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Groom's Dinner Ideas

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Groom's Dinner Ideas

A supper held before the wedding is usually the responsibility of the groom's family. This guide contains groom's dinner ideas.



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Question: Is There a Difference Between the Rehearsal and Groom's Dinner?

I am the mother of the Groom. The wedding is in August, 2010. I don't have a clue. The Bride says I am responsible for the rehearsal dinner. My sister asked what the plans are for the Groom's dinner. Are these the same thing?

By Lynn from St. Paul, MN


Most Recent Answer

By Cheecky [2]02/19/2010

My daughters husband was from out of state. We did the rehearsal a couple of months in advance. It gave out of town grooman time to come in and have a day with their buddy and do the tux thing and we did the rehearsal that afternoon/evening. The wedding was 300 people at my house. So we did the rehearsal at my house. It gave the families time to bond and stress free.

If you do it the night before it creates more stress for last minute things forgotten and messed up travel arrangements and it doesn't leave a window for out of town bridal party to travel for the wedding. We took a vote and everyone loved coming in advance. It worked for everyone and they raved about it. They all said they would do it for their wedding because it was more pleasant.

Question: Decorations for a Groom's Dinner

Our son is getting married next Fall and does not have a clue what kind of Groom's/Rehearsal dinner. I need ideas for decorations. Does anyone have ideas?

Thanks much!
Cynthia from St.Paul, MN


Most Recent Answer

By Amanda01/27/2009

I think it would be important to know a little about your son, his friends and the venue for said dinner. Does he play a sport? Does he like boats? Some of the best decor is the kind that showcases a life or a personality. The kind of room guests will walk into and say " Wow, this is sooo ( your son's name)", makes it that much more familiar yet unforgetable. Good luck.

Question: Guests at Groomsman's Dinner

Who exactly should all be invited to the dinner? Should it be the wedding party, parents of both couples, grandparents of both couples?

By Kim B.

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