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Hair Spray Tips and Tricks

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Woman Applying Hair Spray

Knowing a few things about using this product can save you time and money. This page contains hair spray tips and tricks.


Solutions: Hair Spray Tips and Tricks

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Tip: Uses for Hairspray

Here are a few things you can do with hairspray when you need to substitute for other products.

  1. Don't have any bug spray? Spray flying bugs with Hairspray. It will do them in.

  2. Ball point pen on leather sofa? Spray with Hairspray and then rub with a clean rag. Repeat if necessary.

  3. Want to extend the life of cut flowers? Spray the underside of leaf lightly. Flowers will last longer.

  4. Can't find needle threader? Spray the end of thread lightly and it will stiffen it enough to thread your needle.
Try these, they really work!

By dwedenoja from New Creek, WV

Tip: Hair Spray Tips and Hair Dressing Tips

One of the best hairdresser techniques I have discovered is this:

Buy a "Shaper" spray, and a separate "Freezing" spray, generic brands are o.k. Sebastian is one of the originators, I believe, yet there are generics now at great reductions in cost.

Unless one teases the hair a bit, there's really NO way to hairspray it, without teasing, for BEST CONTROL in unpredictable winds. I use a 3/4" round boar-bristle BRUSH, rather than a comb. I find the brush does less damage in teasing. I trim about 1/4" of hair off every month, cut 1" every three months unless I change styles. Hair grows about 1/2 inch a month for the average person.

Assuming clean hair and no conditioner/oils, a little teasing, working the teasing from the back neckline (nape) upward towards the crown of the head (top off-center point, slightly towards back); stop halfway up, putting the teasing comb/or brush aside a minute; spray both sprays, smoothing and shaping with "Shaper", not "freezing" done secondly when style is exactly what you want. This creates a foundational base of sprayed hair BENEATH the second layer of teasing as you move to the crown and spray again with both. Yes, it takes a LOT more spray than one is used to.

Being careful not to overspray or spray into the unteased hair as best as you can, clipping it out of the way in the direction opposite from the hair section just teased; begin teasing the sides of the head from the ears up, teasing and smoothing hair with a teasing pick/comb towards the direction you wish the hair to go, then spray with both sprays.

I have medium short hair, so it's a miracle trick that works for me and all those I've told, a common trick among better hairstylists for thinning and elder hair, as well as those who like to look better groomed rather than "windblown" all the time, which is currently the "fad", and looks cute on a few younger faces, but appears witchy, in my opinion, on older faces! LOL :-(

Once all teased, shape around the face and the overall/general shape you desire the style to be, spray both one last time concentrating mostly around the face area.


I have not personally found a single product (oily haircreams, or greasy appearing conditioners) other than better hairsprays, that work FOR BEST CONTROL. This method also helps styles to last longer if done correctly.

I prefer sprays in a PUMP spray, which I have been able to get from a Beauty Product Supply house only in the "Freeze" complete with refills available, which eliminates the aerosol in a can spray. yet, the products that work well ALL contain alcohol, and polymers, none of which is good to breathe and must be given more attention when shampooing.

The unfriendly ingredients is the REASON I stress GOOD VENTILATION, otherwise I suggest a more natural HAIR CUT THAT NEEDS NO SPRAYING BECAUSE IT FALLS BACK INTO PLACE WHEN OUT OF THE WIND! Ideally, few chemicals should be necessary, but until a better solution is discovered, I still use hairspray and WITH CAUTION and WISDOM, away from pets and children when in use.

A great haircutter is hard to find, but should be cherished and honored. It is an art that is developed from great teaching, not a talent that just comes naturally from the womb. Once you find one, support them as best as you can with tips, timely arrivals, cooperation, praise, and gratitude/gifts at special occasions. Seldom do they need referrals. You may be lucky to be their patron? Increased communications by doing your homework prior to your visit with them, so that there is no misunderstanding. Search for the style you hope to get, provided it goes with your face shape, hair texture/thickness, that your hair is in good condition and proper length.

They are a RARE BREED now, nearing extinction because teachers of great haircutting are dying out with age, and a great cut takes TIME and TIME IS MONEY in any industry, right? I seldom could afford to get my own hair cut, so I learned to cut it myself using an around the neck mirror first for many years, graduating to a three way mirror as I adapted well to the dexterity needed, then adding at last a fourth mirror across from the three-way so I could actually see the very back, finally. With time and experience in practicing my OWN hair dressing/ cutting, I was able to save a lifetime of savings. Only the best hairdressers deserve to charge higher prices which is usually the tradition in America.

In my opinion, because various ethnicities have VERY different needs in regards to their hair, I believe they should seek a hairdresser with hair like theirs, although SOME have had experience in MANY DIFFERENT HAIR TYPES.

Another tip should your hair seem uncooperative at any point after using hairspray a while: Use a "Daily Clarifying Shampoo" only for a few seconds, once a week, only with warm water, NEVER hot, unless you have naturally thick, oily hair, sweat often, or are outside in the elements a lot.

Keeping in mind that this sort of shampoo is harsh for good reason, it's "cutting through the hairspray buildup that comes with regular use of hairsprays". One remedy to this is to avoid using hairspray more often than is necessary. However, when you know you will be in/ out of wind, the technique/trick is one of the very best used secrets in the industry, not even known by all hairdressers, until now.

By Lynda from Texas

Tip: Protecting Your Eyes When Using Hairspray

I wear contacts and also use hair spray, I found that spraying my hair after putting on a sun visor keeps the hair spray out of my eyes and off my face.

Hope this helps someone whether or not you wear contacts.

By RoseMary B. from Texas Creek, CO

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