment downstairs was broken into three months ago. So I moved upstairs because it is harder to break into that apartment. When I moved upstairs my apartment was crawling with centipedes. Some were as big as 20 cm. I have had pest control spray my entire house now 4 times. But they kept coming back.

I found a few in my bed. While I was taking a shower last time, a big one came out to run around my legs. To be honest I am absolutly terrifed of them. I have not been able to sleep or take a normal relaxing shower for three months now. I haven't see any centipedes since they sprayed last time, but that was only a few days ago. I lost trust that they are actually gone. Is there any way to make sure that my house is actually centipede free? Because I really need a good night of sleep. Thanks a lot!

By Rose

Question: Getting Rid of Centipedes in the Apartment

I recently moved to the first floor of the house I live in. Every single night I'm killing a centipede on my ceiling or wall! It's absolutely disgusting. I can't even sleep in my bedroom. I never had this problem when I lived upstairs. I've covered the holes that I've thought they were coming from but it hasn't worked! I don't know what else to do. Help!

By T.M

Question: Getting Rid of Centipedes

I have begun to find more and more centipedes in my basement since last summer. How can I get rid of them? I have pets, so I need a safe method.

By Dana

Solutions: Getting Rid of Centipedes Inside Your Home

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Archive: Natural Remedy For Centipedes

Does anyone have a natural solution for getting rid of centipedes? I live in a first floor duplex and have been noticing more of them in the cold weather.

Chicago-girl from Chicago

RE: Natural Remedy For Centipedes

I shouldn't have looked this up so close to bedtime:

Some more natural ones on the right sidebar. (10/07/2008)

By Kaelle

RE: Natural Remedy For Centipedes

For indoors try placing mice glue boards along the base boards, behind furniture, and on either side of entryways. This will help. Check seals on all doors leading outside for gaps. Check windows also for any cracks. You can seal these fairly cheaply and save on heating and cooling bills to boot. If you have mulch or high grass around the foundation that is where they tend to come from as other insects live there. Cut the grass low and move the mulch 6 inches from the foundation it will help.

Kevin K., Certified Applicator in the state of Texas (10/09/2008)

By Kevin K

RE: Natural Remedy For Centipedes

Try borax, I have them as well. I have borax under my dishwasher and behind my stove. I haven't seen any since. I live in the city around mulch which is under my steps going outside. So try it and let me know if it helps you any. (10/13/2008)

By Sue

RE: Natural Remedy For Centipedes

What I use for ants is powdered cayenne pepper. I sprinkle it outside the house where they come in and also inside. I used the very strong BTU cayenne. A lot of health food stores carry the higher BTU cayenne. (10/16/2008)

By Suzann

Archive: Natural Remedy For Centipedes

I need a natural repellent for house centipedes. They come from my basement up my kitchen walls. Creepy. I hate to spray insecticide near food.

By Lynnski from RI

RE: Natural Remedy For Centipedes

When I had centipedes (a lot of them), I called an entomologist (bug guy) at the university. He said the only effective way to get rid of centipedes (as opposed to continually killing them) is to get rid of "sow bugs". Evidently, sow bugs are the only thing centipedes eat, and centipedes will only come into your house if you have sow bugs. (Sow bugs, I think, are small, oval-shaped, somewhat furry looking bugs that primary set up housekeeping in the basement or around foundation of the house.)

Get rid of the sow bugs, and you'll get rid of the centipedes. Sow bugs love and need moisture, so the guy told me to keep my basement as dry as possible and don't leave damp laundry lying around. He recommended that I get a dehumidifier and run it (in basement) pretty much constantly during the wet and humid season. He said I could caulk cracks in the houses foundation, but that centipedes could get in the tiniest of cracks.

This whole sow bug/dehumidifier advice all seemed unlikely to me, but I did it anyway. It totally worked! I rarely see a centipede anymore, usually only when I forget to run the dehumidifier. Yes, it was an expense, but living centipede-free is worth it. Hope this helps. (05/19/2010)

By Anonymous