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Getting Rid of Flies Outside


We have a terrible problem with flies on the front porch. We tried hanging a large bug zapper, 2 fly strips, and 2 basil plants. The flies are still there. What can I do to make them go away for good? We have this problem every summer.

By Bobbi J. from Burlinton, NJ


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By Joan 13 1,482 06/17/2012

A long time ago when I was a little kid, my parents had the same problem. The porch faced south and they always figured that the flies congregated under the ceiling of the porch because of the shade that it offered. Nothing helped until they screened the porch in, and things got even better a few years later when they completely enclosed the porch.

Back then the only solutions were those sticky strips, and spraying. When we were going to have expected company, my mother would go to the barn and get a hand sprayer that was filled with good, old fashioned spray that was used to spray the milking area right before milking - that is no longer legal.

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By Louise B. 6 2,541 06/19/2012

I agree with the previous poster. The only really good solution is to screen in the porch, or a part of it that can become your sitting area. Within the screened in area, you can put your bug zapper or the fly strips. If you are near a fly breeding ground such as a farm, there is no way to keep flies away. There is virtually an unlimited supply of them. You could try the Off Lamps that repel mosquitoes, but I do not believe that they work for flies. Some people swear by the penny in the plastic bag of water hanging up, and I suppose you could try that. However, I think screen is your best bet.

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By mary 6 35 06/19/2012

I have read about this cure, and she says it really works altho I have not tried it, but it might be worth a try. Fill a large ziplock bag with water and hang it near the door. She said they see a reflection or something and will leave.
Let us all know if it really works.

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By linda 61 72 06/19/2012

Simple to at least try this tip I heard, flies hate prism lights their eyes can`t deal with it, hang up shiny cds at point of entry or a clear platic bag of water with pennies in it, the sun reflects all these items. Linda H. Bellevue, N.E

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By Tonya 4 130 06/19/2012

I have heard the same thing that gardendreamer suggested. Only I heard that you put pennies in the bag of water. My neighbor has 5-6 small baggies with approx. 1 cup of water and 10 pennies in each baggie. She has them stapled going down the outside door frame of her enclosed sun room. She says it really works that she never has a problem with flies.

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By Carol Swanson 36 214 06/25/2012

Try to think of what is attracting the flies. Are they hatching in a dead mouse under the porch? Are you eating food on your porch? Once you remove their source of food they will no longer be attracted to the area.

I have always liked Yard Guard sprayed around outside before I sat out.

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