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Homemade Flavored Coffee Creamer Recipes

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Instead of buying expensive flavored creamers try making your own special blends. This page contains homemade flavored coffee creamer recipes.


Solutions: Homemade Flavored Coffee Creamer Recipes

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Recipe: Delicious Homemade Flavored Coffee Creamer

I love those flavored coffee creamers from the store. But what are they made of? Is there anything that sounds edible in there? And who knows what they don't put on the label! So I researched making your own. The recipe I like used sweetened condensed milk, but that is expensive and, besides, condensing it cooks all the nutrition out.

So I researched making my own. Most of the recipes are the same. They all call for butter - I don't want the added fat - and a blender. Well, I am way too lazy to get the blender out. So I tried making my own recipe, and darned if it isn't the best tasting creamer ever! Now, it's not healthy, it has a lot of sugar (you can easily cut it in half, I've started doing that), but if you like your coffee sweet, you can add the whole amount. The dry milk is non-fat, and you can use skim milk; I use 2%.


  • 2 cups dry milk
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 Tbsp almond extract, or any other flavor you choose
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 4 cups milk


  1. Mix the dry milk and sugar in the container you want to use (I use an empty bottle from commercial coffee creamer, the giant size)
  2. Add the water and flavoring, put the lid on the bottle, and shake very well.
  3. Add the milk and shake even better to get the sugar to melt away.
  4. Shake it a little every time you use it.
  5. Store in the refridgerator. It keeps for the same amount of time as the milk you used. (It never lasts us that long!)

By Free2B [216]

Recipe: Homemade Irish Cream Creamer

Easy and delicious in coffee.


  • 1/4 cup ground mint flakes
  • 1 cup coffee creamer, plain or flavored
  • 1 cup powered milk
  • 1 cup powered quik , choc. prefered
  • 4 tsp cinnamon
  • 3 tsp nutmeg
  • 4 tsp ginger
  • 3 tsp cloves
  • 4 gelatine 'Knox' pkts
  • 2 tea bags of chai tea

Once in awhile, I will add another flavor, like vanilla extract.



  1. Sift all ingredients together.
  2. Store in a airtight container.
  3. Use 2-4 teaspoons with coffee or tea

Source: nope, just a mix of other things added

By leeannam47 [1]

Tip: Homemade Flavored Liquid Coffee Creamer

Those flavored liquid coffee creamers are wonderful but does anyone make their own? Seems there must be some way to reduce the cost. My favorite is French Vanilla. Thanks in advance for any help.

Lady Claire from Buffalo, NY

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Here are questions related to Homemade Flavored Coffee Creamer Recipes.

Question: French Vanilla Coffee Creamer Recipe

How do I make French vanilla coffee creamer?

By William

Most Recent Answer

By versitalbear08/28/2012

Everyone is in luck, I know how, have made my own for years now, and the recipe comes in two types, really easy and totally organic. However it helps to understand what the components really are. You simply cannot take cream and add vanilla to it and have French Vanilla creamer, this would simply be vanilla creamer. You have to know what "French" vanilla is. "French" vanilla is actually a custard base with fresh vanilla bean added for flavor. The custard base is simply milk, sugar, and eggs that you cook to get the flavor and most of all the thick creamy body.

As you guessed it, the very best recipe is also the very worst for your diet. The recipe ingredient amounts can be altered to your own tastes but it starts like this...

2 eggs, whole and very well beaten.
4 cups cold milk, (if you use skim milk and want a thicker creamy body add one extra egg or reduce the milk to 3 1/2 cups).
1/2 cup sugar.
2 fresh vanilla beans (more or less to taste, I think 2 is "very" vanilla), (slit the vanilla bean length wise and carefully scrap the insides of the bean out of the husk and throw the husk away keeping only the inside of the bean).

In a sauce pan, add the milk, sugar, vanilla and beaten eggs and whisk until well blended. Turn on the stove to low. Slowly stir the mixture constantly while heating (to prevent scalding, if you scald the mixture you cannot save it, dump it out and start over). The mixture is done when the mixture thickens, turn the heat off and continue to stir for 2 or 3 minutes to be sure. place the mixture in a clean jar and let cool 15 to 30 minutes then place in the fridge. Be sure to date it because it will only keep for a maximum of 10 days.

This second recipe is almost as good as the first but it is also far better than store bought creamer.
Pro's: It doesn't need to be cooked, takes about 10 minutes to make, it is super simple to make.
Con's: It isn't as good as the first but far better than bought, and you have to shake it before you use it. (not a big deal)

1 12 oz can of sweetened condensed milk.
3 cups cold milk (I use skim "no fat" and I love it.)
your choice of 2 or 3 vanilla beans (only the insides like in the other recipe above) or 1 Tbsp. good quality vanilla extract ( I use Watkins and it's great).
1 small pkg of instant vanilla pudding, (some stores will have a French Vanilla flavor and it tastes a bit better)

As per the pudding directions whisk the pudding and 2 cups of the milk until it starts to thicken.
Add the rest of the ingredients and the rest of the milk and whisk until smooth. (If you like a sweet creamer, taste it, because it will be a bit sweet anyway, you can add sugar to your tastes).

Makes almost two quarts and can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. I use this recipe most of the time and I think it is very very good.

Note: I kept a 64oz creamer bottle to keep my homemade creamer in and no one can tell it from the store bought creamer. Enjoy!

Question: Coffee Creamer Recipes

Does anybody have a recipe for flavored coffee creamers?

By Patricia from Gulfport, MS

Question: Homemade Flavored Powdered Coffee Creamer

I'm in need of some homemade flavored dry coffee creamer recipes.

By Deb from Kellogg, IA

Most Recent Answer

By Terri [2]11/19/2009

Get a fresh vanilla bean, carefully cut it in half vertically (down the long side) and place it (full or you may only need half) in some powdered milk. Shake it daily for about 1-2 weeks (depending on how strong you want it) and you'll have vanilla flavored "creamer." You can also use this same technique on sugar. It's super-yummy and one vanilla bean goes a long way!

Question: Coffee Mate Caramel Vanilla Flavored Creamer Recipe

I have been spending over $30 a month on liquid flavored coffee creamer. I know someone out there has a recipe for the French Vanilla Caramel creamer by Coffeemate. Please help. My hubby loves this stuff and it's killing our food budget. This is the only way I get to share my morning with him, otherwise he doesn't drink it. Thanks in advance.

Tina from Tenino, WA

Most Recent Answer

By Teresa Brough [1]11/21/2008

We gave up on prepackaged long ago. If you are near a World Market, you can buy a 25.4 oz bottle of Torani brand syrup for about $7.00 a bottle They have Caramel, Vanilla, Toasted Marshmallow, French Vanilla and several other syrups. You only need an ounce at the most and you can save a lot of money. If you cannot find the syrup locally, you can find it on the internet: Torani or R Torre & co. Sam's Club also sells coffee syrups. You can then choose whatever type of creamer you want to use.