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Inexpensive Wedding Favor Ideas

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wedding favor candy tins

A small reminder of your special occasion doesn't have to cost much. This guide contains inexpensive wedding favor ideas.



Here are questions related to Inexpensive Wedding Favor Ideas.

Question: Ideas For Unique Wedding Favors

Our son is getting married this July. (2008) Does anyone have any ideas for wedding reception table decorations/favors? We've done the Hershey Kiss long stemmed roses and personalized fortune cookies with our own fortunes. Since we'd like to do 300 or more, we'd like them to be affordable but memorable.

I'd like people to leave the wedding saying, did you see what they did for Tobey's wedding? Or that was the cutest thing I've ever seen for a wedding favor. Thanks in advance for the ideas.

Sandie from Curtice, OH


Most Recent Answer

By jenthehen77 (Guest Post)08/14/2008

We are getting married this October and what we are gonna do is make compact disks with our wedding music on them.

Question: Inexpensive, Nice Wedding Reception Gifts

Can any one share with me a very cheap nice wedding reception gift for guests on tables?



Most Recent Answer

By adrianne n (Guest Post)10/19/2008

For my brothers wedding we bought plastic spoons tulle ribbon and bags of hershey's kisses. We wrapped three kisses on a spoon in tulle, and on the ribbon we printed out a small note that read a spoon full of kisses from the mister and misses. They were a big hit and very inexpensive.

Question: Table Favors for 200+ Wedding Guests

I am helping with table favors for a friend's wedding. Originally there were supposed to be about 100 guests, now it looks like it may be 200+. Any ideas? The colors are pink, white, and black.

Debbie from Shallotte, NC

Most Recent Answer

By wed_planner (Guest Post)05/05/2008

Don't know if you still need it, but since there are so many guests I would do pink and white favor boxes filled with candy, the boxes shouldn't be that expensive, I put a link of some boxes, and if you call the company they would probably give you a discount since you are buying so many. ... ?$catalog.Oem=Tins%2C+Bags+%26+Boxes

Question: Wedding Favor Ideas

I am looking for ideas for wedding favors, novel ideas, and ofcourse, within the bride's budget. I know your readers have great experience in sharing their novel ideas.

Nancy from Denham Springs, LA

Most Recent Answer

By Monique [5]11/11/2010

I purchased simple wine goblets in bulk, and tied a handmade tag, with mine and my husband's names and our wedding date printed on them. I tied the tags on with raffia. The guest were told the goblets were theirs to keep. I got pretty little plastic goblets for the younger kids. Everyone there was thrilled with the idea of using their goblets to toast the bride and groom, and then taking them home.

Question: Cheap Wedding Favors

Can anyone tell me where to find cheap wedding favors? Silver color preffered.

Omayra from NY

Most Recent Answer

By melody_yesterday [213]01/20/2008

i just found this today - seemed like a nice idea : origami wedding !
let me know what you think !

Question: Inexpensive Wedding Favors

I am wondering if anyone has any good inexpensive (of course), not too time consuming, and fun ideas for wedding favors?

Jen from Des Moines, WA

Most Recent Answer

By courtney (Guest Post)01/02/2007

try a candy bar.

get bags or boxes colored with the wedding theme and the bride & groom's names on the bags/boxes. then, the guests can fill their bags with whatever candies they like...

have maybe 5-6 candies to choose from that fit within the theme of the wedding.

Solutions: Inexpensive Wedding Favor Ideas

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