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Growing Marantas (Prayer Plants)

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Marantas (Prayer Plant)

Given the right conditions marantas (prayer plants) are an easy to grow houseplant. This is a guide about growing marantas (prayer plant).



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Question: Marantas (Praying Plant) Has Brown Leaves

Plant with dry brown edges on some leaves.I have had a nice praying plant for years now, sometimes the edges turn brown while the rest of the plant looks healthy and now it's even growing more spotted leaves, but the older ones still have brown edges. I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Does anyone have the same problem or can help me here? I attached a photo it shows new leaves, but some old ones have brown edges.

By lahib


Most Recent Answer

By Linda [1]04/01/2013

I also have this plant. I have noticed that after I fertilize, I end up trimming off leaves that have dried up and turned brown. Some plants create there own nitrogen. My guess is our plants don't need the fertilizer. Happy Gardening!

Question: Replanting Prayer Plants

How do you replant and separate prayer plants?

    By tillib [1]

    Question: Growing a Prayer Plant

    I bought a prayer plant because it reminded me of my mother. Well, I guess I don't have a green thumb when it comes to these plants, the leaves are turning brown and falling off. Could I get some advice on how to take care of it. Thanks.

    By LaurieS

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