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Homemade Decorations for a Baby's Nursery

Baby's Nursery

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time, filled with activities including decorating the nursery. This is a guide about homemade decorations for a baby's nursery.


Solutions: Homemade Decorations for a Baby's Nursery

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Personalized Name Decoration for Nursery

Violet hanging letters.Many nurseries include the child's name or initials on the wall. Why not make this sweet accent yourself?

Approximate Time 1-2 hours


  • foam board
  • tissue paper, any color/design
  • tape (or glue)
  • scissors
  • computer/printer (optional)


I'm not particularly crafty, but at the end of my pregnancy, I suddenly decided I had to have something with my daughter's name or initials in her room. I didn't like the style or cost of wooden letters, so I made my own wall art while I was off work, waiting for my due date.

I found a font that I liked (you can use your computer's existing ones or download one) and typed the letters in a big size, like say 72. Then print the letters out and cut them out. Trace the letters on your foam board and cut them out. (You can also do your letters freehand if you want, no printer required.) Don't worry if the edges are rough because next you cover the letters in tissue paper. It helps smooth out the lines. I taped the tissue paper to the back of each letter (like wrapping a present almost). Just make sure you are making the correct side of the letter pretty! (I think I made the V backward, but you can't really tell.)

I was going to mount the letters onto a piece of foam board covered in tissue paper, but it was too busy, so I used strips of tissue paper to hang the letters from the larger piece. (You could also use ribbon, string, whatever.)

Note: you could probably use glue for any of these steps as well if you prefer.

If you want to make sure you don't rip it when you take it down, I recommend putting packing tape on the back of the larger piece, then mounting it with some double-sided tape. I didn't do this and when we moved, the back was a little damaged, but it's still intact!


By CK from Herndon, VA

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