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Ice Maker Only Dispensing Crushed Ice

Category Ice Machines
It is bewildering when your refrigerator ice maker begins to dispense only crushed ice, even when you select cubes. This is a guide about ice maker only dispensing crushed ice.


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May 16, 2016

My Kenmore 795.7106 bottom freezer has a refrigerator door icemaker. Soft buttons on the door allow changing from ice cubes, to crushed ice, to water. The control is stuck in crushed ice mode. How can this be fixed?

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August 3, 20160 found this helpful

Thank you for the tip luckywinks! I removed ice maker tray, cleared all ice from tray and on closer inspection, noticed pieces of crushed ice jammed into the chopper blades. So cleared all of those, made sure the auger was free moving and put everything back. Works like new.

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November 13, 20160 found this helpful

My ice maker is stuck on crushed. How do I fix this other than just touching the ice cube button?

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January 27, 20170 found this helpful


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January 2, 2016

We have a Kenmore fridge model 106.580. Our ice maker dispenses crushed ice, but will not dispense cubes. Does anyone one know what could be wrong?

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January 14, 20160 found this helpful

I've experienced that before and it ended up being a frozen water line... defrost your freezer and it might fix your problem.

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February 19, 2015

I can only get crushed ice even when I push to get cubes.

By James

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February 20, 20150 found this helpful

You can contact the manufacturer online or phone for help or request a service repair company check and recommend a repair.

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May 18, 20160 found this helpful

This post helped lead me to a solution which I fixed myself... No need for a repairman. I simply removed the tray and ran hot water through both sides of the elements. I had just emptied my ice maker the night before so I knew something was up. Where could the "e ring solenoid" have gone? Really?! How could have it burned out on an 18-month old fridge? I rarely use my ice dispenser and it seems it just got hung up in there, stuck on "crush." Once I looked up the part and determined it was part of the carrier, I knew it wasn't part of the electronic panel. Thank you for all the prior posts. I hope my post is helpful to your situation and stay cool!

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July 30, 20160 found this helpful

I have a elderly neighbor who has a kenmore side-by-side refrigerator that only dispenses crushed ice, even when set on cubed setting. He found a solid brass pin with hole in end laying on the floor in front of refrigerator. I was not able to locate any missing parts in dispenser. Unable to determine source of pin or cause of dispenser not dispensing cubed ice. Any suggestions?

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January 10, 2011

My Frigidaire model "FPS23LH5DW0" side by side refrigerator's icemaker will only dispense crushed ice now. I replaced the filter yesterday and cleaned out the ice bucket and now it will not give ice cubes, only crushed. Any advice on how to fix?


By Michael from Palm Springs, CA

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November 11, 20110 found this helpful

I also had this problem with my Frigidaire Gallery fridge. I was following the instructions that Nancy from Tampa FL gave above. When we removed the mounting bracket and spiral rod assembly, we noticed a spring fell out. What we found was the E Ring Solenoid was missing. With a trip to Home Depot and the purchase of a 50 cents E Ring Solenoid (3/16 in), we now have cubed and crushed ice.

By Karen from Houston TX

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August 2, 20160 found this helpful

I changed the silinoid . Still don't change from cruched to cubed why

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August 5, 20130 found this helpful

I have a through the door ice maker with a switch for crushed ice or whole cubes. No matter which setting is selected the ice comes out crushed. What do I need to look for or do to fix?

By John

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December 26, 20130 found this helpful

My side by side refrigerator will only make crushed ice, even when the setting is for cubed ice.

By Ed

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December 29, 20130 found this helpful

This also happened to our side by side, several years ago...just now got it fixed. Repairman found the solenoid that regulated the switch movement from one mode to the other was burnt out. He replaced it, no easy task because of the interior work, and it works like it's supposed to now.

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May 14, 20110 found this helpful

Our Kenmore refrigerator can dispense cube ice or crushed ice. There are buttons to press to choose which you want. We have it set to dispense cube ice however, nothing but crushed ice will come out, no matter which button we press.

By Robert B.

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June 6, 20110 found this helpful

This is undoubtedly a solenoid problem. You will have to call a refrigerator repair person.

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June 24, 20120 found this helpful

My Maytag will only dispense crushed ice.

By Pat

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May 31, 20120 found this helpful

My ice maker is working, but it won't change over from crushed to cubes. The light on the front lights as though the cube option is working, but all we get is crushed. What do I need to do to fix it?

By Val D

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February 28, 20120 found this helpful

In my Kenmore model 106.9551711 the ice dispenser stopped crushing ice and was very noisy. I replaced the unit and now it only dispenses crushed ice. Moving the selector on the door has no effect. It will not dispense cubes. Did I not install it right?

By Jim S. from Duncanville, TX

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January 10, 20110 found this helpful

I have a side by side Kenmore ice dispenser that is only making crushed ice. It will not switch back to whole cubes?

By Matt from Midwest


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July 17, 20100 found this helpful

I have a Kenmore side by side refrigerator model number 106.9512810. I can only get crushed ice from the icemaker, no cubed.

By Jerry from Fairhope, AL


Ice Maker Only Dispensing Crushed Ice

We had the same problem with a Kenmore side by side which we no longer have. If you take out the bin with the ice in it, right behind it there should be a very small box with a lever in it. It doesn't exactly look like a lever, but a piece of plastic that is in the little box, and it slides up and down. It gets stuck down or up (I forget which). You can just push it with your fingers, usually. Push it up and down a few times to unfreeze it. Replace the ice tray and try to run cubes. Hope that helps. (04/07/2010)

By Ginnywest

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April 6, 20100 found this helpful

Our Frigidaire ice maker only puts out crushed ice from the dispenser. We can't get cubes; is something bent that I can unbend? I am getting tired of bagging the tray with cubed ice.

By Nancy from Tampa, FL


Ice Maker Only Dispensing Crushed Ice

Just fixed this same problem on my Frigidaire side by side. For over a year it has only been giving us crushed ice, frustrating. Pretty easy fix if you are somewhat handy with a screw driver. Remove the tray holding ice, on the side of that tray should be a metal rod that activates the crushed/cubed function. There is a motor on that activates a lever that will push the end of the rod down or pull it up depending on what you have selected.

The problem I found is the motor was frozen, no duh since it is in the freezer, but you need to remove the mounting bracket and spiral rod assembly. To remove this there are two small bolts on the bottom of that bracket, remove those and lift up on the entire bracket assembly. This will remove from the mounting bracket at rear of freezer. Now for the hard part, you need to unplug the wire connection that runs into the back of the freezer. There are two plastic clips on each side of that connector. You need to push the top of those clips on both sides and pull the connector apart. All at the same time. The wire also is connected to the ice maker itself, so you also need to disconnect that connector, much easier to disconnect that, squeeze the clips on each side and pull apart.

Now you should be able to remove the entire ice tray and spiral gear assembly. Be careful as the light bulb is on the bottom back side and it is probably pretty hot as it has been on now for several minutes while you were trying to get all of this done. Now you need to take the back plastic cover off, by removing the two silver screws from the bottom rail. By removing the plastic cover you can gain access to the spiral gear motor and most importantly the cubed/crushed actuator motor. If it is anything like mine, it will be covered in ice crystals, let that melt or use a hair dryer to speed it up.

Once that is unfrozen, you should be able to move the metal rod (shaft) back and forth. There is a spring on the opposite end of the shaft from the motor and that will push or pull up the lever that in turn moves the rod to allow for cubes instead of crushed ice. I used some silicone spray on the shaft after I dried it off in an effort to prevent freezing again.

So far so good. Once you have that shaft moving freely, reassemble the unit by replacing the rear cover with the two metal screws and place the assembly back in the freezer. Plug the harness back into the connector, it only fits on the female end one way, but you can look at the orientation of the round holes and square holes and get it lined up correctly. It goes together much easier than it came apart.

The light bulb will turn back on once you have it connected correctly, don't forget to also connect pigtail connector to the ice maker itself. Now if you hold the door open/closed switch in and push the ice dispenser lever on front of door, you should see the motor push down the actuator that in turn will push down the end of the brass rod which then opens the latch at the dispenser end to allow cubed ice with out going through the crusher.

Make sure you have the cubed button on front activated before you test this. You will not see any difference by just pushing the cubed or crushed buttons on the front of freezer. You will only see a difference in that actuator once the ice dispenser lever is pushed. As long as that is working, make sure to replace the two metal bolts on the bottom of the mounting bracket. Replace the ice tray and enjoy your cubed ice. Hope this helps. (01/13/2010)

By champion1769

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December 30, 20090 found this helpful

My ice maker makes ice well, but only dispenses crushed ice. How do I get cubes?

By Herb from LA


Ice Maker Only Dispensing Crushed Ice

There should be a little switch if your ice maker is made to dispense cubes. Not all are. Some just make crushed ice. You should look at the ice maker itself on the inside and out. If it makes cubes at all there will be a small switch that should be marked that will switch it over from crushed to cubed. Good luck.

Just to let you know I was searching for the same kind of switch. I couldn't find it and had to pay $80 for the Kenmore guy to come to the house and show me. It isn't cheap, so look well and figure out if your machine actually makes cubed ice in the door. (11/20/2009)

By gotaspellonyou2

Ice Maker Only Dispensing Crushed Ice

If you no longer have the manual to your refrigerator try finding it online to find out where the switch is to change the ice making process. If nothing else it will confirm cube ice is not possible. (11/20/2009)

By Suntydt

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