Getting Rid of Rats Inside Your House

Controlling a rat infestation of your home can be unpleasant. This is a guide about getting rid of rats inside your house.

Getting Rid of Rats
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I need help getting rid of rats. Any suggestions?

By Dar from Luling, TX

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In our area up here in Saskatchewan, we have a rat control officer/ pest control officer who will come and help you deal with the rat problem. They give advice on getting rid of them, and on clean up to avoid further infestations. I believe they provide the proper poison. If you have a rat infestation, I don't think you should be fooling around with humane traps. And if you don't know what you are doing with poison, it is not something to use. You may end up with a rotting rat in your house, and then you will have additional problems. Or you may end up poisoning pets and possibly, children. If you have a lot of rats, I think you should call in a professional.

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I have a real problem. There was construction in a wooded site near my home and now I seem to be infested with rats who have nested under a shed in my backyard. I have 2 little dogs and another medium sized dog. I don't want to use rat poison to get rid of them. I am fearful the dogs will get into it and be affected by the poison. Can anyone help with a way to rid my yard of these rodents. I would appreciate any help.

By Phyllis from Bay Shore, NY

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Go to a farm supply store and get some 'Ramik' bars. The rats will eat them and they will dehydrate and die. When you find them dead, they are flat as pancakes and don't blow up like they do with D'Con.

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To get rid of rats, leave out a dish of carbonated soda. Rats cannot expel gas.

By Laura

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Will the peppermint oil work on rats as well as mice?

By Ramona C.

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If you have rats, I think you should get an exterminator.

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I would like to know if borax is used to kill rats? If not what do you all recommend?

By Linda M. from San Antonio, TX

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Borax can be used to kill ants. It is poisonous, but I am sure the rats won't eat it. I would call an exterminator; where there is one rat, there are usually dozens. You could try trapping it with rat traps; you can likely get these at a hardware store.

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I live in an old Victorian house. Now that it is getting cooler rats have become a problem. I have a big Pit Bull that is sweet to people, but hates cats, so the obvious solution is out. And poison is out because of my dog as well. What are my options? These rats have got to go!

By P A from Point Richmond, CA


Getting Rid of Rats

After catching an episode one of the show "Verminators" I think I would call a professional. It was an older, possibly Victorian home, and they chewed through the wiring and caused several fires in the attic. Seems like nothing to mess around with. They used traps, mostly as the homeowners were vegans. (10/22/2009)

By Kaelle

Getting Rid of Rats

Please do not waste your money on those Riddex things that you plug into the wall. They don't work! I haven't had rats or mice in years. I use the same thing my mother always used. Take some Coca-Cola Classic and pour in mayonnaise lids and put underneath your cabinet sink and around in the kitchen and bathroom. This works and there is a reason why it does so well. When you down a Coke, what's the 1st thing you feel like doing? You burp. Well, rats and mice don't have the capacity to burp or pass gas so after they drink the Coke it creates gas in their stomachs, and their insides explode. I hope this helps.

Beverly (Havana, AR) (10/25/2009)

By fritzbaby2000

Getting Rid of Rats

If you can get a large amount of rosemary from the bulk food section of a store take and burn it in a frying pan. Take the burnt rosemary and put in your crawl spaces, etc. Rodents hate the odor and will leave. People did this during the middle ages because of the plague that was spread by the fleas on the rats. Coke and Alka Seltzer also work as, safe for pets and children, poisons.

You can also make a very effective trap out of a five gallon bucket, two small boards, and some heavy duty plastic wrap. Tightly cover the top of the bucket with plastic wrap, cut a slit in the middle. Put some peanut butter or cat food in the bucket, then put the bucket where you see the most rats, and put the two boards on either side of like a ramp. Being careful that they go only to the edge of the bucket so the rats have to walk on the plastic wrap they will fall into the bucket and be trapped.

From here you can either drown them in the bucket or the most humane method would be to put the bucket inside a large black garbage sack, tie it around your car's tail pipe and run for ten minutes or so. This will put them to "sleep" from carbon monoxide poisoning and they will have a painless death. I have lived for many years in a big Victorian ranch house and we get lots of mice and field rats and this is what I do. Also set rat traps (bigger than mouse traps) in places your dog can't get to them close to walls, under furniture, the sink, etc. Check at least twice a day and reset. You should get rid of most of your problem. (10/26/2009)

By tigra

Getting Rid of Rats

I just got rid of four "rats" at our Victorian house. Ours were not really rats, but huge beefed up mice. We had set several mouse traps and they would set them off and get the food, but not get trapped. Finally we set a live trap and caught two at the same time. However, by the time I got my husband to dispose of them one had died (heart failure?) and the other had figured out how to escape. So we could see that we were dealing with intelligent large mice.

Finally I bought a rat trap. Houdini mouse actually threw a sock on the trap and got the food. A friend of ours who is in extermination told me to put a mixture of cornmeal and sugar all over the trap and the mouse would try to get every speck of it. It worked. We have caught four mice, all very large, as big as rats, but without the rat look. I think now I will put out the smaller traps again and see if there are any regular mice lurking around. (02/17/2010)

By titus2moma

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Could someone help with advice on how to get rid of rats? A friend has rats that she cannot get rid of and now Mrs. Rat has had eight little baby rats! My friend also has dogs so the advice needs to be pet safe.

Thank you! Kind regards,
Carol from Pretoria SA


Getting Rid of Rats

Dry plaster of paris in a small dish with a couple of drops of vanilla essence underneath to attract the rats. They will (in theory) be attracted by the smell of the vanilla essence and eat the dry powder mix of plaster of paris. Upon becoming thirsty they will go for a drink of water, setting the plaster of paris rock hard in their digestive system and as a result kill them. Simple and cheap! (09/01/2006)

By Randy Rhoads

Getting Rid of Rats

Traps in a box...

I know a mouse trap can fit into the average shoe box, but you may need something larger for a rat. But place a rat-trap in a box with a hole big enough for a rat, but not a dog. If the box is accessible, you may wish to affix the trap on the backside of the box so that the dog can not even reach into the box far enough to trip the trap.

You can attach the trap by putting two small holes in it rather close together and then put two holes in the box (that match) and use a twist-tie to bind it. (09/01/2006)

By Qryztufre

Getting Rid of Rats

Please consider using humane traps. They are easily found on the internet. Your local humane society, vet, or animal control office may have them available for you to borrow. (09/01/2006)

Getting Rid of Rats

For our home and my husband's shop, we use "Just One Bite Bars" (or packets-you don't have to handle). These ARE NOT pet friendly, but we use them in our attic and never have rats. They are named just one bite because that's all it takes. It makes them hemorrhage. Be sure to use gloves to handle the bars as you put them out or get the packets and you won't have to handle them. I buy this product at our local farm and garden store. Just keep it in the attic away from your pets. It will take care of your problem. (09/01/2006)

By mona lisa

Getting Rid of Rats

Carol, my way is to use Tumble- Dryer Fabric Conditioner Sheets! Odd as it sounds, these impregnated sheets if placed in the runs and nesting sites of vermin will cause them to turn tail and disappear for about six months when you should repeat the process. Don't ask me how or why, it just seems to work, without harming anyone. (09/01/2006)

By Alan24

Getting Rid of Rats

Cats?? (09/04/2006)

By aardvark

Getting Rid of Rats

My husband was told to use peppermint oil, you soak cotton balls in it and place in any crawl spaces, attics, opens. We heard that rats hate the smell and will move out . We just did this a couple of days ago and will know soon if it really works. Wish us luck, I hate rats. (11/04/2006)

By cindy nichols.

Getting Rid of Rats

Go to Walmart, buy fox pee. Spray it on the wood in the attic. They think the fox is around, and run away. (02/04/2009)

By keith

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