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Gone with the Wind Prom Theme Ideas

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A girl in a southern prom dress.

Plan your formal dance around this popular 19th century novel and movie about the southern US. This guide contains Gone with the Wind prom theme ideas.



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Question: Gone With The Wind Prom Theme Ideas

I need some ideas for a Gone With the Wind prom theme!
Please help.



Most Recent Answer

By delefa (Guest Post)04/23/2005

you could have a area for pictures with some huge columns like they have on the front of the plantation
homes with a sign that said Tara ,or a fake stairwell .you could make the columns out of cardboard . you could have fans for the girls and tussie mussies for the tables . i guess the carriage and horses would be to much though
haha .good luck . i am from the south and i think it
would be grand idea . ya'' ll have fun!

Solutions: Gone with the Wind Prom Theme Ideas

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