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Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

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Many young couples can not or choose not to have an expensive wedding. Planning a wedding on a smaller budget does not mean that your special day will not be beautiful and memorable. This is a guide about inexpensive wedding ideas.


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January 30, 20050 found this helpful

Have your wedding on a Sunday afternoon or even on a weeknight. The demand is way less for these days and you can get better rates and deals. I personally love Sunday weddings in the middle of the afternoons. It seems like there is always more attendance, too.

By Kat

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January 30, 20050 found this helpful

Good Idea. Valentine's Day 1995 was a Tues and

we did it outdoors (CA) and a lot of people called

and said on a Tuesday??? I said yes and it was

great afternoon those who were important to me

were there.

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January 25, 2010

I need cheap ideas for a $300 wedding for 50 people. The dress and place are already taken care of. They are having a church wedding in July. My sister doesn't have a lot of money to throw her daughter a wedding. Any ideas? Is it possible? Thanks.

By Tammy from Phelan, CA

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January 29, 20100 found this helpful

I have seen people totally decorate for a wedding out of the Dollar Tree store! If you can find a good one, the biggest in your city, that one will have the most supplies for your wedding. I hope this helps!

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January 31, 20100 found this helpful

Have a pot luck wedding where everyone brings a favorite recipe along with the recipe written on an index card and then the bride makes everyone copies of all recipes and gives them to the guests as a thank you.

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February 4, 20100 found this helpful

Yes, it can be done. Use Christmas clear lights for decorating. Use all you have and borrow some

from friends.

I had a champagne & cake reception following the wedding. We had beer, champagne, sodas and lots of great appetizers. Tortilla pinwheels were a hit and can be made a few days ahead. Buy inexpensive large salsa jugs add, canned shoepeg corn, corn, black beans and it will stretch salsa and looks and tastes good add a splash of lemon or lime juice.

People also love spinach dips. If you want a meal then have family make some to bring from bride and groom. That will help. Also keep track of who brings what as you can say Thank you for it in the TY notes. Cut up fresh fruits.

The point is for all to enjoy and have a great time. I could not afford much yet it turned out a million times better than I planned. So good luck!

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February 7, 20100 found this helpful

Thanks everyone for your ideas. I passed them on to my sister.

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February 18, 20100 found this helpful

We did a real simple centerpiece, that's really inexpensive but looks really great! I took Pringles Chip cans and wrapped them in a coordinating scrapbook paper and added a ribbon with raffia and a twig. Then I put sand in the bottom and added some simple floral stuff around the rim and then the bridesmaid's and myself put our flowers in the containers after the wedding to get double use out of the same flowers and it looked wonderful and no one noticed that they were the same flowers.

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By 0 found this helpful
September 15, 2008

I have a friend who is getting married in March and she wants a nice wedding with bridesmaids and all, but she doesn't want to spend a lot of money. Any ideas on how she can have a nice wedding without breaking her piggy bank?

Summer from Osceola, Arkansas

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By guest (Guest Post)
September 23, 20080 found this helpful

For my wedding, which is coming up in 2009, I have kept a very tight budget. I bought my dress on eBay; it is a simple, dusty rose number. ($70). We are going to spend the money on the reception and get married in the judge's chambers on a Wednesday ($40 including license and marriage fee). My apartment complex has a community room, and since our party will be just 30 people or so, we are going to rent that room ($100 deposit, $50 gets returned at the end of the night). My fiancee and I opted for a more casual wedding, so we are letting everyone know that nice jeans and nice tops or summer dresses will be great (we have a lot of girls coming, as he has sisters and neices and I have 2 sisters myself). My friend's sister does photography as a hobby and is going to do pictures for us for a low cost, around $50. The wedding menu is going to be a mock Thanksgiving meal of turkey and the fixings ($60). As wedding favors, we are going to have people take home the leftovers! For music, I have a friend who is going to loan us his stereo and we can mix and match types of music to play. My hair will be done by a hairstylist friend of mine. For beverages, we decided that we will have soda and one keg of beer for the beer drinkers, and a pitcher of the hairstylist's and other friend (the one who is loaning me the stereo)'s favorite drinks. If anyone wants something special, they will need to bring it themselves. Finally, a lot can be said for the craft section at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, etc., to get silk flowers and even material to make a veil. I promised my fiancee that we could get out of the wedding cheaply, and I intend to keep that promise!

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By guest (Guest Post)
September 27, 20080 found this helpful

Look for dresses at the mall. I found my dress in the prom section at Dillards. It is a white mermaid style dress with a aqua ribbon at the waist for $39. It pays to look for good deals. I am opting to not have attendants and have a very small ceremony so that will also help with cost. Also printing your own invitations is a big help. Michaels, Target and WalMart all have very nice do-it-yourself invitation kits.

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September 27, 20080 found this helpful

Look at the mall for dresses. I found my dress at Dillards for $39. It is a beautiful white mermaid style with aqua ribbon at waist. Also printing your own invitations can save a lot of money. If you are having a small wedding you may want to keep the reception to something simple. I am just having a small family ceremony with just cake afterwards. I am also not having any attendants so that others don't pay too much as well.

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By guest (Guest Post)
September 29, 20080 found this helpful

Think about what you would like to do if you could afford anything. Then, think about alternatives for those things.

For example; I wanted daisies and a hand-tied bouquet. So instead, we bought silk flowers and wrapped the stems with ribbon and floral pins. The guys also wore silk flowers with ribbon touches, and the moms and grandmothers had a different type of daisy corsage. Floral tape is cheap and you can copy a design you like.

We decorated with white Christmas lights. They are pretty cheap if you have to buy them, but everyone has a few strands so we just combined our resources. The lights make a very elegant glow.

We did have our own music, that was copied from cds and downloaded online, then compiled onto mix cds for different things (dancing, listening, etc.).

We scrapped the favor, program, name card ideas because they usually end up in the trash and are a waste of money. The church we were married in did not have a/c, so we decided to make paper fans instead. these were paid for by my aunt as a gift.

We had our first communion together instead of the candles and all the candle holders (which cost money). We bought bread on sale at the grocery store, grape juice, a cheap matching bottle and glass set, and used my great grandmother's bread bowl, and some fake fruit for decoration. Someone let us borrow a beautiful lace tablecloth for the communion table.

We didn't decorate the church much, but it was beautiful in itself. We did hang some wreaths on the door that were I think $8 at walmart. We added a few flowers and bows that matched the others, and we did hang some floral garland off the clearance rack at michael's on the banisters outside of the church.

The men bought suits at s&k menswear (2 for 1), so they all matched. The girls bought a dress from jc penney online for about $50. It looks like a nice Easter dress, but they all match, and they bought shoes from jc penney as well. $25 the kid's outfits wee bought at burlington coat factory and jc penney. flower girl dress was $50, and boys outfits were $20 each. they were a little 3 piece casual suit and tie. I spent the most money on my dress - that's important!

For the food, we bought it in bulk from a barbecue place and had family and friends serve it. We fed everyone for less than $8 a person. We used canned cokes and bottled water in metal bins with ice (no need to buy cups). Since it was a barbecue dinner, paper plates was perfect.

We found this photographer that was awesome through word of mouth. She charged $500 plus travel expenses (our wedding was out of town) and I think it totaled about $1300. She was there the entire weekend, no time limits, and she caught everything we wanted, and we got all the files and some free prints.

Overall we spent $4500 on our wedding, including the hotel suite for the weekend

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By guest (Guest Post)
October 3, 20080 found this helpful

I'd recommend cutting back on how much you'll pay for the dress & then resell at a consignment store because it's just going to take up storage for the next 20+ years. It's EXTREMELY doubtful your kids will like the style anyways. It's a white dress, any white dress will do just adjust the skirt size to your formality. All the hand beading, frills, lacing, etc. is unnecessary or you can add a few details yourself to make it special.

Spend time exercising every day, eating nutritious food, use tasteful make-up and you'll make any dress gorgeous. If you're sentimental, keep the veil as a momento instead. Veils are super easy to make & that will give it added significance. Don't spend a lot of money on the shoes either, use white ones you already have, or as I'm going to do, just spray paint a pretty pair from the thrift store gold. No one can tell the difference.

Having the reception & ceremony in the same place can be more cost effective. Wedding invitations get thrown away so design your own, & buy card stock & vellum in bulk yourself. You can find lots of free images on line to create pretty borders http://karenswh  ble-borders.shtm & the fonts Lucida Calligraphy & Baskerville Oldface look pretty.

Address your cards to families so you don't have to send one to each cousin or child who's moved out. Make your reply card a post-card & save on postage costs! You can cut back on the cake by just getting a 2-tier fancy one to do the cake cutting ceremony & then have a basic sheet cake with similar colors/decorations to feed everyone. We're also keeping the size down to 50 people only which saves on food & favors. For favors do a quick ebay search "wedding favor seeds" and you'll get tons of cheap options if you're florally inclined.

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November 15, 2010

I am looking for ideas for how to plan a nice wedding on a tight budget?

By Katherine from Benson, NC

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November 15, 20100 found this helpful

When my wife and I got married we were in college. She had a youth minister do the ceremony for a donation to the school youth ministry. We got permission from the school to have the wedding near a fountain on the campus and they provided the chairs. We used a sound system from the campus radio station were I worked as a student DJ. We had the cafeteria of the school allow us to hold the reception. We had to get the cake and invitations from professional places. I guess they cost us the most besides the ring (which we financed).

The thing is to think of what you have available through youselves or through friends and try to make it work. If you go to a church regularly or know someone who does then that is a good place to start.

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November 16, 20100 found this helpful

First of all, if you plan the wedding around a non meal-time, you can save a bundle by offering only cake, appetizers and beverages. Ours was in the early evening, after a time that our friends and family knew as "Suppertime".

Our wedding, way back in the early 80's, :-) was held in an All Faith's Chapel on a college campus. (No charge, just had to reserve the venue.) My wedding dress cost less than $200.00 dollars as I bought the fabric and a pattern from a local fabric shop which recommended a seamstress that made the dress for a reasonable fee.

A dear friend free-handed the calligraphy on our wedding invitations and my dad was able to use his place of work for duplication. Another young friend of ours was starting a catering business and offered to make the cake merely for the experience, and as a gift. As well, another friend took the pictures, also a gift.

A friendly co-worker of mine at the time was willing to play all of the wedding music on the chapel's grand piano. He also gave us great suggestions for music selections.

I got very lucky with an extremely kind-hearted florist who, after learning that my mother had previously passed and would not be helping me plan the wedding, took me under her own wing and helped me make frugal, yet lovely, floral choices.

We opted out of hiring a DJ or a band for the reception and dance. We made our own "dance mix tapes" and yet another friend volunteered his stereo equipment, services, and other tapes and albums (this was long before the digital age) to keep things rockin' and rollin'!

Many other financially challenged, young, friends chipped in (and after all these years, I'm certain I'm missing someone that should be shouted out) eagerly once we made a point of saying "The best gift you can give us is your presence and your help. We are not expecting material gifts that we registered for from anyone, and especially not from those of you that can offer us your help as you celebrate this day with us."

One of the best days and best memories of my life and the total out of pocket cost was less than $1,500.00!

Oh! I can't believe I almost forgot to mention this, but our wedding rings are melted down, reshaped and redesigned from mostly old family jewelry. The rings are a daily reminder that we are here because our parents were here first. Makes me smile, everyday!

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November 16, 20100 found this helpful

The first place I would start is for you and your fiance to figure out what type of ceremony you want. This is going to be your top priority and you can allow yourselves to spend most of your budget here. The reception is also important to most bride and grooms. You do not have to pay a band or DJ if neither one of you likes to dance, you can instead opt to have a friend play your favorite CD's etc.

You will want to allocate a larger part of your budget to anything at the top of your list and will not mind cutting back on some of things lower down on your list. Be sure to compile a priority list as long and detailed as you want to get. The more detailed it is, the easier it will be for you to allocate your funds.

Once you have decided on where you are going to have your ceremony and reception it will be easier for you to see the ideas of making your dream wedding to come true. Remember to have FUN! Good luck to both of you!

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November 18, 20100 found this helpful

Although I didn't do this myself, I have seen it and it is beautiful. I live about a mile away from a beach off of Lake Huron. I have seen weddings take place right there. No charge for the venue. They just rent some chairs for guests to sit. After the ceremony, the wedding party gets pictures taken right there at the beach by a friend (as a gift). There are so many beautiful wedding pictures you can get with the water as a backdrop. Once in a while you might even get a ship or a boat in the background which I think adds character. The reception can take place right there at the beach too.

If you know someone who likes to barbecue, (maybe that would do it as a gift) there's a good, inexpensive idea. Also, I have seen in place of over a $100 wedding cake, people used cupcakes (again made by a friend as a gift). They were set on a three tier metal tray. I thought that was a wonderful idea, especially since at my own wedding, we spent about $150 for the cake, and it didn't get eaten so we ended up throwing most of it away. One thing I did for my own wedding which saved a bundle of money is make my own wedding invitations. I'm a believer in, if you can do something yourself, don't pay for it. Keep in mind your friends and family members may want to give you a present, but don't know what you want or need. If any of them can take pictures, tend bar, make invitations, cook, make a cake, or even sew or alter your dress, just ask them if they would do that as a wedding present to you. Hope this is helpful to you. Congratulations and Good Luck!

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December 13, 20100 found this helpful

Good time to check craiglist is now. A lot of people sell their wedding decorations for very cheap. You might be lucky and find something even if you post on craigslist what you are looking for in the wanted section. I see a lot of beautiful table decorations etc on craigslist.

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August 17, 2013

We are having a very small intimate beach wedding in the late winter on the shore at the Gulf of Mexico. We are planning the wedding to be at about 9pm under a full moon.

My question is this: Should we have a dinner with our guests before and then proceed to the ceremony? It would be too late afterwards for a dinner. Maybe the night before? (this is our second marriage, so there will be no gifts, and we expect only 12-16 people to be at the wedding)

By Kim L.

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September 12, 20050 found this helpful

My friend made a farm wedding for two adorable pigs. I made the wedding cake.

It was white cake and vanilla icing. I started by making a 10 inch cake and a 8 inch cake for the top. After cooling for one hour, I made butter cream icing. I put the bottom cake on a 12 inch round cardboard covered with foil and iced the cake. Then I did the same for the top of the cake using the same size of the cake for the cardboard.

I iced the cake and carefully layed it on top of the bottom cake, in between icing the cake. I put the cake in the refrigerator so that the icing can stay firm and not melt away from the humidity. I then took a break, then I started decorating the bottom of the cake with tip 2D and the bottom of the top and on the top of the cake. I then used tip 1 for the dots, of course I took another break, and I finished the cake by adding the wedding couple on top and little animals at the bottom.

The cake was the main attraction of the party. Hooray!

By Maria Lozano

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By guest (Guest Post)
September 15, 20050 found this helpful

This could be the cutest thing ever. The cake is cuter than cute!! The actual wedding, was cute, but a little odd...where was the groom's Tux?

mmmmm, now I'm hungry for cake...

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November 15, 20100 found this helpful

I need some cheap wedding ideas or any websites that would help. Thank you. I am a college student and money is tight. I want my wedding colors to be purple, black, and silver. Any ideas with anything would help.

By Mary from OK


Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

Try to find a local wholesale flower shop or buy them at the supermarket. Make sure you find out when they receive fresh ones and buy them that day. I made all of my niece's table arrangements, bouquets, etc. This can save you a lot of money. I spent less than $200.00. (08/26/2010)

By rach1964

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

A lot of weddings where I live only use votive candles on the tables, or else the bride and her attendants just lay their bouquets on the tables during the reception. You don't need to have a dance or a catered sit down dinner either. (08/26/2010)

By redhatterb

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

I married in college as well. We had the service at the school water fountain (okay'd by the school), we borrowed the college radio station equipment to play our music. The chairs came from the college and were set up by friends so we only needed one school employee at the site. We had the reception in the school cafeteria. The pastor was a friend of the bride (maybe your folks know a pastor, if you don't). It was a very inexpensive wedding. The only flowers were the ones for the bride and bridesmaids. The photographer was a student in the photography class who wanted the practice. We just paid for the film (and tipped him) he developed the pictures himself. (08/26/2010)

By Suntydt

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

Have a wedding tree at the reception or have a Money Tree Shower for money gifts rather than registering at stores. Get a sturdy branch with lots of stems off a tree, strip it of leaves, spray paint it silver, ground it in a "brick" of weighted Styrofoam or florist foam, and have black office clips to hold the envelopes of money. Then you can use the funds for your greatest need. Use lots of real ivy to decorate. If it is variegated, it looks pretty and you can sprinkle it with silver glitter.

If you are getting married in a church, use the church's hall for the reception. Do not serve food as in a sit down dinner or buffet and do not serve drinks, alcohol will raise the price significantly. Instead do wedding cake, fruit and veggie trays, maybe a cheese tray, coffee, tea, and punch. If you have friends/family that know how to take good photographs or DJ, explain your situation and ask them to give of their talents as your wedding gift. (08/27/2010)

By franciemr

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

Borrow as much stuff as you can. Look around your house or your folks and friends for ideas on things they already own that you could use (potted plants, or trees, etc.). Go to thrift stores (go frequently), flea markets, garage sales, and look for ideas and or items there. Go to the library and get some books for ideas. Keep it simple.

You don't need everything "printed" with your name on it. You can make your own bride and groom toasting glasses (thrift stores are full of wine and champagne glasses cheap), and unity candle also. Don't pay $30 for a candle that nobody is really going to get a close look at or even care about.

Don't have the reception catered either. Make the food yourselves or ask for help from family and friends such as letting some of the help you receive (food providing) be that person's wedding "gift" to you. It's about the day, not how much you spend also. Walking down the aisle with one beautiful rose in your hand looks as good as a bouquet. Don't buy an elaborate costly dress you will never wear again or shoes either. Just some thoughts. (08/27/2010)

By thriftyvicki

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

Borrow tons of clear or white Christmas lights if it is to be indoor this will look pretty. Make your favors; go to craft stores or garage sales for materials. EX: I used one roll of thin pink ribbon and cut about 1inch sections which I put on stems of champagne flutes and hot glued a mini black cowboy hat. It was cute so we did this with the tulle filled with birdseed favors, too! Or you could use little tiny fake wedding rings instead of cowboy hats.

We got married outdoors at a park in San Diego and the fee was about $20.00 and the scenery priceless. The flowers were real and I lucked out as a grocery store was just adding a floral section so I got them very cheap. All I had to do is give the store a few photos of the flowers. The cake was from a local trendy coffee shop that used imported chocolates on my cake, and the cost was inexpensive under $80.00 and got so many compliments.

Borrowing things is a great idea. Have a craft person make your decorations instead of a gift or hold a little lunch to make your decorations with friends. Have fun it is your day and you do not want to go into debt for this plan ahead as much as possible. (08/30/2010)

By meoowmom

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

You can buy PVC pipe in 4 inch or any kind of tubing (carpet tubes, concrete post tubes), cut them about 2 feet high and fill them with wild flowers (cat tails, wild daises, or even branches that you can paint). You can cover the tubing with a colored sheet or paint them. You can find strings of beaded garland at 75% off after Christmas. These tall table settings make a big impact. (09/20/2010)

By leekelly

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

If you want your napkins to have your name on them, there are shops that will design a personalized stamp (not sure of the cost) some make the stamp so that it embosses. (09/20/2010)

By leekelly

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August 26, 20100 found this helpful

I am starting to plan my wedding for May 2009, and am looking for reasonably cheap wedding reception ideas. I can get a ballroom for about 1K. But am needing all of the rest to be somewhat cheap. I would like to keep it under 3K for everything. There will be about 100-150 people. If anyone knows anything that might please let me know.

Erin from Novi, MI


Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

Dollar Trees have wedding items, I have been watching eBay and have found some really great deals. Good luck! (01/25/2008)

By wvrdnkwmn

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

We had 150 and kept it very simple. Cake, punch, mints, and nuts.
One unique idea I've thought of, is if you have any old movies of the bride and groom as children together, show them and serve popcorn during it. I saw this done at an anniversary and people loved it.

I have also seen (and liked) Power Point presentations up on a screen that flipped through pictures of the bride and groom, and of the wedding party with captions on the pictures describing the picture such as senior prom, maid of honor, best friend of bride, etc. Let it flip through the pictures several times so everyone has a chance to see them all.

You can make your own inexpensive centerpieces with a few flowers or a floating candle in a bowl, or small pictures of the bride and groom together. (01/25/2008)

By mom-from-missouri

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

Do a search on this site. Or better yet, click on the "Weddings for Less" tab on the side. There have been oodles of ideas posted. I'm sure you'll find some good ones. (01/26/2008)

By mckaysatt

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

When I got married 5 years ago, my mom and I had gone to the florist and gotten a quote for the bouquets, boutonnieres, flowers for the chapel, etc. My mom is pretty crafty, so we sat down and figured out that some of the flowers could be artificial. I wanted to keep the bouquets and boutonnieres real flowers, as well as, the flowers that would be on the reception tables, but my mom made silk arrangements for the chapel. The altar was pretty far from the guests, so it would be hard for them to know if they were real or fake flowers anyways! We managed to cut the cost of the flower bill in half by doing that.

Also, if you serve alcohol, what we did was we bought some reasonably priced bottles of champagne for the toasts and put one or two on each table. (I believe we got a "bulk discount" since we bought more than a dozen bottles). We had an open bar for a few hours, and then after that we served beer, wine and soda, free. The guests bought their own mixed drinks if they preferred not to have beer, wine, or soda.

I wanted to have certain music played during the reception, so I made my own CDs with the music I wanted played, and hired a DJ to just play the CDs and make sure it all went smoothly. Since they didn't have to do much work (putting on a bunch of different CDs, etc.), they didn't charge very much. I could go on and on, but hopefully some of these tips help! Good luck, and have fun! (01/26/2008)

By evan's "mama"

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

We did ours a lot cheaper. We got married in my parents backyard. We rented an arch from a local "rent-all" store and decorated it. The pastor stood under it, and I came from inside the house and down the aisle to stand in front of it with my husband. The chairs were rented from a local funeral home, for almost nothing.

We had the reception right there on our deck. We didn't use a caterer, my aunt and some friends made the punch and almost all of the food. We bought the cake from a bakery supply store and assembled it at home.

My dress (absolutely beautiful fairytale princess dress with a heart-shaped train!) came from the JC Penny's bridal catalog.

We ordered invitations, napkins and so forth from a local stationary store. Another aunt gave me a beautiful wedding album from Hallmark, and my mom bought a gorgeous plumed pen and stand from there as well. The same funeral home that provided the chairs provided a podium for the album, which our guests signed, and later we used the same album to put our wedding photos in.

There are lots of ways to save money and still have a unique, beautiful, and classy wedding. Good luck, and congratulations. (01/29/2008)

By bailegirl

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

I am also in MI, really close to you.

My daughter just had a big wedding in 2006. I think you may not be realistic as far as the $3,000, I myself would not spend one third for just the hall unless it included some other things.
There are many sites that you can get planners.

We used glass bowls with floating rose candles on the tables. My daughter had a friend make music CDs and had their names and date and on the back all of the love songs listed.

I made all of the pew bows myself with 1 roll of wide white satin ribbon and white tulle. We also used white tulle to decorate in the hall, it makes beautiful garland.

See if a family member or friend can make the cake, sometimes they will do it as a gift and it will save you a great deal. It all adds up, there are always things that seem to be forgotten until the last minute.
Good luck. (01/29/2008)

By diana1117

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

I got married this summer. We had very little money, but we wanted it as nice as possible. We got the cake top, cake serving set, the guest book and pen and a lot of the decorations at Joann's fabric, here in Oregon. Joann's always has 40% to 50% coupons weekly. Each week we would buy an item. We saved so much money and I had a beautiful wedding. I wish you the best. I learned it doesn't take a lot of money, just good planning. (01/29/2008)

By Rose

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

We bought beautifully decorated cupcakes from the bakery department at the local grocery store. They were a fraction of the price we would have paid for a wedding cake or "wedding cupcakes" anywhere else. (01/29/2008)

By Smileah

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

If you can use an iPod, your music bill will be cut to nothing. Hook up the iPod to the house sound system and you can have the exact music you have chosen. When I got married we had a pot luck wedding. My friends and family brought their best meals. They also included the recipe which was put into a card file, so that I could make the recipes at home.

The flowers I got from the local funeral home. It seems that when there is a funeral, families only take the smaller bouquets of flowers and the larger displays are left at the home. The funeral homes just throw out the flowers. So I got enough flowers that were restyled by my friends to fit the hall.


By bina

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

Well first of all start a theme, for my sisters wedding last year we had gone to Ikea and found a very cute cream coloured watering can and had it filled with flowers from my aunt's gardens. We used we eyelet that we found for a dollar a meter at a discount dollar store.

We also asked family and friends if they had tulle from their weddings. If you just ask you will find what you need. The wedding turned out great and looked like a Martha Stewart wedding.

For my own wedding next year I am using white branches (free) in galvanized buckets for a dramatic look. We may also use small mason jars hanging from the branches with tea lights. Also outside the church we are going to use used frosted mason jars or white paper bags with candles to line the street for our night time wedding. Best advise, do a lot of the stuff yourself. Have you thought of a Friday night wedding? Lots of venues will give you a cheaper price if it's not on a Saturday. Good luck, I hope it goes great for you. (01/30/2008)

By ruthie_trent

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

My daughter's wedding we did very inexpensively. When we went shopping for her dress, I mentioned we were on a budget and the clerk did wonderful things. $1 for gloves, $10 for veil, $100 for dress. We were at a department store, not at a bridal shop. She looked wonderful.

Her colors were navy, forest green, maroon, and ivory. I bought table cloths at an after Christmas sale, they were ivory colored and just right for her colors. We bought the flower girl's dress at an after Christmas sale. It was ivory as well. Her maid of honor wore a prom dress that she had, it was navy. Even though the dresses weren't the same style, they looked great together. My family has a tradition that all brides use the same ring bearer's pillow, so that came from my cousin.

We found her cake serving set on sale at a local department store. They matched her cake topper, a wedding Mickey and Minnie purchased on sale at the Disney store. We borrowed some serving items from church and from friends. Check with friends who have married in the past few years and they may have decorations and other items that you can borrow. We did only cake, fruit and veggie trays, mints, and nuts.

For photos, I had 2 friends who were excellent photographers, I bought the film, they took the pictures and we developed them at a store. So there was only the cost of the film and developing. We bought music CD's and a friend played these on the church sound system for the wedding. The same friend helped on a different system at the reception. We rented an arch and candelabra from a rental place and decorated these. My daughter's mother in law did all the flowers. It was only $200 for all the flowers.

We did not put flowers on the alter, but used angels in the sanctuary. Since my daughter married right after Christmas, the church's Christmas decorations fit her colors and we left them up. Last summer, my youngest cousin got married. She served pizza and veggie/fruit trays. It's up to the couple what to serve. She also had a friend who did the cake for more reasonably than most. Think outside the box when it comes to decorations, flowers, and other things. (02/03/2008)


Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

A couple of tips: Look on eBay for things you need, especially a veil, tiara, and tablecloths. I also purchased Michael's Crafts gift cards on eBay at a very reduced price and used my 40% or 50% off coupons for deeper discounts. We wrapped pillar candles with ribbon and attached a sprig of flowers. Also the website had great prices. I placed my order and got an email coupon for 10% off next purchase. Make a small purchase and hope for the discount to get the rest. Good luck! (02/06/2008)

By Mary

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

We spent more than we wanted to on the hall, but because is was a new venue it was far less expensive than it is now, 11 years later. My mom, girlfriend, and I did all of our own decorations. My aunt is a cake decorator so she did my cake. Now I'm a cake decorator :) Here's a tip about ordering cupcakes as someone else suggested. We charge more for fancier cupcakes, so if you can, just get them iced and order jimmies on-line that go with your theme. You may want to consider ordering full-sheet cakes that are pre-scored with a small sweet-pea on each piece. This is easier to cut and serve, and way less expensive. You can have the colors done to match your theme. You may want to consider not telling them it's for a wedding. I've seen the same cakes up-charged because it's for a wedding and for that reason only.

For a friend's upcoming wedding I'm doing her cake from my home, but I'm doing small individual cakes. I will start a couple months early and freeze them ahead and decorate the day before. If done properly no one will know the difference. I will probably use large muffin pans or egg-shaped pans for that. Then she can have a large variety of flavors and serving them is a breeze. She's also serving nice hors d'ouvres instead of a meal so the price is significantly less, about 1/3 the cost. (02/11/2008)

By kultgirl

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

Have you tried sports halls or town halls? Often these can be quite cheap.

To keep your costs low, get as many people to help out as possible! Many hands make light work and they'll love to be involved. You should also try and make as much yourself or DIY as much as possible. There are loads of ideas on this site! (03/03/2008)

By mrsnicolaray

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

My friend just planned and did at wedding for $1500 two weeks ago. First, renting community centers and town halls really are the best. I know where you are things are a little more expensive than Mississippi, but the community center she rented was only $75.00 for four hours. The deposit was $250.00, but she got that back because we cleaned ourselves.

As for the dress, I promise you this place is the bomb! Go to All the dresses that David's Bridal has; they have them for $189.00

For the meal serve something basic. My friend did baked chicken, rice pilaf, rolls, green beans, and punch. On where to purchase the food, if your area has a Sam's CLub you may look there, but let it be the last resort. Try wholesale meat markets and shops. We have plenty here around MS where you can actually purchase a case of chicken (up to 80 pieces) for $25.00. If you all don't have those then go to Sam's.

Decor- Of course there is always Hobby Lobby and Michaels, however you will be amazed, but if you want to get a little fancy, order real flowers from Ecuador. You can actually do that at Sam's club, too. The prices on the real flowers are the same as the silk flowers. You can put them in Eiffel tower vases if you like for a reasonable price at They have others though.

As for souvenirs, everyone does bubbles, but plastic cups engraved are very inexpensive as well.

For your cake, it depends on the amount of people; but she ordered her cake from Walmart and I must say that everyone actually enjoyed it. Many didn't know it came from there. For a three tier it was approx. $185.00. You can get your cake and the groom's for less than $300

Photography: the idea was stated earlier, find someone with a good camera buy film let them do the shots and have it developed yourself. Depending on the amount of the pictures this shouldn't cost no more than $300. (Note: start taking pictures at least 3 hours before wedding. The only pictures after the I Do's would be with you, but everyone else could take theirs.


For trinkets such as pillow, guest book, check Dollar Tree first then Walmart. Some of that stuff you can actually find in the dollar stores. She only spent $20.00 for all that.

Bridal party dresses: Everyone uses David's Bridal however, you have neutral colors that can easily be found. Tell the ladies to save up now so when it is time to order everyone can do it at the same time. Try:,, all the little stores and magazines. They have formal dresses that are nice and are designed as bridal dresses for like $50.00 bucks.

If you all have a Tuxedo Junction or a cheaper place try that. She got signed up where the guys got their tux for $49.95. With everything including shoes, shirt, tie, and vest the total was $83.00 bucks

Good luck!

Tricia (07/07/2008)

By Patricia

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

Go on the internet to Oriental Trading, they will have some nice wedding decorations, plates, napkins, cups, etc. Have them send you a catalog, also try the dollar stores for flowers. Most of the time the churches have halls you can rent for less. Also bed and breakfast inns have areas for smaller weddings or maybe a town gazebo. Good luck. (01/13/2009)

By Carmela

Need Help Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

We planned our entire wedding for pocket change. My dress came from my sister, flowers from the grocery store, cupcakes from Sam's Club, mints, and nuts. We did not even have tux rental for the guys, they wore khaki pants and pastel shirts. We got married at a church retreat and only paid $60 that was actually listed as a donation. It came out wonderfully because we had a serene lake as our backdrop.

We actually forgot flowers in the initial budget, but found great orchids, lilies, roses, and tulips at the grocery store the day before the ceremony. Sam's Club was able to make us 90 plain white cupcakes with white frosting for $45. Even my bridesmaids were on a budget, they both picked out a nice dress they would wear again for Easter and looked "natural-ish" as that was the wedding theme. (02/22/2009)

By Jennifer

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