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How to Cure Upset Stomach and Vomiting


Nothing is simpler than fixing an upset stomach or stop vomiting.
Try this old family remedy and you can be sure it's going to be the best remedy for stomach flu, hangover, or anything else that turn your stomach. You will want to share this simple and cheap trick with everyone.

Prepare the recipe of the black pepper in one glass and get another glass of plain water to rinse your mouth after ingesting the recipe.
Take some black pepper, about 1/2 a teaspoon (yes really) and add it to a glass of water. Drink it fast, and all. Then rinse your mouth right away after ingesting the 1st glass, so no pepper stays in your mouth.

You think its going to hurt your stomach? No, instead it settles it for good. You think its going to be too strong and make you gag more? No, it's not. Black pepper has no taste in water. It won't even upset your stomach. What it will do is shock your stomach and stop the vomiting immediately. Trying this trick will be the cheapest and most efficient way to stop you from being sick again.

    By Suzanne B. [1]


    By susan 33 441 03/05/2013

    Do you need to repeat this or is this a "take once and you're cured" cure? You mention about the "first glass".

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    By lori 2 03/05/2013

    My daughter has had a upset stomach for days. I had her try the pepper with water and she started to feel better right away. Thanks so much for this great remedy. Lori

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    By lori 2 03/05/2013

    The second glass of water is only to rinse the pepper from your mouth. You really do need to drink the pepper water fast and then rinse or the pepper starts getting stuck between your teeth.

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    By Linda 1 25 03/05/2013

    What is the pepper recipe? Or is it just pepper and water? How much pepper?

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    By Ena J. 7 03/06/2013

    Sound like a good one. When your that sick you need to get hydrated. So this I will try when sickness hits.

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    By Grandma J 54 1,041 03/06/2013

    Are you using commercial pepper (dust) or real pepper? Which color, dark, white or colored? I only have peppercorns in the house, (I won't use the pepper dust residue sold as table pepper.
    And I can't imagine swallowing that. I keep fresh ginger cut into little bites and frozen in the freezer. That is the #1 medical recommendation for children as well as pregnant women. Hence forth, the commercial gingerale soda pop.

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