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Getting Rid of Fire Ants

Fire Ants

Fire ants are not only annoying when they invade your home or yard, but their bite is also very painful to humans and their pets. This is a guide about getting rid of fire ants.



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Tip: Coffee Grounds for Fire Ants

To kill those pesky fire ants use coffee grounds. Don't throw away those used coffee grounds after you perk that pot. Place in a plastic bag and save them. When you find a hill of ants in your yard place them on top and around the hill. Within a few hours the hill will be filled with dead ants.

Take the grounds on camping trips or other family outings. You never know when you may need them. This really works, I have seen it with my own eyes.

By Libby

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Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Fire Ants.

Question: Fire Ants!

We are having a terrible time with fire ants this year. I don't want to use anything harmful to children or pets. Does anyone have any good way to get rid of them?

By Angie

Most Recent Answer

By cj0612/15/2009

2 things that I did when we lived in Mississippi ,

1) take a shovel full of ants from 1 mound and put it on a different mound , i was told that the ants from different
mounds don't like each other and will kill each other after 5 years living there Mississippi still has fire ants!

2) take a metal rod ( 1/2 inch or bigger in diameter) 3-4 feet long and drive it in the middle of the mound all the way (the full 3-4 feet ) wiggle around to make a bigger hole , then pull it out and pour gas down the hole.

Question: Getting Rid of Fire Ants

To kill fire ants, boil a pot of water and pour it on your garden bed. The water will kills them instantly and they will not return. The bigger the pot the better.

Source: My grandmother

By Sue from Blanket, TX

Most Recent Answer

By LARRY FLUITT05/12/2010

This way will be the most hazardous way to kill fire ants too. Trying to get 8 pounds or more of boiling water to the ant bed while it is still hot enough to kill the ants and not splashing it onto your arm or slipping and spilling the contents on yourself. The other thing it will do, which is not good for the garden, is to sterilize the ground / soil where it is poor along with killing any vegetation it splashes on.

Question: Getting Rid of Fire Ants

My mother has a severe problem with fire ants. Lots of things have been tried, but they just seem to move. They are everywhere on her property from trees, to grass, to shrubs, and they are starting to get in my niece's sandbox. Any help would be great.

By Lisa

Most Recent Answer

By julie09/14/2011

Corn meal. It's cheap and kills the whole family including the queen. It's safe for animals and kids. They can't digest it and they die. It takes a couple of weeks but soon you will see a lot fewer ants.

Question: Getting Rid of Fire Ants

I would like to know a good way to get rid of fire ants.

By Marie W.

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie05/20/2013

I used uncooked grits when I lived in AL, FL, and GA from 1982-2010 (I live in the UK now). I sprinkled a good handful atop the mound, repeated if it rained.

It didn't really kill so much as drive the swarm out of my yard-they'd move the mound ten or 15 feet away, I'd sprinkle more uncooked grits; they'd move, I'd sprinkle...until they moved right out of the entire half acre of lawn and garden.

Another thing you can do is contact your local co-operative extension office or find their webpages online. The online pages will have lots of information on how to handle fire ants in your specific area.

Not as cheap as grits, or the cornmeal suggestion posted by the previous poster, though:)