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Golden Birthday Party Ideas

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Golden Birthday Party

Golden birthdays only come around once in your lifetime. This is a guide about golden birthday party ideas.



Here are questions related to Golden Birthday Party Ideas.

Question: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

My daughter will be 10 years old on 10-10-10. I would like to plan a special party for her. I need suggestions for a great 10-10-10 party.

By Misty from Millen, GA


Most Recent Answer

By Mandy10/07/2010

For our 10-10-10 family party on Sunday, we are putting a time capsule together to be sealed and opened in ten years, Everyone is gathering things that are special to them this year and the b-day boy.

Question: Ideas For 2 Year Old's Golden Birthday

My little girl will be turning 2 in October and it is also her golden birthday. I would really like to go all out for her birthday but have no clue what theme I should go with. I tossed around the idea of everything being gold from the table cloth to the cake but I'm not sure if that is for a two year old.


Question: Ideas for 22nd Golden Birthday

I'm turning 22 this summer and it's going to be my golden birthday. I need ideas for it.

By Florita from Chicago, IL


Most Recent Answer

By thintieguy [12]04/22/2012

You can also look up the significance of the number 22. If you are not into guns (i.e.. 22 calibre pistols), I'm sure that doing a quick google search can help you with some other less militant ideas, such as coming up with a trivia game about all things 22!

Question: Ideas for a 16th Golden Birthday

What should I do for my 16 year-old son's golden birthday? He's turning 16 on the 16th. He acts disinterested, but I think if nothing special happens, he will be disappointed. What should I do?

By Edie

Most Recent Answer

By Beth [5]11/10/2011

My son is 19 now. From about ages 7 to 16 we invited as many friends as we could afford to the movie of his choosing, complete with popcorn, beverages and candy. We go later in the evening so they feel like they're staying out late, but they will have already eaten so you don't have to feed them a meal too. We see the movie too but we sit away from them and we can still keep an eye on them.

Only once have I had to get up and go sit behind them to keep them from being disruptive (they were about 12). Enjoy the day too, Mom and Dad. Your boy is growing up! Just don't embarrass him. ;)

Question: Golden Birthday for 4 Year Old

Golden birthday ideas needed for a 4yrs old girls party?

Carrie from Davis Junction, IL

Most Recent Answer

By Marie (Guest Post)01/24/2008

If it's all girls, take them to the nearest beauty school for manicures - it's inexpensive & fun! Then hand out goody bags with lip gloss, brushes, & other beauty items - look at the dollar store or at

Question: Golden Birthday Ideas

I'm turning 26 on the 26th of this month. I don't know anything about the significance of my birthday or anything else. Does anyone have any suggestions or can anyone help me?

    By Cassie Joy U. [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By April [7]08/20/2015

    It means you're getting older. :)

    Question: Celebrating a 57th Golden Birthday

    My husband is 57 and it' will be his golden birthday. What is a great family way to celebrate?

    By Jo

    Most Recent Answer

    By Debbie Dzurilla [28]07/29/2014

    Why do you think it's his golden birthday? The way I remember it's when the person turns the age of the day they were born... for example, turning 12 on the 12th of Oct.

    Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Golden Birthday

    My daughter will be turning 13 for her Golden Birthday! Please help me with ideas, including for a sleep over.

    By Cesar S.

    Most Recent Answer

    By glimmer62 [4]03/05/2013

    A pal from work is taking her daughter & 2 of her friends for a manicure. A less expensive option would be to buy 3 to 5 bottles of nail polish (check the markdowns in RiteAid or Walmart). Have them do each others nails, facials, hair whatever.
    Google "Making Fairies in a Jar". Jars, glow sticks & glitter (dollar store or less) Saw this idea last night & it is really cute!

    Question: 7th Golden Birthday Ideas

    My daughter is having her golden birthday on Dec. 7th, 2011. Any ideas on what to do? We live in the northwest Indiana.

    By Gina O.

    Most Recent Answer

    By dph5411/28/2011

    I have never heard of a "golden birthday" until I started coming to this site! Well, what are her interests? You can do many things with little girl parties. Dress up party, Princess party, sleepover party...etc.

    Question: 10th Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    We are planning our son's 10 year old/golden birthday in January. We rented the basement at our local Moose lodge to accomodate the kids he wants to invite, however we are both stuck on themes and games. I just want to make it a good party for him and any advice would be appreciated thank you.


    Question: Birthday Party Ideas

    I have 2 days to make my principal's birthday special with some homemade idea.

    By Sakshi

    Question: 19th Birthday Ideas

    I am turning 19 on the 19th of October so I have less than a month to plan something special. Please help me with some fun ideas!

    By Nickie A

    Question: Ideas for Indoor Golden Birthday Party

    My granddaughter will be 4 on 11/4/14. We are having a family event, but I am looking for ideas to make it special. It cannot be expensive. It's hard to plan an outdoor event in November. Any ideas; themes, or locations?

    By Brenda from Twin Cities, MN

    Question: 15th Golden Birthday Ideas

    I'm turning 15 on the 15th of September and have no idea on what I should do. I don't really have enough friends to do something big.

    By Tyresha B.

    Question: Origins of a Golden Birthday

    Where did the idea of a golden birthday come from?

    By Gina

    Question: Theme for 2 Year Old Child's Golden Birthday

    Is there a theme for a 2 year old golden birthday?

    By Nida E

    Question: 29th Golden Birthday Ideas

    What would be a fun idea or suggestion for a 29th golden birthday?

    By Hillary

    Question: Ideas for 4th Golden Birthday

    What to do for 4 year old golden birthday? What to do gift ideas?

    By Judy V. from Osseo, WI

    Question: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    I need some ideas for a 31 year old female's golden birthday on Halloween. She is also carrying my 1st grandchild. We have a Halloween party every year for her birthday, but want this one to be a little more special. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    By Tracey from Davis, IL

    Solutions: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

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    Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

    Archive: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    It's will be my daughter's golden birthday, she's turning 7 on Dec 7th. I'm completely clueless on what I should do or what I should plan. I want it to be her day. We have a huge extended family so I am debating whether or not I should make one for all and invite everyone or just a special event only for her and us (her family) to celebrate together.

    Marci from Vadnais Heights, MN

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    I've never heard of a golden birthday, but I would wrap or spray paint everything possible gold. Chocolate coins, gold plastic beads and jewelry... (08/05/2004)

    By Linda

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    From what I've read, your golden birthday is the same age as your date. If you were born on the 9th, your 9th birthday would be your golden birthday. If this is the case, our birthday girl was born on the 6th. So golden birthdays can be from your 1st to your 31st depending on which day you were born. If this is wrong, please let us know. (08/13/2004)

    By ThriftyFun

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    I have heard of golden birthdays and am looking for ideas for my daughters golden birthday. Not only her golden, but her 16th as well. Needs to be a very special day. One gift idea is to give a sentimental piece of jewelry using her birthstone (pearl) and gold. As well as decorating everything gold. Even the cake. See for cool ideas using wrapped candy. (01/11/2005)

    By vicki

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    How many children should be invited to a 6 year old party? (07/09/2005)

    By countrybottoms

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    My daughter will also be celebrating her 6th/golden birthday this year. My plan is to take her and her friends to a water-park. They have tables so I will bring food and decorations there. I will emphasize the "golden" by having gold plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth etc. I will also have a sign made for her that will be gold and white. She will wear a gold crown and I will purchase her a piece of gold jewelry. (07/27/2005)

    By Anaya

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    Susan, you are correct. A golden birthday is when your birth date matches the age you are. I turned 17 on the 17th. (way back when...)

    My daughter will be turning 6 in September. She either want's to go to the Rain Forest Cafe with some friends or have a princess party. There are companies who will come into your house with dress up clothes for the girls and serve a tea party. Very cute.

    You might just want to ask your child their preference. They seem to really have strong opinions at that age. (08/01/2005)

    By Patricia

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    The birthday you ladies are talking about with the date and the age your turning being the same is actually called your "Champagne Birthday" (09/24/2005)

    By Mandie

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    I'd just be very careful that I didn't start something. i don't want to have to out-do myself every year to make sure my child's birthday is more and more spectacular. (11/14/2005)

    By Mary

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    Wow, I had never heard about a golden birthday before now. I'm already getting excited about mine that is so far away. You Could try to go with a mostly gold theme but use a lot of birthday stuff like the birthday kids birth flower, birth stone and sign. Use gold balloons, table cloth, ribbons, plates and everything. Use gold pipe cleaner and star garland for decorative touches. paint fake roses gold and put them in a vase.

    Buy an assortment of gold colored beads and let kids make gold necklaces. play guess the amount of gold coins in a jar. play gold tag where the kid who is it puts gold body glitter on there hands and try to tag the other players that way if your tagged but the gold isn't visible your not it. spray paint little stones gold and have a gold hunt.

    Serve the most golden food you can think up. Gold raisins, carrots, macaroni and cheese, sparkling apple cider and for cake you can make a regular cake and you can get gold icing from special kits and food coloring. Or you could just make it yellow with sprinkles and golden candles.

    For take home goodies. Get gold party favor bags filled with things like roll-os, chocolate coins, gold Hersey's kisses, gold body glitter, gold jewelry (not real), gold charms (not real either), gold stickers, gold gel pens, fools gold (pyrite) and any other gold doodads. There's a lot of gold christmas ornaments that would be great for this and or decorations.

    I hope your daughter had a great golden birthday that leaves her with some golden memories. (11/14/2005)

    By may-fairy

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    I would make it just her and a few friends. As far as the number to invite, I've heard the number of guests equals the age of the child. I am a mother of 4 and have found out the hard way that the kids are often happiest with their friends and/or close family and fun but unstructured activities planned. Anytime I planned the parties in great detail, the kids would be happiest swinging in the back yard and just hanging out. I also learned that the skating, bowling, etc parties aren't as expensive as they seem since they do everything for you and clean up too! Have fun but remember that what a child wants is often much simpler than what we think. (11/15/2005)

    By Ann

    Archive: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    I am looking for ideas for a teen's golden birthday.

    Lala from Highland, IN

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    On a golden birthday I would use everything that symbolizes the day such as birth silk flowers in vases, fake birth gemstone look alikes for around namkin rings and decorations, the birthday kids favorite color mixed with golden balloons, There zodiac animal and astrology sign. You could play games with something simlare to the astrology such as crab races for cancer, three foot race with 2 people for gemini and so on. the birthday girl/boy favorite food and lots of gold. A golden masked ball is another good fun idea. (10/11/2006)

    By may-fairy

    Archive: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I am looking for birthday party ideas for my son's golden birthday and he is will be ten in March. Any good birthday ideas will be appreciated.


    Archive: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    Golden birthday party ideas. My daughter will be celebrating her golden birthday this year. She will be 6 on the 6th day and it's 2006 in the 12th month. Any ideas of what I should do?


    Archive: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I am looking for birthday party ideas for my son's golden birthday and he is will be ten in March. Any good birthday ideas will be appreciated. I want to limit the amount of money I spend.