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Homemade Dry Erase Boards

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Homemade Dry Erase Boards

Money can be saved by making your own white board. This guide is about homemade dry erase boards.


Solutions: Homemade Dry Erase Boards

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Tip: Use Refrigerator as Dry Erase Board

Whiteboards are awesome items to have around the house. Uses range from chore lists to honey-do lists and reminders. If you don't own one already, I bet you already have one that you weren't aware of - your refrigerator!

Before you go writing all over it, test an inconspicuous small area to ensure its erasability. I attached the sticky side of a magnet to a dry erase marker so I don't have to scramble around looking for something to write with. My kid's chore list is on the front of ours so they don't need a verbal reminder of what they need to do. Hope this helps someone else too.

By ppotter from Hillsborough, NC

Tip: Page Protectors as Frugal Dry Erase Board

I use page protectors. Just put white paper or card stock inside the protector and you have a portable, cheap and double sided dry erase board. Another kind of board is to have a piece of card stock laminated. My local library has laminating services that are reasonably priced, if you don't own your own laminator (most people do not).

    By Jennifer [1]

    Tip: Homemade Dry Erase Board

    Staple a dollar store vinyl shower curtain to a piece of plywood for a quick and easy dry erase board.

    By Monica from Cortez, CO

    Tip: Small Tile for Message Board

    A light colored tile used as a dry erase message board, with red writing.I use a small tile for a dry erase board. You do not have to use dry erase markers. You can use color markers that are not permanent, like the kind the kids draw with. They are great for people to leave messages on, and the kids enjoy it a lot.

    I have this one on a table on the porch. There is always a message there from me to the kids or from the kids to me. You simply wipe with a wet cloth, and it is clean. It doesn't wear out like a regular dry erase board. If you wanted to bring it in the house, I would attach felt to the back of it so as not to scratch furniture.

    By Robin F. from Hampton, TN

    Dry Erase Tile

    Dry Erase Birthday TileThis is a really fun project to give as a gift for kids or parents. You can make anything from count down to Christmas or birthday tiles or count down to baby tiles.


    • tile
    • water
    • ribbon
    • hot glue gun
    • pencil
    • dry erase marker
    • paint
    • paint marker
    • paint brushes
    • alcohol & cotton ball


    1. After you have gathered all your supplies, clean the face of your tile with the alcohol and cotton ball, this will removes oils so you can see your pencil marks clearly.
    2. Next use a pencil to draw out your words and design on the tile (this is a draft, if you make a mistake dont worry you can wipe it away with the alcohol.) This step is an important one, take your time with it, after the next step everything is permanent.
    3. When you are happy with your design use your paint marker to draw the outlines and words on permanently. Watch carefully so your hand doesn't smear the paint. When you are done let the tile dry for 2-3 minutes.
    4. Next select your paints and fill in the colors to your design. Note that you want to leave the area for the dry erase marker paint free. The dry erase marker will not wipe away if you use it on the painted parts of the tile.
    5. Let the tile dry about 20 minutes before you continue. The next step is to cut your ribbon the length you like and tie it to your dry erase marker. Using your hot glue gun attach the ribbon to the back of the tile.
    6. Back side of tile showing hanger and attachment of marker.

    7. If your tile does not have holes at the top to string a hanging ribbon through you can use the hot glue gun to glue a wire or string/ribbon into place at the back. If you are using wire or ribbon that does not match make sure to glue it low enough that when you hang the tile you cannot see it.
    Tile with attached marker.

    By Eva Marie Stasiak

    Tip: Inexpensive White Boards for Fridge

    I have a lot of lists on my fridge and was going to buy dry erase white boards for each list... too expensive. So I purchased clear overhead transparency sheets and pens, Mounted them to the fridge with magnets. Now for little cost I can have as many "white boards" I need.

    By Sandi

    Tip: Make A Dry Erase Board With Contact Paper

    White dry erase boards are costly, especially large ones. Instead, I stick white contact paper to the front of my refrigerator. Dry erase markers work well on it and can be wiped with a damp cloth or special dry erase spray. I keep track of school events and meals and never have to search for my calendar. When it gets dingy (once or twice a year) I just peel it off and apply a new sheet.

    By Amy

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    Here are questions related to Homemade Dry Erase Boards.

    Question: Make Your Own Dry Erase Board

    Is there a way to make a small (12" x 18") Dry erase board? (White surface markerboard)

    The ones I have seen are so expensive.

    Hank from Syracuse


    Most Recent Answer

    By Mike (Guest Post)01/16/2008

    Try or . They have dry erase skins that you can place on a board or binder to instantly create a dry erase surface. Their product also removes permanent marker, crayon and other writings without staining.
    They have white surfaces and transparent surfaces that allow color, images, and lines to show through.