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Killing Fleas With Household Products


How do I kill fleas with household products besides vinegar, lemon, Dawn, and boric acid, etc.? Please help. I am a single mom in need of a cheap solution!

By Amanda M.


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By Joan 13 23 04/16/2013 Flag

The best method I know is when going to bed at night when the lights are off, place a small desk type lamp which has an adjustable neck on the floor with the light on and bent over and down at a pie plate or something of that nature in which has been placed some water with dish soap mixed into it. The fleas will jump up towards the light and fall into the pie plate and drown as the detergent will not allow them to jump out of the water.

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By anne 13 149 04/16/2013 Flag

Salt and vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Oh, and you might try insect bombs - remove all animals from the house! Follow the directions. If they came from your yard, you need to treat your yard too. Go to the hardware store/Home Depot and get granules to kill fleas and ticks in your yard.

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By tabiitha1 1 05/22/2013 Flag

You can get some Boric Acid very cheap at the Dollar General store (and most likely Wal-Mart as well) for like $2.25. You just can't beat that and you can get a bottle of Dawn there too for $1 for the non-concentrate. Vinager is also very cheap. But Dawn kills on contact when you bathe your pet in it and the boric acid disrupts the life cycle.

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