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Keeping Onion and Garlic Powder from Caking

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garlic powder

Once opened vegetable powders often stick together and making it difficult to use. This guide is about keeping onion and garlic powder from caking.


Solutions: Keeping Onion and Garlic Powder from Caking

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Tip: Prevent Onion Powder From Caking

I always had trouble with onion powder (and other powders) caking soon after the container was opened. To measure an amount, I would have to gouge out a lump and rub it through a sieve.

Not any more. I save those little desiccant containers that come in many over the counter medicines. I place one in a newly purchased bottle of onion powder (or a bottle of powder I have salvaged by rubbing through a sieve). Voilà! Months later, the powder hasn't caked and dispenses freely.


Desicant capsule.

By likekinds [67]

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Question: Keeping Garlic and Onion Salts and Powders from Caking

Anyone have a real solution for keeping garlic and onion salts and powders from caking beyond use right after opening? I am careful to tighten tops, and only buy the small bottles.

By Cay from Green Cove Springs, FL


Best Answer

By redhatterb [1]03/23/2014

I have the same problem and I think it comes from shaking the seasoning bottles over the steaming product that you are seasoning. What I do, when I need some of the caked product is to tap the bottle against the edge of the counter. Actually if I need a larger amount of the product I take the shaker part off the bottle and reach in with a spoon. Something I learned from my late mother about chili powder, it can get little bugs/worms in it and after the first time she discovered that she kept it in the refrigerator.