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Getting Rid of Roaches and Mice

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I am looking for suggestions for getting rid of mice and cockroaches from my cupboards?

By Candace


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By Kelli [17]04/09/2013

Roach bait:
1 lb. boric acid
1 large onion, grated
1 cup flour
2 T sugar
Enough milk to make a paste
Roll into balls and let dry. Place at the back of cabinets, under shelves, behind the stove or fridge. We use this here in the tropics with big jungle roaches and it works!

By Robyn [346]04/08/2013

Advion, it is about 24 dollars for a kit of bait and the discs. At first use the bait and the discs. The bait is only active for two weeks and then the discs will control the rest. I had tons of them and this is the only thing that works. After a few days you will see them all get ready to sweep them up or you can leave some of them for the others to eat.. eeeew. It really is a great product though!

Watch the video on this and when you use the gel put it in LITTLE dabs wherever you see them.

It is a great product I can tell you i am glad I found it!

Not a single roach. If one comes in or a reinfestation starts I will get the bait again but usually I buy the set of discs to put out and also you can move them from room to room.

For mice, we have cats. For a cheaper way, I use mice bait. I would never use the sticky traps that is inhumane.

By ruthiehines04/08/2013

Bay leaves for the roaches place then in your cabinets, also mint works good for bugs too. Mice; mix together white flour and dry quick crete put in a bowl (left dry) and the little beggars will be attracted to the flour, when they eat it the concrete will hydrate and kill them. You will have mouse carcasses to get rid of but they will be gone.

By karenlynn [2]04/08/2013

I tried everything, nothing worked until I ordered Riddex (from a TV commercial), now I have one plugged in one main floor and one in basement (food pantry), somehow the electronic waves repel pests. Don't understand it, just recommend it.

By Sandi [390]04/08/2013

Mice can't burp, so put down a lid of soda and when they drink it, they go and die from the carbonation.

With roaches, an exterminator really is the best way. Keep in mind two things about these nasty little mutants. While managing some units in Tucson, I googled them and found out that they can live a month without their heads as they breath through their rib cage.

And, they often have offspring just to have something to eat. Kill them as fast as you can because the other poster was right. They can breed faster than you can kill the big ones.

By Marian Kay P.04/08/2013

Hire a pest control person. Roaches multiply fast and so do rats.

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