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Golden birthdays only come around once in your lifetime. This is a guide about golden birthday party ideas.

Golden Birthday Party
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Question: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

By misty 1

My daughter will be 10 years old on 10-10-10. I would like to plan a special party for her. I need suggestions for a great 10-10-10 party.

By Misty from Millen, GA

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By Mandy 1 Flag

October 7, 2010

For our 10-10-10 family party on Sunday, we are putting a time capsule together to be sealed and opened in ten years, Everyone is gathering things that are special to them this year and the b-day boy.

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Question: Ideas For 2 Year Old's Golden Birthday

By rebecca Conry 1

My little girl will be turning 2 in October and it is also her golden birthday. I would really like to go all out for her birthday but have no clue what theme I should go with. I tossed around the idea of everything being gold from the table cloth to the cake but I'm not sure if that is for a two year old.

She also has a lot of cousins anywhere from ages 9 months to 17. I would like to have activities for all ages to enjoy. I plan on doing an outdoors birthday because the family is so big and it is tough to fit them all in a house. Any help on this matter would sure be appreciated.

Rebecca from Eau Claire, WI

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By Janet 2 Flag

March 20, 2009

What about a "Bee Happy Birthday". You could do black and yellow decorations (like bumble bees) and write everywhere "Bee Happy for ______________ who is turning two today! I am sure you can find bumble bee decorations everywhere or print off your computer. The birthday child could wear a "bee happy" tshirt and you could get tshirts for the other kids or have the kids decorate their own. You could do games like a cake walk (but use bumblebee pictures for the children to walk on. Tell the children to fly like bumblebees while you play music and then stop the music and tell them to freeze. Goody bags could include bumble bee soap/stickers/candy. The birthday cake could be a bumble bee and say "Bee Happy for Susie's birthday!

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Question: Ideas for 22nd Golden Birthday

I'm turning 22 this summer and it's going to be my golden birthday. I need ideas for it.

By Florita from Chicago, IL

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By thintieguy 12 13 Flag

April 22, 2012

You can also look up the significance of the number 22. If you are not into guns (i.e.. 22 calibre pistols), I'm sure that doing a quick google search can help you with some other less militant ideas, such as coming up with a trivia game about all things 22!

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Question: Ideas for a 16th Golden Birthday

What should I do for my 16 year-old son's golden birthday? He's turning 16 on the 16th. He acts disinterested, but I think if nothing special happens, he will be disappointed. What should I do?

By Edie

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By Beth 5 105 Flag

November 10, 2011

My son is 19 now. From about ages 7 to 16 we invited as many friends as we could afford to the movie of his choosing, complete with popcorn, beverages and candy. We go later in the evening so they feel like they're staying out late, but they will have already eaten so you don't have to feed them a meal too. We see the movie too but we sit away from them and we can still keep an eye on them.

Only once have I had to get up and go sit behind them to keep them from being disruptive (they were about 12). Enjoy the day too, Mom and Dad. Your boy is growing up! Just don't embarrass him. ;)

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Question: Golden Birthday for 4 Year Old

Golden birthday ideas needed for a 4yrs old girls party?

Carrie from Davis Junction, IL

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By guest (Guest Post) Flag

January 24, 2008

If it's all girls, take them to the nearest beauty school for manicures - it's inexpensive & fun! Then hand out goody bags with lip gloss, brushes, & other beauty items - look at the dollar store or at

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Question: Golden Birthday Ideas

By Cassie Joy U. 2 1

I'm turning 26 on the 26th of this month. I don't know anything about the significance of my birthday or anything else. Does anyone have any suggestions or can anyone help me?

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    By April 7 64 Flag

    August 20, 20151 found this helpful

    It means you're getting older. :)

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    Question: Celebrating a 57th Golden Birthday

    My husband is 57 and it' will be his golden birthday. What is a great family way to celebrate?

    By Jo

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    By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,125 Flag

    July 29, 2014

    Why do you think it's his golden birthday? The way I remember it's when the person turns the age of the day they were born... for example, turning 12 on the 12th of Oct.

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    Question: Ideas for Daughter's 13th Golden Birthday

    My daughter will be turning 13 for her Golden Birthday! Please help me with ideas, including for a sleep over.

    By Cesar S.

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    By glimmer62 4 70 Flag

    March 5, 2013

    A pal from work is taking her daughter & 2 of her friends for a manicure. A less expensive option would be to buy 3 to 5 bottles of nail polish (check the markdowns in RiteAid or Walmart). Have them do each others nails, facials, hair whatever.

    Google "Making Fairies in a Jar". Jars, glow sticks & glitter (dollar store or less) Saw this idea last night & it is really cute!

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    Question: 7th Golden Birthday Ideas

    My daughter is having her golden birthday on Dec. 7th, 2011. Any ideas on what to do? We live in the northwest Indiana.

    By Gina O.

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    By dph54 26 Flag

    November 28, 2011

    I have never heard of a "golden birthday" until I started coming to this site! Well, what are her interests? You can do many things with little girl parties. Dress up party, Princess party, sleepover party...etc.

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    Question: 10th Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    By Angela A. 1

    We are planning our son's 10 year old/golden birthday in January. We rented the basement at our local Moose lodge to accomodate the kids he wants to invite, however we are both stuck on themes and games. We already did football and yugioh which are his two favorite things. I just want to make it a good party for him and any advice would be appreciated thank you.

    By Angela A

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    Question: Birthday Party Ideas

    I have 2 days to make my principal's birthday special with some homemade idea.

    By Sakshi

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    Question: 19th Birthday Ideas

    I am turning 19 on the 19th of October so I have less than a month to plan something special. Please help me with some fun ideas!

    By Nickie A

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    Question: Ideas for Indoor Golden Birthday Party

    My granddaughter will be 4 on 11/4/14. We are having a family event, but I am looking for ideas to make it special. It cannot be expensive. It's hard to plan an outdoor event in November. Any ideas; themes, or locations?

    By Brenda from Twin Cities, MN

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    Question: 15th Golden Birthday Ideas

    By Tyresha B. 1

    I'm turning 15 on the 15th of September and have no idea on what I should do. I don't really have enough friends to do something big.

    By Tyresha B.

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    Question: Origins of a Golden Birthday

    Where did the idea of a golden birthday come from?

    By Gina

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    Question: Theme for 2 Year Old Child's Golden Birthday

    Is there a theme for a 2 year old golden birthday?

    By Nida E

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    Question: 29th Golden Birthday Ideas

    What would be a fun idea or suggestion for a 29th golden birthday?

    By Hillary

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    Question: Ideas for 4th Golden Birthday

    By Judy V. 1

    What to do for 4 year old golden birthday? What to do gift ideas?

    By Judy V. from Osseo, WI

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    Question: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    By Tracey 1

    I need some ideas for a 31 year old female's golden birthday on Halloween. She is also carrying my 1st grandchild. We have a Halloween party every year for her birthday, but want this one to be a little more special. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    By Tracey from Davis, IL

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    Archive: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    It's will be my daughter's golden birthday, she's turning 7 on Dec 7th. I'm completely clueless on what I should do or what I should plan. I want it to be her day. We have a huge extended family so I am debating whether or not I should make one for all and invite everyone or just a special event only for her and us (her family) to celebrate together.

    Marci from Vadnais Heights, MN


    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    I've never heard of a golden birthday, but I would wrap or spray paint everything possible gold. Chocolate coins, gold plastic beads and jewelry... (08/05/2004)

    By Linda

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    From what I've read, your golden birthday is the same age as your date. If you were born on the 9th, your 9th birthday would be your golden birthday. If this is the case, our birthday girl was born on the 6th. So golden birthdays can be from your 1st to your 31st depending on which day you were born. If this is wrong, please let us know. (08/13/2004)

    By ThriftyFun

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    I have heard of golden birthdays and am looking for ideas for my daughters golden birthday. Not only her golden, but her 16th as well. Needs to be a very special day. One gift idea is to give a sentimental piece of jewelry using her birthstone (pearl) and gold. As well as decorating everything gold. Even the cake. See for cool ideas using wrapped candy. (01/11/2005)

    By vicki

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    How many children should be invited to a 6 year old party? (07/09/2005)

    By countrybottoms

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    My daughter will also be celebrating her 6th/golden birthday this year. My plan is to take her and her friends to a water-park. They have tables so I will bring food and decorations there. I will emphasize the "golden" by having gold plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth etc. I will also have a sign made for her that will be gold and white. She will wear a gold crown and I will purchase her a piece of gold jewelry. (07/27/2005)

    By Anaya

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    Susan, you are correct. A golden birthday is when your birth date matches the age you are. I turned 17 on the 17th. (way back when...)

    My daughter will be turning 6 in September. She either want's to go to the Rain Forest Cafe with some friends or have a princess party. There are companies who will come into your house with dress up clothes for the girls and serve a tea party. Very cute.

    You might just want to ask your child their preference. They seem to really have strong opinions at that age. (08/01/2005)

    By Patricia

    RE: Ideas for 6 Year old Daughter's Golden Birthday Party

    The birthday you ladies are talking about with the date and the age your turning being the same is actually called your "Champagne Birthday" (09/24/2005)

    By Mandie

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    I'd just be very careful that I didn't start something. i don't want to have to out-do myself every year to make sure my child's birthday is more and more spectacular. (11/14/2005)

    By Mary

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    Wow, I had never heard about a golden birthday before now. I'm already getting excited about mine that is so far away. You Could try to go with a mostly gold theme but use a lot of birthday stuff like the birthday kids birth flower, birth stone and sign. Use gold balloons, table cloth, ribbons, plates and everything. Use gold pipe cleaner and star garland for decorative touches. paint fake roses gold and put them in a vase.

    Buy an assortment of gold colored beads and let kids make gold necklaces. play guess the amount of gold coins in a jar. play gold tag where the kid who is it puts gold body glitter on there hands and try to tag the other players that way if your tagged but the gold isn't visible your not it. spray paint little stones gold and have a gold hunt.

    Serve the most golden food you can think up. Gold raisins, carrots, macaroni and cheese, sparkling apple cider and for cake you can make a regular cake and you can get gold icing from special kits and food coloring. Or you could just make it yellow with sprinkles and golden candles.

    For take home goodies. Get gold party favor bags filled with things like roll-os, chocolate coins, gold Hersey's kisses, gold body glitter, gold jewelry (not real), gold charms (not real either), gold stickers, gold gel pens, fools gold (pyrite) and any other gold doodads. There's a lot of gold christmas ornaments that would be great for this and or decorations.

    I hope your daughter had a great golden birthday that leaves her with some golden memories. (11/14/2005)

    By may-fairy

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    I would make it just her and a few friends. As far as the number to invite, I've heard the number of guests equals the age of the child. I am a mother of 4 and have found out the hard way that the kids are often happiest with their friends and/or close family and fun but unstructured activities planned. Anytime I planned the parties in great detail, the kids would be happiest swinging in the back yard and just hanging out. I also learned that the skating, bowling, etc parties aren't as expensive as they seem since they do everything for you and clean up too! Have fun but remember that what a child wants is often much simpler than what we think. (11/15/2005)

    By Ann

    Archive: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    I am looking for ideas for a teen's golden birthday.

    Lala from Highland, IN


    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    On a golden birthday I would use everything that symbolizes the day such as birth silk flowers in vases, fake birth gemstone look alikes for around namkin rings and decorations, the birthday kids favorite color mixed with golden balloons, There zodiac animal and astrology sign. You could play games with something simlare to the astrology such as crab races for cancer, three foot race with 2 people for gemini and so on. the birthday girl/boy favorite food and lots of gold. A golden masked ball is another good fun idea. (10/11/2006)

    By may-fairy

    Archive: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday


    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I don't have boys but if you don't have a theme then the ideas are pretty open. I'm brainstorming so maybe this will stimulate some ideas. If you want to have a sleepover that might be fun. You can order pizza ( with coupons) or buy frozen pizza, it's less costly. If the weather is good you can have a water balloon toss & the winner can have a boy gift from the $ store (I usually make my games so everyone wins at least once).

    Also, if the weather is good you can play basketball and play around the world. Remember the $ store is great for little inexpensive gifts. Instead of cake you can make cupcakes and let them decorate their own. Hope this helps. I'd also keep little games like cards, dominoes, music, wholesome videos on hand to fill up the time. For breakfast some donuts. Oh, keep it small 10 yr olds can be "wild". :) (03/06/2005)

    By peggygv

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I also try to celebrate in different, unique ways. I have 3 girls so it is a bit different but these too can be adapted to boys. For my 9 year olds birthday in October we are going to have a scavenger/mystery hunt. She loves to read and is into mystery solving etc. So what we are going to do is make up some puzzles for the girls to solve and when they solve them they get a piece of a puzzle. When they solve the riddles they go onto the next clue. It will be outside in the evening so they can use their flash lights etc.

    At the end they will get a mystery book that I will purchase at the second hand stores. They will be like little spies. All the food will contain a "mystery". All items will be homemade of course. No need to be real crafty either. Just use your imagination. Another birthday idea would be to have a theme. Something your son likes. I think at this age it is tough because it has to be cool too. I always think of things they like to do normally. If he likes to build things have a carpenters party.

    Have all the kids dress in bib overalls. For the foods you can Make nails out of pretzels. Frosting is glue, graham crackers as wood, etc. have each of the kids bring a hammer and tape measure and get some scrap wood and let them go to town. Maybe building a go-cart, club house, or table. Most scrap yards have wood for free, Several of the local factories around my area give away free pallets, and nails are not that expensive. Kids love to use their imagination and im sure they will have great ideas and maybe will continue working on it well after the birthday. You can make a cake to look like wood, Make dark purple juice "using food color" to represent oil, You could even go as far as buying a small tool set for each child at the local dollar stores. Hope this helps. (03/08/2005)

    By MelfrmNy.

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I was looking to do something for my daughters "golden" 9th birthday. I went to Krispy Kreme and asked about their birthday parties. They are just starting to have them beginning in March. You can call your nearest Krispy Kreme for details if you are interested. I thought it was pretty reasonable. Hope this information helps. Good Luck. (03/09/2005)

    By Darlene

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I, too, am planning a party for this weekend (very last minute) for my soon to be 10 year old son. If there is still snow outside, we'll go cross country skiing; if not, I think we'll have a shaving cream (or whipped cream, yum!) fight in the front yard; I'll tell parents to provide an extra change of clothes. We've had success in past years with outdoor obstacle courses (you can use almost anything you find in your garage to create obstacle challenges) as well as with treasure hunts. Good luck! (03/17/2005)

    By Elizabeth

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I say that you should have a small party with two or three of your son's best Friends. Take them to the movies to see what they want and then take them back to your house so they can play together for the rest of the night! :) (03/27/2005)

    By Tamine

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    For my daughters, 10th birthday this year I was on a tight budget. I had 5 girls, no sleepover, but let them come from 4-9pm. I bought terra cotta flower pots and acrylic paint. let them paint them first, then we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixings. By the time they were done the pots were dry. Then we made tissue paper flowers, which they stuck into a bit of foam I cut out! It was February, but everyone left with a bit of Spring and we didn't have to do goody bags. The whole party cost me $40! Hope you are inspired! (03/30/2005)

    By Keri L.

    RE: Ideas For girls 10 Year Old's Birthday party

    Hi, my daughters tenth birthday is coming up on May 25. I'm looking for some ideas on what to do can anyone help me if so e mail me:
    nickie_loveless AT (04/25/2005)

    By snuggle bunny.

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Make-it-yourself Pizzas: Buy mini pizza shells and the makings. Let the kids make their own. (06/17/2005)

    By PrairieDawnC

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    My son and his best friend are both turning 10 during the same month. (they are 10 days apart from each other). They have decided to throw a joint b-day party because they also have similar friends. The parents have joined heads with the rising 10 year olds and have created: Tubing on the river- survivor camp out. All boys are required to bring their suits, sleeping bags and towels. In lieu of gifts, we ask the attendees to donate to the local humane society. The cake will have pictures of both the boys from their carriage days and the recent picture of them on the Lacrosse team.

    After tubing on the river, we will begin the survivor portion of the evening complete with "Buffs". Each boy will be placed on a team (only 2 teams). The races will consist of an obstacle course, swimming races in the pool and of course the 'ol blind folding and eating contest. The winning team receives a little something from the dollar store. The exhausted children will "camp-out" under the stars and breakfast at I-Hop in the am. (06/27/2005)

    By Virginia B.

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I would invest in a Hooked on Phonics set if he is anything like his mother! (11/11/2005)

    By sara

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Hi, its my daughters 10th birthday on the 10th of December and I would like to bring some of Christmas into her birthday party but I don't know how to do that. If anyone has an idea or two, I would be really happy to hear them. Thanks. (11/24/2005)

    By sheilabriand at

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    My daughter is 10 soon, she wants a disco but I don't know what else to do in the disco? Seem pretty boring just a disco - what games do 10 year olds play? (11/30/2005)

    By Anne

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    For my son's birthdays at that age, they had a party then we went down to the local Ambulance Service and let them go through the entire Ambulance. They even got a ride in one, with the lights and sirens on. we also did the same with the police dept. The kids had a great time and learned that police are not just there to arrest people, but to educate the public. They didn't even realize that they were learning, just that they had fun. We did the same with the Ambulance. This way they are not afraid of either of them. All the kids enjoyed it, and still talk about it after 10 years. contact your local police and Ambulance services to see if this is possible. Now, both of my sons are EMT's. they had a great time. (11/30/2005)

    By Stacey Liddle

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    My daughters 10th birthday is coming up this week. Any ideas for a fun party. She just loves horses but it's cold here with snow on the ground, a little challenging for outdoor activities. (12/19/2005)

    By Barbara

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I have a friend who owns a limo. For my son's tenth birthday, my friend is going to pick my son and his friends up from school and bring them to the city for a bowling party. It is fairly inexpensive and they get an hour of bowling and pizza after. Then off to our house for a sleep over with movies and games. Just be prepared not to get much sleep. You always have time to take a nap after the parents come pick up their kids. (01/08/2006)

    By Tonya

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I am planning a party for my 10 year old grandaughter . It will be 8 girls and they will come home with her on friday and spend the night. They will eat pizza and we will have the cake. We are going to make painted tshirts , each girl will do her own. And then they will wear it the next day when we go walking at the mall.And visit an arcade which i have alotted 2 dollars a piece in tokens. Then they will skate a t fun factory for 2 dollars a piece. We will eat tacos , somewhere in the middle of all this. They will eat cereal, waffles, muffins,or oatmeal, for breakfast ,then back home and party is over at 4 on sat. Just pray for me. This will all cost around 100 dollars. (02/15/2006)

    By donna s.

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Hi Susan,

    I have a little brother who is turning 10 inmarch /2006 next week! He is having a sledding party at the water tower. He also is planning to have a few cheap games, like "Lucky Dinnerware " game where u mark a red X or check mark on one plastic plate/cup/napkin/fork and spoon. lucky winner gets a small toy you can buy at any non-expensive store like buck or two etc. and "Pass the parcel" where you buy one toy that is suitable for girls/boys wrap it in gift paper ie. christmas paper, birthday paper etc. in 10-12 layers and play music while the present is passed around (same thing as hot potato except with a parcel) song stops child holding it opens up one layer. and he is just having hot dogs, cake icream, chips and pop that is it! not expensive but cheap on a budget! if that's any help let me know i'll be checking back!
    Ashley V.
    Wabush, NL, Canada
    ashley_vandenbroeck at hotmail dot. com (03/01/2006)

    By Ashley

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    You should even a couple of friends and have a camp out. All you need are 2 tents and food! (05/13/2006)

    By Thomas111

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I'm helping my granddaughter plan a 10-year olds party (outdoors around my pool). We're going to do a scavenger hunt (2 teams of kids in neighborhood) and put a couple of gold fish in the pool for the kids to try to catch, and may also do swim races the length of the pool;of course traditional cake/ice cream too! (06/04/2006)

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    My daughter had a spend the night party for her 10th birthday last year. For a craft, I bought pillowcases, fabric markers, and a variety of ribbons. Each girl decorated her pillowcase as she liked with the fabric markers, then I sewed on the ribbon trim they selected. The pillowcases turned out really cute and were a hit with the girls. (01/04/2007)

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    How about a theme for the party and all invited come as what the theme maybe?
    Do a menu for the party. Like maybe hamburger with cheese/sauce/salad etc or hotdog sauce/cheese etc.
    same with what they drink maybe have spider milkshakes with rasberry/coke/lemonade etc
    type it up with the invitation and send them out together. When doing up the menu set it out as follows:
    Birthday Menu
    Tick the following:

    I did this for my twin daughters 9th birthday and it worked really well. I didn't have alot of extra food left over , the children had the meal knowing what they were getting and everyone was happy and content.

    We still had lolly bags and cake but this was just a little different to all the party food you normally do.
    Hope you find this helpful (01/10/2007)

    By Irene

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    My daughter is turning 10 March 10th as well. I think, like you, I am looking for something very meaningful to do in addition to a fabulous birthday party.
    Have you found anything to do for him yet? (02/28/2007)

    By min

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    For my son's 10th birthday party, we had a few of his good friends plan to spend the night for theatre style sleepover. We started the party with a fun dinner idea. I selected a variety of foods I knew the kids would like (i.e. ceasar salad, pizza, chicken wings, hotdogs, etc.) I wrote each food item on a separate piece of paper and put them in a small container. Next I wrote separately on a piece of paper, manners in which each food could be eaten (i.e. fork, knife, spoon, hands, no hands, etc...) You may be able to come up with some more ideas. I put those in a separate container. Next I put assorted Monoply play money in a container. To sum it all up, before eating, each person must pick out from each container (without seeing) what they will eat and how they will eat it and how much money they will get if they complete the task properly.

    Some kids will be lucky and get the proper utensil and some will not. It is really funny to watch them eat ceasar salad with no utensils. Spaghetti would be a good one. I served up the birthday cake the same way, except that everyone gets a piece, no one has to pick it from a container. The next step is the Theatre sleep over. I pre-arranged with my son a theatre style snack bar, except that I bought mini versions of everything (i.e. licorise, skittles, wine gums, glossettes, natchos, and, of course, popcorn) You can buy theatre style paper of plastic popcorn containers at most dollar stores). Each item is priced according to the amounts on the monopoly money. We made outrageous amounts. like $200.00 for popcorn, but also made some cheaper ones, like $5.00 for a candy bar). I told the kids before dinner what the money would be used for, and they were very determined to do well at the dinner table. Anytime that they wanted a snack throughout the movie they had to purchase it. I had my son make a sign listing all the snack prices.

    The kids were wheeling and dealing with each other by the end of the evening. It was very entertaining. I was the clerk and took the money from everyone. For the movie I bought glow in the dark straws and blinking light cups from the dollar store. They are were part of their loot bag to take home. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did. (03/09/2007)

    By Michelle

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I have some ideas for your son's golden 10th birthday, it won't cost you a dime. Ones called red light. And the other is red rover,their both fun to play. Red light: one child or adult gets in front of the other ones, about 10 feet apart, all children in a line, adult turns around and counts one, two, three, red light.

    Meanwhile the children are running up to the front, whoever gets caught running has to go back, however, the first one to get to the adult wins rights to do the red light job. Red rover, form two lines, hands held together, one side says, red rover, red rover send Bonnie right over. She goes running over and tries to break through the others arms. (09/10/2007)

    By tracy

    I think I know what your child needs

    I got my daughter a Webkinz for her birthday and she loved it. It is a fun animal that you can go online at What you do is you buy your Webkinz, go online, press New Member, create a password, username, and other stuff. But remember to keep the little tag with the ribbon on it so you can go on Webkinz and get your own account! (it has a secret code that you need)

    It is appropriate for any age group. (10/30/2007)

    By Jenifer

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    He could have a pool party. They're not too expensive. (12/11/2007)


    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    My son is also turning 10 on March 10. We are planning to take his closest friends to the Mall of America to make cars at Ridezmaker. (Ridezmaker is like Build-a-Bear but you make cars.) Then we are letting him have all of the boys stay for a sleepover. I am planning use metalic gold paper products, gold balloons, etc.. for all of the decorations. Good luck with your party. I hope this helps. (01/07/2008)

    By Lynn from Minnesota

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I am renting a hotel room this year for my daughters 10th birthday. It is in mid- Jan and the hotel has an indoor pool. The girls will then have the choice to stay the night or leave anytime before midnight. Should be lots of fun and I don't have to worry about breakfast in the morning. (01/09/2008)

    By Claire

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I am having a party for my ten year old princess. We hired a hair dresser and nails. And of course cake and presents and a scavenger hunt, and the winning team will win a nice prize. But we need more. (01/12/2008)

    By suzette

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    When my son was young we had a party.One game was a wet sponge fight. Just like a snow ball fight but with wet
    sponges. Another game I tied balloons to each kids leg. Everyone tried to pop the other persons balloon. The one left with a balloon at the end was the winner. We also did a homemade pinata one year. I don't remember what I had fall out of it, but now days I would use the dollar store to fill it. (01/15/2008)

    By SunshineRose

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Birthday

    We played an awesome game called "doubles". 1st wrap a small gift (something a 10 year old would want) and then put it in a series of boxes from smaller to larger,filled with newspaper, so that by the end you have a large looking present. Each layer does not have to be wrapped in wrapping paper: just make sure it is wrapped with newspaper and masking tape.
    to play the game have the kids sit in a circle with the present in the centre (it won't stay there for long). Also have a pile of old dress up clothes (funny hat, scarf, high heels, skirt and/or shirt - be creative) beside the circle.

    Don't forget oven mits as part of the dress up costume.
    Then have a pair of dice and have the kids take turns rolling the dice until someone gets doubles (two of a kind). They yell, "doubles" and jump up and put on the dressup clothes (over their own clothes, of course) and oven mits and start trying to open the present. While this is happening the rest of the kids are still passing the dice around in the circle until someone else yells, "doubles" and then jumps up and gets the clothes from the person who is trying to open the present. As soon as the person yells doubles the other one has to stop trying to open the gift and take the clothes off for the next person.

    This keeps going until someone actually rips the wrapping paper off the real present. You may need to take away some items of clothes if it is taking too long. And be careful with the scarf if you use one because some kids get so excited they can actually choke the other while trying to get the clothes from them. Don't even use the scarf if you don't want to. The only mandatory article of clothing is the oven mits. Have fun and have your camera ready!(01/20/2008)

    By Georgia

    Pass the Parcel

    We have played this game at all of my daughter's birthday parties from 4 for to 10. It is more well known in other countries.

    You buy a small gift, one for every child in attendance at the party. These can be very simple gifts, dollar store or cheaper or as expensive as you wish. I buy all year long as I find things on clearance. You will wrap the gifts anywhere from one to 10 times each.

    I will explain how you play the game, then give tips on preparing.

    The party-goers sit in a circle and the host starts playing music. It is much like musical chairs except only the gift moves. When the music starts, the guests pass the gift around the circle. When you stop the music, the person holding the gift unwraps it once. If they removed the last layer of wrapping paper, then the gift is theirs to keep. The host can control the game to be sure each child gets one gift.

    Tips: For the younger crowd you can get away with having the last layer be the same paper for all of the gifts and most of the time they won't notice.

    At about age 6 they will notice any patterns so mix it up. My strategy is to take a small clipping of the first layer of the wrapping paper and attach it with a small piece of tape to the bottom of the package on top of the tape used to wrap the gift so it doesn't rip the paper when you pull it off. Remove that little strip just before adding another layer and reattach it after each layer. Do not reuse the paper you used for your first layer because it will throw you off.

    Just before you throw the gift into the circle for the game, pull off the strip and hold it in your hand so that you know when you've reached the last layer. but the guests don't.

    Another tip is to explain that the end of a song does not count as stopping the music.

    If the package is being passed very quickly and it is between guests when you stop the music, just make a call as to who is to open it so they don't fight. (01/27/2008)

    By pendunca

    Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Last year was the best party for my daughter & it is hard to top it. We had a "Clue" murder mystery. But, without the murder. I made the cards on the computer of the rooms in MY home like basement, deck, & master bedroom. All of her friends dressed as the characters & the extra people were the Detectives. Finger food was served & the kids had a blast!

    My daughter was Miss Scarlet, & her father was Mr. Boddy & I was Mrs. Boddy of Boddy Mansion. We introduced all the characters (I mad up little story about each on of her friends) & then had to go in each room as teams. A different person from each team chose someone to suggest & they had to take the weapon from the Inspector (Bri's uncle-who wore a cigar jacket & looked like sherlock holmes) they would grab the person also, but to make a suggestion you had to be in that room.

    Example-you had to be in the basement to suggest that Miss Scarlet did it with the rope in the basement-just like the board game. It was awesome & everyone wants me to do it again this year!

    The winning team was the first to make a correct accusation just like the game. (02/03/2008)

    By Kirby

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Hey, If your 10 year old son wants something to drive here is an easy gift. If he has a game system, buy him a driving game like crazy taxi. Also if he doesn't have a game system, get hot wheels. It's a classic car game. (02/06/2008)

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I just booked a indoor sports centre for my 10 year olds
    birthday. Soccer, cricket, volleyball, netball, and dodge ball. They cook a sausage sizzle for them and organize the whole thing. All I have to do is make :lolly bags" which I have changed from sugary junk to sports balls.

    By Margaret

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    For my boy's 10th, he got to go on the green and drive his first golf ball, go to a movie, and be on a plane for the first time and fly. It was great and fairly cheap. We do putt putt alot but he had never been on the green so we started our day by playing golf. Then, we did lunch and mall.

    Later we went to the air field and we all got to go up in a small plane, and he got to fly as the sun set on his day. The rental was only $65 for 3 to go up in the plane. We ended the day with a great movie. You could do this as a build up and then have a party at home. Happy partying! (02/20/2008)

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I recommend:
    Make up trivia questions about the birthday girl. How well do the guests know the star? They'll have fun and the bday girl will feel like a star.

    Bobbing apples: put lots apples in a big barrel (low) and blindfolded, the kids bob for a bite (if you're not too concerned about germs). It's fun. Prepare bags with costumes and items from around the house, divide kids into groups. Each group prepares a skit with the items in the bag about an event they shares or about the birthday girl herself.
    Have fun (02/25/2008)

    By penina

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    My son turned 10 last year and I rented a limo as a surprise. His friends were over we had pizza played games and when the limo pulled up the looks on their faces were totally awesome. We cruised around town, drank sparkling cider, went to the mall and all 10 of them got out of the limo at the food court and they were absolutely feeling like celebrities! It was a real treat for all of his friends also! It really was a great! (03/06/2008)

    By Wendy

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    My daughter decided for her 9th birthday last year that she wanted to go to the food bank. We drove all the kids (boys and girls) there (borrowed a van), and a volunteer showed them how to sort donated food from the bags into the boxes. They were very busy, and learned about something important. We asked each child to bring a non-perishable food donation (but grabbed a box or can for those who didn't). Afterward, we went home and blew bubbles outside, had cake and presents, and chalked on the driveway. (03/27/2008)

    By Guest

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    My daughter will be celebrating her 10th bday this August, God willing.
    I am thinking of taking her and some of her friends bowling. They have something called cosmic bowling where they dim the lights and have neon lights all over the place. They also have music and a video screen. (04/08/2008)

    By claudia

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Hi, I'm Megan and if your child is turning any age what so ever let them make the idea and give them 3 strikes. If the 3 ideas are really expensive then help them decide. I mean if the parent decides your child might think it is lame. You want your child to have an awesome time if 10 or over. Don't have a theme let them keep themselves. You can plan a movie and/or a dinner, there best birthday ever! Until they reach 16 I cant help you. Megan (05/18/2008)

    By Megan

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Horse back riding is awesome. and you can call a local farm and ask them to use their horses and pay them. (07/29/2008)

    By ?

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Try a community center. Have a sport theme so he can invite his friends, and the budget would be about $150-$200. Hope this helps. (08/03/2008)

    By Sophia

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday


    I just had the best party ever! My son Turned 8 and I had 10 of his friends invited for this party. The Theme was army. We made our own invitations on the computer , a picture of a Army tank and Helicopter and the American Flag. We titled the event "Operation Cameron Storm" after our sons last name Cameron. The Invitation read:

    Top Secret! Your Invited!! Top Secret! Look for your Top Secret orders to follow, You will receive 3 special Top Secret Missions to complete:

    Operation Cameron Storm John's 8th Birthday Party Please save the date: 04/05/09

    I sent the first notice out about a month ahead of the party by e-mail. The boys that got the invitation were so excited and talked about the top secret orders they had receive. It made them feel like a special little club.

    Then I sent out the second notice about two weeks later. This was more like your regular invitation that had all the details as far as :

    Date:, Time: Place: and the RSVP date and Who to RSVP to. This was their second Top Secret Mission: To RSVP BY A Certain date.

    I Mailed these invitations to their houses and on the out side envelope had stamped in Red "Top secret orders enclosed"!

    The kids where so excited to get these special top secret orders. It was so fun to hear them talking about it. The teachers at school even started asking about the party. When was it and who all was going. But the boys when asked kept it all hush hush and quite.

    So another week goes by and I pass out at the end of the day at school another Top Secret lettered envelope to the boys. Inside was more details about the party. This time I let them know it was a sleep over at The Operation Cameron Storm, Boot Camp so they would have to bring a sleeping bag and toothbrush as part of this secret mission.

    (all these invitation had the original Picture of Tank, Helicopter and Flagg in Background).

    Date of Mission : Bring a sleeping bag Drop off Time: Bring a toothbrush Pick up Time: RSVP to:

    So buy now half the school (a very small school) knows that the second grade boys are all going on a secret mission for Johns Birthday, the teachers are all talking about it. The girls are bummed because they are not invited or in on the secrets. And My son is having the time of his life telling all the boys what they have to do to complete their missions. He is feeling like General Cameron by this time and the boys are all coming to him for orders.

    So now for the last top secret information about the Tuesday before the party. I sent out a plain brown paper bags all stamped top secret in red. I printed the Logo/invitation onto a post-it photo paper and placed it on front of the brown bags, punched two holes and pulled brown raffia through.

    Then into the bag with the last details to the party. I put in A Kids Army Uniform (you can ask kids to come in their own army attire. They all have it!) Also inside the bag is a real army dog tags you can buy at any army surplus store for 4 dollars each. They have all had: "Operation Cameron Storm" The "Guest" Name Date of the Party

    Stamped onto them. Also inside the bag is Camoflauge face paint (also army surplus) a flashlight and a shirt that We did ourselves on the computer that had the logo theme of the Party on it. "Opertation Cameron Storm". White Shirt about $6 dollar at craft store. Iron on decals that you can print from your home computer about $15 a dozen.

    Inside the the bag more directions telling them to come in their uniforms, with their faces painted and dog tags on. Flashlight in pockets. Because when they arrived at the secret location (our backyard) it would be set up like a army book camp.

    We had tents that they slept in overnight, tire obstacle coarse (use tires from tire store where free) we had a climbing wall. We just hung knotted ropes on existing backyard fencing. we put up a wire crawl under obstacle course over lightly muddied area (not to wet) they played tug of war. and ran relay races as teams. I bought three little camouflaged 3 person tent each $35. I set up the food on a table that I wrapped with camouflage netting. Hot Dogs, Bean, pizza. We ate off of square baking tins that you make cakes on so they looked like army food trays.

    Of course all army paper products. We lit a fire pit in the backyard that stayed lit all night. We hung a white sheet on our outside patio window and projected movies onto it from our computer and served popcorn. By this time everyone was pooped out all kids fell asleep in their uniforms by 12:30 (this way no pj's needed and they are dressed to go when parents pick up) I work them all by 9:00 with scrambled eggs, bacon and eggo waffles. Milk and Juice. Parents picked up and all was well.

    This party could have been more elaborate or less elaborate depending on what you want to spend or who you know or what you already have. But the key to success is make sure the suspense is carried on all thru each top secret message you send. Let some of the other kids at school who arent going know about it. And Make your kids day be one to remember! We are still talking about this one.

    One note of caution: Some parent did not like the army theme and did not want their kids going if guns were involved. We did have play guns and we only played 20 minutes with them while we were waiting for everyone to arrive.

    Good luck with you party. Hope this one works for you.


    By doreen

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Huge thanks to everyone who has left ideas. I am throwing a Papparazi party for my daughter and friends. We will start the evening out here at the house with everyone setting there sleeping stuff in the living room and throwing in a DVD, (Lame huh).

    A friend of mine owns a Salon so we will whisk them to the salon where she and her crew will make up the girls and part of the invitation will include a classified note to the parent of each child to have packed a special evening outfit and swimsuit and be handed to us in s separate bag. Once at the salon they will get changed and all done up to look like royalty.

    Another friend of mine owns a limo company and especially here along the Beach and A1A there is tons of people to see them. Well all of my family will be armed with cameras (disposable and Digital) to be poparotizi. Following them to the car and then to Chicago Pizza where another friend works and I will have friends scattered all through out the restaurant trying to get photos of them and wanting autographs(we will have to see how many old lady's want an autograph and don't have a clue who they are.)

    The trick to this is to get a table that's away from everyone and the friends to start talking when you walk in and taking pictures with the BD girl on there camera phones and getting autographs. Once this is wrapped up its back to the streets in the limo. Cruise A1A again and were not sure if were going to hit a hotel for the pool and breakfast or the house for a High school Musical night. Wish me luck. All for about $150. And the Wife wanted to take the kids to the PBR (professional bull riders show) for $170. Humm Dad wins! (09/07/2008)

    By Nathan Jax beach, FL

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    My son is turning 10 in October and we are having a surprise party at The Batting Cages. It includes pizza, beverage, batting baseballs, and some tokens for the arcade. I bring in the cake. Many states now have these inside sport complexes. (09/29/2008)

    By Lori

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    For my daughters 9th we had a stuffed animal fashion show, we had a quiz on who knows her best, ( where was she born) we had a jellybean jar contest. It's very cheap and for the fashion show just bought a bunch of craft supplies. We had dollar store junk for prizes for the contents. Then we just had a pizza dinner, opened presents, ate cake and the parents picked them up. For her tenth we are planning on bringing 12 of her friends to young chefs academy. It's a fun place where they just make their own food. (10/12/2008)

    By megan

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Have Rock band Party. Kids love to play games and its also entertaining.


    By Lisa

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    My daughter is turning ten Feb 5th, I just booked her a tubing party at Campgaw in Mahwah, NJ. Since she is a winter child, it's a great birthday. Did it when she was 8 and had 35 kids come. Fantastic, cold but the kids love it. (01/11/2009)

    By CHeryl

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    (Posted via email)

    I have done a carnival party for my daughter last year. I rented a cotton candy machine along with the snow cones and hot dog roller. I went to Texas Road house and got some peanuts and and wrap them in party bags. Then I went ti True Value hard ware store and got the popcorn boxes and popped popcorn and put them in the boxes. I also made candy apple and brought lollipops. Nicole (01/12/2009)

    By Sally_Admin

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I had a baseball birthday party for my son. We reserved a baseball field with the city (free). Its ideal if it is near or in a park with a picnic shelter. The fun part for all was that it was a Dads vs Kids game. The boys loved playing with the dads. We obtained a megaphone and called the plays and introduced the players. All the kids wore baseball attire. Hot dogs, popcorn, etc. was served. They were all having so much fun that we couldn't get them off the field to eat. (02/22/2009)

    By linda

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    When my son turned 10, 2 years ago we hired a hall (perhaps school hall) filled it up with helium balloons and had a disco with both boys and girls and a DJ, had spot prizes for best boy and girl dancer, had dance offs and played freeze. It went from approx 530 - 9.00 and we provided plenty drinks and nibbles the kids loved it and danced the whole time. Cheap and so much fun for all. (02/27/2009)

    By kenzel

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I think that a marine-biology party would be nice. My daughter turned 10 on 3/27 last year and we took her down to the beach. She invited her friends Kelli, Even, Alexa, Gina, and Felecia. They absolutely loved it. (03/01/2009)

    By McKenzie

    Archive: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    My daughter will be celebrating her golden birthday this year. She will be 6 on the 6th day and its 2006 in the 12th month. Any ideas of what I should do? Help, I am clueless.

    Van from Ontario


    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    We call that a "Star Birthday". You could do the same and have a Star themed party and make her the Star of the Day. (11/02/2006)

    By Jill From IA

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    You should try to keep everything gold. We had gold cake, spoons, forks, and pinatas. (12/10/2006)

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    It is my fiance's 25th golden birthday. I am going to make him a golden treasure box with Rolos, golden coins, other gold wrapped candy, and also put in 25 gold pieces of paper each with a different reason why I love him.

    By Jen

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    Make it fun for the kid don't stick everything on the golden part. Get fun games. (03/23/2007)

    By U_rock_my_socks

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    I just had the best golden birthday ever. I was 17 on the 17th and I bought a all gold sequin dress. It is really tacky, but still cute. Two of my best friends and I walked around Seattle (about two hour drive closest big city) and we got our makeup done and just walked around and shopped. Everybody looked at us, quite fun. Then we went to the nicest place for lunch, over looking the water. Then we went to a movie it was super relaxed and just had so much fun hanging out with my girlfriends, mom, and grandma. (05/17/2008)

    By Amy

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    My son will be 26 on the 26th of July I am using roll paper for table cloths and am printing news tidbits and trivia on them like newspaper. We will be making banners out of the same paper with music, TV sitcoms, and movies from the year. We have blow up musical instruments to outline the music wall. Our colors will be gold and cornflower blue. We have rented the hall, sent the fliers, and hired a DJ-Karaoke. It's been hard keeping him in the dark. I think it will be a blast. After the DJ announces his birthday the song "Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon will play. (07/17/2008)

    By Darla Mae

    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    We think a great thing to do for someone on their golden birthday is buy them something they love in the quantity of their birthday. If they are turning 25 on the 25th, buy them 25 of whatever. I got 23 roses on my 23rd birthday on the 23rd of August. (01/11/2009)

    By Tina and Sabrina

    Archive: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I am looking for birthday party ideas for my son's golden birthday and he is will be ten in March. Any good birthday ideas will be appreciated. I want to limit the amount of money I spend.

    From Susan in Oregon

    Editor's Note: For people who may not know, your golden birthday is the birthday where you turn the age that is the same as the day of the month you were born. For example, someone born March 6th, would have a golden birthday when they turned 6.


    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I am having my son's 10th birthday bash this Saturday. We have decided to do a Michael Jackson birthday theme in memory of the late icon. I purchased a pair of skinny jeans, t-shirt, a button up shirt, penny loafers, and I sprayed a pair of socks with spray glitter. He will also do a performance of Michael's favorite hits. I am renting a 2 bedroom suite at the Marriott so that they can swim until midnight. The children are excited and I can not wait to see his performance. (11/05/2009)

    By ow1514

    Archive: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    I need lots of different ideas for an 11 year old girl's golden birthday.

    By Wendy from Wausua, WI


    RE: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    I don't know how much money you are willing to spend, but for a surprise thing you could pick her up from school in a limo, as well as some of her best friends. Then afterward have a sleepover party. And for the sleepover be sure to have music, movies, and lots and lots of snacks. Oh and be prepared to stay up very late! (01/01/2010)

    By Esmerelda99

    Archive: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    I saw ideas for parties for 10 yr. olds, but my son will be 10 on 10-10-10. We've already decided to go bowling with 10 friends. What else related to 10 could I do?

    By Donna from Clinton, TN


    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Since you are going bowling, ask the manager if you can get an old bowling pin and have all the kids sign it. It makes a great weight for balloons at the table and a great memory for when your son gets older. I have also seen lamps made with bowling pins. If your crafty you could do something with dimes. 10 reasons why I think you are awesome (maybe each guest could write one thing). (03/15/2010)

    By Diamondee

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    It might be fun as a game to ask the ten attendees to write one thing they think is a "10" (based on a scale of 1 for icky and 10 for awesome) on a small piece of paper, fold it and have them place in a small basket or cup. Read each one off to the group and everyone will be either giggling, smiling, doing a high five and/or making funny comments that children make ;-) (03/16/2010)

    By Deeli

    RE: Ideas For 10 Year Old's Golden Birthday

    Ten "gilded" dimes? Gold paint from the craft store should only cost a couple of bucks. Could be interesting. (03/20/2010)

    By JustPlainJo

    Archive: Golden Birthday Party Ideas

    What should I do for my daughter's golden birthday?

    By Lillian from Bellingham

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